Dee Milliner visiting Titans, Chiefs


The Eagles might have cancelled their visit with Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, but he hasn’t had a hard time filling in any gaps in his schedule.

Marcus Smith of the NFL Network reports that Milliner is spending his Sunday with the Titans, who will draft 10th overall later this month. He’ll then move onto a meeting with the owners of the first overall selection when he visits with the Chiefs.

Milliner almost certainly isn’t going first overall, so the meeting with the Chiefs is likely due diligence in case they wind up trading out of the top spot or land another first round pick at some point. The Titans could definitely use a cornerback, although Milliner’s generated sufficient interest among the teams at the top of the draft that it is quite possible he’ll be off the board by the time the 10th pick rolls around.

We have no idea whether the prospect of playing for either of these teams is as exciting to Milliner as the prospect of playing for the Browns, but we imagine Milliner’s going to be a pretty happy man pretty early in the first round on April 25.

8 responses to “Dee Milliner visiting Titans, Chiefs

  1. Kansas City will be trading out of the #1 selection with another team in the top 7. Therefore, Milliner will be the prospect they will take with their top pick. Andy Reid didn’t waste any time making this Chiefs team his own. He has done fairly well with Free Agency, #1 being his QB selection Alex Smith. Reid has always faired well in the draft, so I would expect nothing different this year. He will take up Milliner to help out his Defense and then focus on the Offensive line and Linebacker through the rest of the draft. There is no doubt in my mind that we will see one or two trades with Reid’s name attached.

  2. I just dont see the demand for them to get an offer worth trading out of #1. Alex Smith will not do anything if Andy goes to his throw 50 times a game deal. 25 or under pass attempts a game or Alex will be gone this time next year. Harbaugh protected him.

  3. EJ, who would they possibly trade with? I’m with you, hoping they can find a partner to grab a 2nd round pick – but who?

    I dont see and player/team match that would justify a chase up the draft board.

    But, if Milliner is in KC, I hafta think an offer is on the table, or just window dressing.

    I have no friggin clue.

  4. I don’t see Dee signing with Houston or KC…. He would be good with Joe Haden…..

    I wasn’t wild on Dee for The Browns, but now I’m not so sure…. If he is truly elite I just don’t see it yet but Cleveland can develop him…. Horton can do that….

    I don’t see Dee signing with Houston or KC…. He would be good with Joe Haden…..

  5. He’s not falling to the Titans and I don’t know if I really want him to. Sure, he’s great and would improve the secondary but the only chance Munchak has to keep his job is to keep his offence on the field and the way to do that is by drafting Warmack or Cooper. Otherwise, there’s a hole in the OL that JJ Watt will simply walk through on every down. I’m just hoping Milliner is gone before 10 so the Titans don’t get tempted.

  6. Chiefs will not trade out of the #1 unless they are assured of one of the top 2 left tackles, you do not sign a QB then go into the season with out having th blindside covered.
    Millner will not be on the boards when the Titans pick,
    Smoke Screen !!!

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