The mystery of the “trashed” hotel room at the Combine

Getty Images

A hotel room assigned to a pair of draft prospects at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis was “trashed,” Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reported Sunday.

According to Pompei, one of the players assigned to the room was a prospective first-rounder.

The names of the players aren’t yet publicly known, nor is it known if the players themselves damaged the room. Pompei reported that one of the players would not talk to team personnel inquiring about the alleged incident at his pro day.

The question now becomes whether the identities of the players are revealed — and whether any more is learned about the alleged incident.

Pompei, a very experienced and well-connected NFL writer, said the “incident could affect both players’ stock.”  That seems logical. At best, this matter could be deemed immaterial by NFL teams. The downside, of course, is that it could reflect poorly on the players with some clubs, depending upon what else is learned. After all, the Combine, at its most basic level, is one big job interview, and a couple of applicants are reportedly being linked to something most employers would frown upon — unless said employers were rock and roll to the core.

Here’s my advice to the Class of 2013:

Most aren’t.