Favre dreamed of playing for the Cowboys

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At a time when quarterback Brett Favre hopes to get back in the good graces of Green Bay, it probably makes sense to temper talk of how he really had wanted to play for a different team.

On Friday, before an SMU Athletic Forum luncheon in Dallas, Favre admitted that he always wanted to play for the Cowboys.

I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan,” Favre said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.  “I loved Roger Staubach.  That was back when teams kept the same players on the roster for a long time.  Drew Pearson, Randy White, Charlie Waters, Danny White, Robert Newhouse, Tony Dorsett, Billy Joe DuPree, I could go just on and on.  I always dreamed of playing for the Cowboys, playing in the Super Bowl.”

Instead, Favre had a hard time beating the Cowboys.  Green Bay’s Super Bowl run came when the Packers managed to avoid Dallas, thanks to the Panthers.

“I was thinking, ‘Please, please, beat them.’ I just had enough,” Favre said.  “Other guys were saying, ‘I want them again.’  I’d had them enough.  That was the biggest issue, we just couldn’t get past Dallas.”

Maybe it’s fitting, then, that Favre’s last postseason win came against the Cowboys, a 34-3 drubbing of Dallas that came a week before the epic “Bobby, give me my money” NFC title game loss at New Orleans.

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  1. Why would Packer fans get upset over this? He grew up dreaming about winning a Super Bowl with his fav team like every other kid in America.

  2. You’d think this guy would have some kind of ability to either not say stuff or…not say STUPID stuff. But he doesn’t. How, exactly, does this get him back into good graces with Green Bay fans?

  3. Are Packer fans going to hate Aaron Rodgers too?

    He grew up a 49ers fan and said team eliminated them from the playoffs last year.

  4. It’s always been known that Favre was a big Saints and Cowboy fan growing up. It would be like a Packer fan growing up playing for another team. But I am sure hypocritical bitter Packer “fans” will try to spin this into something “bad”.

  5. Diva Favre still trying to get attention.

    Previously one of my favorite NFL players, I’ve hated his pathetic act for the last 5-6 years. Go away.

  6. Come on guys, he is just explaining how he felt growing up. Like many young boys, Favre had a favorite team, the Cowboys. Just like millions of boys, he dreamed of playing for that favorite team. You can’t tell me than not a single one of you grew up dreaming of playing for your favorite team? It doesn’t necessarily mean he still likes the Cowboys or didn’t love playing most of his career in Green Bay. Any Packers fan that holds this against him is wacky. The guy gave many very good years to Green Bay along with blood, sweat and tears. Favre should be welcomed back to Green Bay with wide open arms IMO.

  7. I’m a huge Packer fan. But I see nothing wrong with Favre having wanted to play for his favorite team growing up. You gotta realize that very few players in the NFL ever get to play for the team of their choice coming out of college. If they do, it’s just by luck. Do you guys really think that every NFL player is currently playing for the team they’ve always wanted to play for?

    Favre is just answering the questions honestly. What’s wrong with that?

  8. According to Viking fans..was nt it his lifelong dream to play as Viking? Lol. Guess not..and not even Pack fans can fault him for having a childhood dream,,Dallas was the class of the league in the 70s and 80s..what little kid didn’t dream of playing for the Cowboys?

  9. Just go away Brett. For the love of God, can’t writers find anything more to write about! Sad, boring, and pathetic.

  10. Fans care not whom their players, past or present, rooted for growing up. It’s quite ignorant to assume that fans would disown a player because of their childhood rooting interest. That whole notion being said is some bored clown trying to instigate something from nothing.

    As a fan of the Packers, I felt like Brett Favre in regards to playing the Cowboys in the playoffs. I wanted the Packers to beat the best, to be the best, sure, but damn those Cowboys had the Packers number big time in the 90’s.

  11. If I became an NFL QB – and I had to play against my Packers (in a playoff game)…. I’m not saying I’d set a record for interceptions in a single game – I’m not saying I’m intentionally fumbling …. but I sort of am.

  12. Packer Fans are still as arrogant as ever. To the point that they act slighted if a former player of thiers not only signs with another team, even though they didn’t want him in the first place, but now a guy can’t even have been a fan of another team growing up…
    Let it go Packer Fans, Favre was one of the greatest Packer’s ever, embrace the guy for christ sakes, who cares if he was a Cowboys fan growing up, or if wanted to continue his career after The Packers dumped him. He was free to do what he wants, don’t call him “unloyal” because he played for MN, where was the loyalty form The Packers when they ran him out of town?

  13. I grew up watching Favre as a kid, just like Romo did. Rodgers was a 49ers fan as a kid. No difference. If Favre haters/Pecker fans didn’t have anything to bash him about still, they would have to bite down on barrel of a shotgun because they would have nothing left to live for.

    Keep in mind this is the same Brett Favre that turned your joke of a team into a Superbowl champion 17 years ago. Since then, they hadn’t won a Superbowl since what, 1967? Then they went again in 2010? Solid team.

    Insert comments about “Winningest team in football history” below. And please realize that the game was different in the 1920s than it is today.

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