Geno Smith is bringing Stedman Bailey to the draft


We’ve heard plenty of stories over the years about Pro Bowlers taking teammates to Hawaii.  West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is putting a twist on that concept, bringing one of his college teammates to New York City for the draft.

Receiver Stedman Bailey, a prospect whom some think will be picked in rounds two or three, will make the trek to Manhattan with Smith, according to Jim Corbett of USA Today.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Smith will be footing the bill for Bailey’s travel and lodging.

Smith and Bailey were high school teammates, and they came to Morgantown as a package deal.  It would be a great story if they also end up with the same NFL team.

Hey, if Ben Roethlisberger can lobby the Steelers to keep Emmanuel Sanders, what’s wrong with Smith spending his first day on the job with his NFL team urging the powers-that-be to pick Bailey?

Also at Radio City Music Hall will be receiver Tavon Austin, a first-round prospect from WVU who separately was invited by the NFL to attend the draft.

33 responses to “Geno Smith is bringing Stedman Bailey to the draft

  1. Geno is the type of guy you want to make it. Unfortunately its the Vicks, Big Bens, etc. that do.

  2. Meanwhile the 20 or so idiots on here that now think that Geno is a saint – posted that Eli and Brady are somehow responsible for the gun violence that Obama said is really really bad.

  3. I wanted my Chiefs to take Geno, but that’s obviously not happening now. Still, I’ll root for him wherever he goes.

  4. Stedman Bailey is a pure frontline slot receiver he will be a stud! Bailey runs better routes and probably goes over the middle better than Austin, but he isn’t as gifted as Austin in the yards after catch and return game although he’s good at both Austin is just exceptional but Bailey will be a stud slot receiver!

  5. I don’t see him — or any QB — as a first rounder. But, the people at the draft must know something the rest of us don’t. Why else would he be invited? I don’t think they’d intentionally set someone up to be embarrassed on draft day.

  6. Phew! Thanks for the clarification. I thought he was bringing Oprah’s boyfriend.

  7. If he drops to 23, I wouldn’t mind the Vikings taking him. I don’t think ol’ Spielman would mind either #wishfulthinking

  8. mythaimyke says:
    …I thought college athletes didn’t have any money! Whos really footing the bill? Its BS!…

    Yes, you’re right, if he was still in college receiving benefits, but once you declare for the draft, you lose all your free benefits, you are no longer considered to be an athlete (note the proper spelling) and the agents and anyone else that has as interest to do it, can give the now ex-college athlete all the ‘loans’ or advances they choose, based on his future earnings.

    Once he declares (or hires an agent), he can also get money from a company like NIKE or others by selling his name, image, and himself and retain the income.

    And that’s how he can pay for this trip. Simple, right?


  9. I hope the duo end up in JAX, now that would be a win-win-win for ALL sides. Gabbs will get crushed in Training Camp, making Geno the franchise starter for the next 8+ years. I hope one of Caldwell’s “Top 2” is Geno. I mean, he’s a guy you can install A LOT of offense around & pretty much allow him do his thing while getting coached up. What’s NOT to like?

    Either way, I’ll be rooting for him wherever he ends up, unless he’s on the other side of the field playing against Jax.

  10. Good for Geno!! This is the beginning of entourage building…it’s how it happens. Most of you cheering him for this move will be calling him an idiot later when he is carrying other friends around in droves….and footing the bill. No matter whether its Vince Young or Mike Vick, they all made moves similar to this. You guys are so hypocritical !

  11. Chances of them getting drafted by the same team are greater than what people think. Look at Luck and his college TE. Who cares if a WR is on the board that is graded a spot higher than you. When drafting a qb that high, you try to find him weapons later in the draft. Being familiar and having that chemistry with a college teammate helps tremendously.

  12. Coming out party in Manhattan? If Mike Lombardloss’s joins in it would be a perfect threesome!

  13. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to take one of your high school football buddies/fellow ballers to the NFL draft? Gotta be one of those all-time high moments that lasts a lifetime. I’d go to the NFL draft over the Oscars, Presidential inauguration, Olympics you name it!

  14. I’ve often wondered why teams don’t try to draft one of the receivers that was successful with a QB that they draft. You would think it would be helpful to that QB to have a WR that he is comfortable with right from the start.

  15. It is always nice to hear stories about high school sweethearts sticking together when one of them makes it big.

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