Jags G.M. says they’re down to two choices


With less than two weeks left before they use the second pick in the NFL Draft, new Jaguars general manager David Caldwell said he’s got a pretty good idea who he’ll end up with.

Caldwell told Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union he had narrowed the choice considerably, and that he, coach Gus Bradley, and owner Shad Khan are the only ones in the loop.  (Caldwell mentioned that during Friday’s PFT Live.  The entire interview can be seen below.)

“We’re pretty close — it’s down to two people, . . .” Caldwell said. “We’ve kept a pretty open mind. It really hit us about a week ago and the direction of this franchise and what we need to do.

“I’m really excited about what I believe we’re going to do.”

Getting it down to two covers them no matter what Kansas City does with the top pick, and frankly, the Jags have enough needs to justify going in numerous directions.

Caldwell also said he’d be “surprised” if there was a trade offer sufficient to make the Jaguars move down, though the first pick of the second round (33rd overall) will possibly create some interest.

“I think there will be some action,” Caldwell said. “It takes a couple players that one or two teams really covet.”

And Caldwell obviously covets someone in particular, if he’s discounting the idea of moving down.

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15 responses to “Jags G.M. says they’re down to two choices

  1. Well isn’t it obvious to every team that there are indeed only about 2 super elite prospects. If you want one of them then you should aim for getting into that 2 spot. You don’t need the first one, just the best price on either of those top 2 guys for your own team. Pick up the phone and make an offer.

  2. Did we miss something? What happened” about a week ago” in Jacksonville?

  3. The only 2 players I think are worthy of the first 2 picks are fisher and sharrif Floyd. I don’t think it will be either of them. When they talk team “direction” usually that means a quarterback. So, my money is on Geno. Dion Jordan isn’t a new team direction. He wasn’t even as dominant in the PAC 12 as Jarvis jones was in the SEC.

  4. This draft has a ton of talent. No qbs so its a “bad” draft. Real fans know games are won on the O and D lines

  5. Dion Jordan or Luke Joeckel. No way they draft Geno Smith # 2. Team has attacked DT in free agency, but wouldn’t be shocked if Sharrif Floyd was their choice if he blew them away. They are yet to work out Ziggy Ansah, and did not go his Pro – Day, so I highly doubt he is their guy. Dee Milliner isn’t worth that high of a pick, and they have been working out a lot of later round (projected) DB’s. I vote Jordan, then John Cyprien if he is available in second round. Guy like Kiko Alonso in third.

  6. Dave is just trying to stir up a bit of interest by making it seem like the Jags are going QB. But they want to get out of that spot by all means.

    I think they would take Joeckel if he was still there, but Dion Jordan would be terrible. He is a fifth year senior who has about a dozen career sacks in a second rate conference. Also, I’d be surprised if he makes the teens on the Wonderlic. Not what you want to stake your credibility on as a first year G.M.

  7. I personally don’t understand all the talk trashing this draft. Three years from now I think there will be a very large number of very solid starters out of this draft.

  8. Cyprien has shot way up. Im hoping the Rams take Kenny V at 16 or Cyprien at 22. If Warmack or Cooper are there at 16 they should hop on either then take Cyprien at 22. DeCastro fell a long way last year.

  9. One easy choice is hire someone to kidnap Gabbert so he isnt the starting QB, and 2nd is getting Khan a Makeover so he doesnt look kike Ron Jeremy anymore

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