More tension between Jets, Revis

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On Monday, cornerback Darrelle Revis will return to the Jets.  Though he’d prefer to continue to rehab his new ACL on his own, the Jets stubbornly won’t deem what he would have been doing in Arizona as the equivalent of what he will be doing in New Jersey.

It’s just the latest dispute between two parties who seem to be increasingly destined for a divorce, if not in the next two weeks then definitely in the next 11 months.

There’s another beef between team and player that previously hadn’t gotten much notice.  According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets were upset that Revis used the Giants orthopedist, Dr. Russell Warren, to perform the surgery on Darrelle’s torn ACL.

Per Cimini, the Jets “expressed their disappointment . . . and they haven’t let it go.”  The issue has, in turn, “chafed” Revis.

It should chafe Revis.  Revis is the one who was having his knee cut open.  Revis is the one whose future career hinges on a successful surgery.  Revis needed to be as comfortable as possible with the surgery, and in turn with the surgeon.

We wonder whether the Jets would have been upset if Revis had chosen Dr. James Andrews, or any surgeon other than the one who is on the payroll of the Giants.  This could be another example of the chip the Jets have on their collective shoulders regarding the team with which they share a stadium — but which won’t be sharing either of its two recent Super Bowl trophies.

And if the Jets don’t trade Revis, it’ll be fitting if he chooses to sign as a free agent with the Giants.  That would possibly be an even worse outcome for the Jets than Revis picking the Patriots.

32 responses to “More tension between Jets, Revis

  1. The Patriots and Giants would never pay Revis what he’s looking for. Apparently the only team that wants to pay him is the Bucs. He’ll be a Buc in two weeks.

  2. Rex 2.0 (Leaner and Meaner) and MEvis should box for charity. I know I’d pay to see it.

  3. Saw a clip of Revis working out in Arizona. Looks good, attitude seems good………..

    Couldn’t resist to instigate, could you?

  4. take the 13th pick from TB and be done. Then cut Tebow. Unless they want to spend another year under .500 they have to make bold decisions. But this ‘they said/ he said’ game being played in the media is not helping their 2013 season at all!

  5. I wish the Bucs would just say forget the deal. Let the Jets suffer with the diva another season.

  6. thesteelers says: Apr 14, 2013 6:45 AM

    Rex 2.0 (Leaner and Meaner) and MEvis should box for charity. I know I’d pay to see it.

    Pssst… Your ignorance is showing. Darrelle Revis could knock out Rex Ryan with his left hand.

  7. The Jets and Revis need to stay out of the media for a month. Both are escalating the perception of each as whiny children. I find myself rooting for neither.

  8. Tampa Bay will be crazy if they give up the 13th overall pick and a contract worth over 10 million a year to a player coming off a torn acl and who has shown throughout his career that he puts his contract demands in front of the team and uses the media to do that. I think he will be bad for the young locker room Tampa Bay has. They can wait till next season when he will be a UFA.

  9. 15 million a year CB, ya gotta be kidding me, i would have him returning punts and kickoffs if i was paying him that much a year, at least deion sanders played special teams too

  10. The Jets are ‘extremely disappointed’ that Revis chose a doctor he was comfortable with? Jets are freaking bizarre. If I were a Jets players, I’d run as far away from that franchisees I possibly could, the first chance I got.

  11. Crazy as this sounds, if this trade goes down, somehow the Bucs should wrangle Tebow in the trade for ticket sales and marketing alone. Tebow’s a media circus everywhere he goes, but he’s near immortal in Florida and people will buy tickets just to support the team that employs him (especially central Florida).

  12. I’m going to preface my rant by saying the Jets organization is anything but organized. I laugh when I read about the mess they’re in.

    That said…Revis is a clown. I’ve been so tired of him whining about his contract every three weeks. Shut up and play. He may be a great player, but he’s got no championships to his name if memory serves. He wants starting QB money when everyone is getting a third of that? As good as he may be (coming off an ACL surgery now too), he’s certainly not worth anything even close to what the Bucs would be giving up. They’d be wise to move on and let the Jets and Revis go down with the ship together.

  13. LOL, I agree Mike, but boy your are in deep stirring the pot now with a shovel for a ladel…the Jets have to be hating you and Revis and his Agent loving you…

  14. Don’t underestimate what is happening here. This could be more about Jets wanting its fan base to be satisfied with a “lesser” trade value, by building up the “problems” with Revis. If Jets are successful, then when the trade does happen for less than Jets fans thought they would get – it will be “understandable” in light of all the current issues. They want everyone to cheer he is gone in NJ.


  15. Send Revis AND Sanchez to the bucs for a 1st AND 3rd-done deal. JETS win Superbowl-bucs get top clown status.

  16. How dare the Jets’ property decide to think freely for himself. Don’t worry one day you will be able to employ a mindless robot to follow your program perfectly with no disruptions at all. Just be patient guys.

  17. This isn’t new it’s at minimum the 4 th “story” on this topic…. What company sponsors the Jets training facility? ???
    yeah I think you’d be upset to if an employee of your company (which is what mevis is) went outside of the sponsor that pays you millions to have its name in your facilities.

  18. This reminds me how puzzling it was that Santonio Holmes restructured his deal to stay with the Jets when he already had $7.5M guaranteed.

  19. Revis didn’t want to be with his teammates to reahb, but has no problem taking a vacation in Paris. Guess his rehab must be going better than we think.

    Guy is selfish. Can’t wait till he is traded. Giants or Pats aren’t dumb enough to sign a player long term who puts himself ahead of the franchise. So stop that nonsense. Who cares where he signs if Jets build a championship team.

  20. He has the right to choose his own doctors. But the first time a team runs a sweep at him, with a pulling TE, I’ll look away from the TV. ACLs and 260 TEs don’t mix well. Hope he’s smart enough to wear a light brace.

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