Pats discussed possibility of trading Jeff Demps, according to Demps’ agent


When Jeff Demps announced earlier this offseason that he would be making track and field his athletic priority over football, it was unclear how or if the Patriots would move forward with a player who wanted football to be a sideline to his main gig.

According to Demps’ agent Daniel Rose, a trade is one of the possible avenues that the Patriots have mulled over. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports that Rose said the Patriots have  “discussed the possibility” of trading the former University of Florida running back that the Patriots signed last summer after Demps competed as a sprinter in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Howe believes there’d be interest from other teams, but it’s “unclear” whether the Patriots were going to try to go that route.

The Patriots only had three weeks to take a look at Demps before final cuts, which led to them keeping him on the active roster just long enough for them to put him on injured reserve without having to clear waivers first. Demps’ decision to make track his top priority likely alters whatever plans the Patriots had for him since he’d be limiting his availability to the team for portions of offseason and in-season work while competing around the world.

Any team acquiring Demps would have to deal with those same limitations, but there are a lot of seventh-round picks who don’t see much of the field so there could be someone willing to spend something in that range to roll the dice on a player with world class speed.

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  1. And now that his agent has said something, he will be gone by the preseason. Not the Patriot way.

    Great speed, but he needs to focus on one sport.

  2. I don’t see why anyone would give anything for him now. He’s announced he wants to continue his track career, which will hurt his football career (he can’t be in track shape and football shape at the same time).

    The only value NE might get from him is if no one else wants him and they pick him up mid season to come in and be a KR. But as of right now, he’s not worth keeping on the 53 man roster.

  3. Don’t think so youmother, Demps is an Olympic medallist while Holiday didn’t make it through the trials. He’s fast though, and a great return man.

    Didn’t think this ‘football as a hobby’ thing would fly in NE for Demps.

  4. That “wannabe” football player is better at football than you could ever dream to be. Grow up.

  5. There’s Football fast and Track fast. Not many Track fast runners make it in the NFL. Demps could be both. He had a few nice runs last pre-season. I hope he comes back.

  6. Still can’t believe this guy is arrogant enough to blow off his contract to the Patriots just because he likes track better than football. How immature can you get? Dude used the NFL to get paid.

    He’s straight up said that football is his second priority. Who wants to hire a guy like that?

    Must be nice being a pro athlete, you can’t get much more spoiled than that.

  7. Everyone is getting bent out of shape over a guy saying Holiday is faster than Demps. Neither one of them are good at football so no one should care. On to the next article that talks about players that will be MEANINGFUL!

  8. Demps played RUNNING BACK in a power 5 conference. Ergo, he is a football player. He is not just a “track guy.”

    You have to respect him for being a free spirit and choosing to pursue all of his interests, money be damned.

  9. The Bills and Miami are crazy enough to take him. He done a good job against Indy in the playoffs. Maybe Bill Belicrap thinks the Jets are stupid enough to take him. The Jets wanted to sign him last year, but he choose NE.

  10. Why is it that every time a Patriot is about to be released the Boston Herald announces they’re going to trade them for picks in the upcoming draft?

    Newsflash for Boston: your team isn’t filled with talent and your scraps are as bad as everyone else’s scraps.

  11. There’s a lot of misinformation all over these comments.

    @tedmurph – Holliday wasn’t in the trials in 2012 as he was under an NFL contract unlike Demps who was a free agent.

    @junior4200 – Saying that Demps ran a faster 40 time is insignificant. That’s not a true judge of Olympic speed. Some guys are quick out of the box and start to fold around the 60 meter mark. Some guys are just getting warm at 60 meters etc. I seen a show where Usain Bolt was timed after 40 yards – and he was running a 4.3 something. He’s a notoriously slow starter and the 100 meter suits him perfect to reach max speed.
    The shortest sprint in track is 60 meters – and even it has winners that perform poorly at 100. And 60 is not an olympic event – it’s too short.

    Demps is not faster than Holiday at 100 meters. Holiday was the ncaa outdoor champ in the 100. He’s every bit as fast as Demps if not faster. His starts are inconsistent – but when he starts well he’s tough to beat bc his top end speed is really good from 60-90 meters.

    Both Jacoby Ford (Raiders) and CJ Spiller (Bills) ran 4.2’s at the combine but both were beat by Holiday at the NCAA’s who ran a 4.34 – 40 yd dash.

    X 100 Meters – Varsity – Semi-Finals
    1. Sr Trindon Holliday 10.14a LSU
    2. So Jacoby Ford 10.26a Clemson
    3. So Gerald Phiri 10.27a Texas A&M
    5. Jr Ahmad Rashad 10.28a USC
    7. So Reggie Dixon 10.33a Hampton
    4. Fr Deangelo Cherry 10.34a Mississippi State
    6. So Terrell Wilks 10.35a Florida
    8. Fr Adam Harris 10.37a Michigan
    9. Jr Rondel Sorrillo 10.38a Kentucky
    10. So Cordero Gray 10.41a Texas-Arlington
    11. Sr J-Mee Samuels 10.43a Arkansas
    12. Jr Calesio Newman 10.47a North Carolina A&T
    13. Jr C.J. Spiller 10.48a Clemson

    (I included the semi final results as it had Spiller in it and he didn’t qualify for the finals.)

    And ppl saying Demps is a silver medalist must didn’t watch. He was on the relay team that won silver. He didn’t actually race in the finals as he was replaced by a faster competitor. They used Demps to qualify…And at the US Olympic trials in the 100, Demps was like 8th place. So if the Jamaicans were allowed to race I’d expect Demps to not be in the top 15..He’s good but not great – but he will improve…

    Here’s a video of the US trials finals. Demps starts well until about 40 yards then he gets smoked…

  12. Well. There goes those arguments. Combine should go to a 60 yard dash for the skill positions (basically no front 7 players on D or olineman) unless they want too. Be pretty neat to see who is just warming up and those who peak early.

  13. Btw 100 meter straight line speed isn’t a real factor in the game of football where you have to be able to make cuts… Which is why the 40 time is the best judge of speed because you have to be able to accelerate quickly out of cuts and breaks…

  14. Uptown murph….Jeff demps ran at 9.96 100 meter at the same event in 2010… Which makes your argument completely irrelevant. He’s faster at both events… Do your research bro…

  15. Uptown Murf all that you said may be right but you can’t compare real olympic sprinters to football players because if you put Holliday 10.14 in your video Demps (10.27) would have been the only healthy person he would have beat. Holliday never ran a sub 10 sec. 100 meters but Demps did and Holliday is known as a notorious starter.

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