Peyton Manning: I’m certainly better than I was last year

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Peyton Manning’s return to action for the Broncos went pretty well in 2012, but, according to the quarterback, he wasn’t all the way back to his old self.

Manning spoke about his health at an event at the University of Tennessee this week and said that he still is waiting for some things to return after multiple neck surgeries and nerve damage. Although Manning admits that some parts of his game may never return to full strength, he also said that he’s already seen improvements over last season.

“You know, I still have certain challenges,” Manning told WATE-TV, via “When you’re dealing with nerves, I’ve learned it’s a patience deal. They kind of say it could be a year or two, or it may never come back, so I’m kind of hopeful. I kind of wish certain things would come back a little bit more, but I have learned to adjust and compensate in the state that I am. I still would like to make some more improvement. I still work at it. Obviously, I still can perform kind of status quo, but I still have hopes and (am) determined to try to seek some more improvement. But, yeah, I’m certainly better than I was last year. But I’m still not quite where I was before I was injured.”

Manning threw for 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns in 2012, so it isn’t like he’s building on a poor season. If he’s better, the Broncos offense figures to be even better in 2013 before you even factor the addition of Wes Welker into the mix for a team that didn’t figure to have much trouble moving the ball before adding the former Patriot wideout.

46 responses to “Peyton Manning: I’m certainly better than I was last year

  1. Peyton should have no worries he will have another monster year. I really wasn’t sold that he would come back last year 100% but he really proved he is top 5 in the NFL. But Adrian is still the MVP! SKOL!

  2. Too bad for Manning that the Chiefs hired Mr. John Dorsey and Mr. Andy Reid.

    The team they are assembling will own the AFC West for the next decade.

  3. He has another cupcake schedule so he’ll win 12 or 13 games and get homefield advantage again and still choke in the first round. Only beat two teams over .500 last season and he still chokes against Brady.

  4. peyton will always put up great numbers in the regular season, but come playoff time………………well thats another story

  5. logicalvoicesays

    does yr mommy and daddy know u are on the computer this early before u had yr breakfast and had yr diaper changed?

  6. I agree. The guy had a completely new environment, new teammates, new coaches… Nobody new what to expect out of him including himself, the surgery and the year off. He spent so much time rehabbing his arm the he never had the chance to rest it before the season started, not to mention the nerves in his arms were not generating quick enough, the guy even had to wear a glove in the last 3 games of the year… With all that over, you can expect a new and improve Manning, especially now that Welker is added.

  7. logicalvoicesays:my QB IRG3 is a fraud and im sorry that i keep bringing him up over and over,can u guys forgive me?i was dropped on my head alot as a baby and whenever i move my head i hear a rattling noise,my redskins havent been relevant since 1983 and my adhd kicks in sometimes and i get overally excited about lames,forgive me everybody

  8. Iknoweverything says: Apr 14, 2013 11:40 AM

    Too bad for Manning that the Chiefs hired Mr. John Dorsey and Mr. Andy Reid.

    The team they are assembling will own the AFC West for the next decade.
    A little early to be drunk already.

  9. A full year under their belts together, and a young thumping RB away from an even better year than last. Can’t believe how far we’ve come in the last three years. Loving all the sorry Chief & Raider fans making their yearly smack talk! This is going to be fun to watch.

  10. It’s amazing how Manning has overcome his physical limitations and deficiencies to still put together an MVP caliber season

    The truth is, he’s right – even last year you could tell there were still some throws that were symptom of him not being all the way back, and truth be told, he might never be entirely back to where he could be, age not-withstanding

    I hope more QBs in generations to come study Manning and learn it’s not all about arm strength and athleticism and that you can still play at an MVP level even in the twilight of your career

  11. Most playoff losses ever. Eight one and done playoff appearances twice as much as any other quarterback in history.

    Best regular season quarterback of all time for sure. But when the playoffs start Manning has always come up short. From getting waxed by Chad Pennington and the Jets to losing to Billy Volek and the Chargers at the RCA Dome to failing to win a playoff game with the same team Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the year before Manning has always been at his worst when it matters most.

  12. Peyton is like a a modern-era Johnny Unitas. Not a Broncos fan although ya gotta respect this guy. He’s about as authentic a football player as you’ll ever see.

  13. he needs to worry about hali and Houston coming off the edges. Peyton has never been mobile and is another year older. and dontari Poe can push the middle. so can Tyson Jackson but he can’t necessarily chase anyone down but he is strong inside which is great. go chiefs

  14. Amazing how the Bronco’s lost to the Ravens.

    That was twilight zone bad luck.

    Champ getting beat the way he did, busted coverage on an easy long TD pass that would have sealed the deal, Peyton throwing an INT in OT.. not to mentioned all the other uncharacteristic and extremely rare mistakes..

    Thank the Bronco’s Ravens.

  15. Manning’s mistaken-he IS all the way back already.Rolling teams over in the regular season-choking in the playoffs.Classic Manning.Too bad we can’t have Eli on the same team as Peyton.Start Peyton in reg season-Eli in poffs.

  16. Let’s get something straight here. It was the Broncos’ defense that choked in that playoff game. Manning probably wouldn’t have even thrown that pick if he had gotten some help from the defense. And that was probably the best defense he ever had. The Colts never had a good defense, except for the year they won the Super Bowl. Manning basically carried the Colts on his back all those years. Look at Brady. He hasn’t been too hot in the playoffs for quite a while either, ever since they stopped having an elite defense and he’s had to carry the team on his back. When you have to pick up everyone else’s slack, you’re gonna stumble a little bit once in a while

  17. I love Manning, great guy (seemingly), great QB.
    But Joe Montana is the best QB of all time, regular season, post season, any season.

    Give it a rest people.

  18. Peyton Manning is old and is a choke artist. This guy is a fake Dan Marino, great regular season QB but lacks clutch in key games. He got lucky and won one superbowl, and in college his team couldn’t win until he left…..just saying

  19. LOL all the delusional chefs fans. Go back to your cellar you are not allowed to speak!

  20. Womp womp womp… Funny thing is, that on every Peyton article, the same people show up to hate on the guy. One would think you might get bored constantly spewing your mindless drivel. Give it a break already as it gets old rather quick.

    Football is a team sport. Peyton did not lose the game for us in the playoffs last year, our defense and play calling did. The guy is a model citizen and will go down as one if the best to ever play the position.

  21. go look at manning and bradys postseason stats. teams will games. Brady threw for 140 yards in one Superbowl …. 3 ints in championship games but his team overcame it. manning has to play perfect for his teams to win the game. brady stuck with best coach ever.

  22. With the addition of Welker to the already strong receiving corp, one of them will have a career year next season as long as Manning remains healthy enough to pass. There just isn’t any defense out there who will be able to cover these receivers with Manning passing the ball.

    In fact, Welker may have his best career year ever since the defenses must cover all of the receivers, unlike the limited receiving threats the Patriots had last year due to injuries.

  23. The postseason record set the truly legendary apart from peers with elite career numbers. Manning’s post season record and performances leave much to be desired compared to the contemporary and past QB’s with the same post season opportunities.
    When his teams truly needed him to take over and will a victory out of trying circumstance, he just did not get it done more often than not. We saw it again last year.
    The best predictor of future result is past and present performance. Broncos fans best not base their super bowl chances on another stellar regular season result. Manning still has to get it done when it counts, I am betting against a Bronco title with Manning at this stage of his career.

  24. I’m not a chiefs fan. But I wish I had a cellar….a wine cellar. I’d go to that.

  25. These comments from Peyton put even more pressure on Denver to make it to the Super Bowl. I mean anything less is a disaster. Peyton says that he’s better. The rest of the AFC west is still awful so they should win the division easily again. The defending champs, Baltimore, have lost a lot. Denver’s offense is better with the addition of Welker and by signing him have weakened one of their main rivals in New England. Pittsburgh is going through a transition. I don’t think teams like Indy or Cincy are really ready to contend for the Super Bowl. That really leaves only Houston as the biggest threat to Denver and I still don’t trust Schaub. Denver is the team to beat in the AFC and if Peyton can’t get it done, if he can’t at least get Denver to the Super Bowl then it’s just a complete choke job.

  26. This is the most confident I’ve been about a Broncos team since the off season of 1998. If this team just found a running back, it would be unstoppable. Even Derek Wolfe is viable replacement for the loss of Dumervil.

    Denver wins it all this year.

  27. How convenient, when Tebow won games with the Broncos it was because of their defense but when Manning loses games with the Broncos its because of their defense. You can’t have it both ways, face it Manning is the biggest choker in the playoffs (Matt Ryan is creeping up though).

  28. Nobody seems to forget he is getting older & older as each yr comes people think this guy is getting better with age. I’m not buying it. He can obliviously still compete but I said it before & I will say it again you will not see a super bowl in Denver with peyton manning as QB. History says so!

  29. Iknoweverything says: Apr 14, 2013 11:40 AM

    Too bad for Manning that the Chiefs hired Mr. John Dorsey and Mr. Andy Reid.

    The team they are assembling will own the AFC West for the next decade.
    There were only 31 teams ahead of the Chiefs last season. Ownership of the AFC West is right around the corner.

  30. This story will have no meaning after the Ravens come to town and tear the Broncos apart. Ravens will be underdogs, which they like. Broncos will be so nervous they can’t think straight. Especially Manning, Miller and Bailey.

  31. I can see Peyton improving next year; another year with the coaching staff and players can really help. The thing that really worries me is that the Broncos played terrible against the Ravens in the playoffs, Champ was playing terrible (maybe because of fatigue?) and Peyton was not clutch.

  32. Manning is not a Wuss that whines like Brady. I fear Manning when he plays the Ravens. I fear the refs when Brady plays the Ravens.

  33. He can say he’s “certainly better than last year,” but ain’t NO way he plays out that contract before they force him out. Demaryius Thomas will dash for the big money, Champ Bailey will retire, they p$ssed away Dumervil, the run game dries up a little more every year. This team is on the decline.

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