Stafford, Lions still expected to get new deal done


Joe Flacco and Tony Romo got their new contracts, but we aren’t done hearing about quarterbacks cashing in with their current teams.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are expected to settle on a deal that keeps Rodgers in Green Bay with plenty of greenbacks. Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff has made it known that the Falcons are planning on locking up Matt Ryan and the Lions have made similar statements about Matthew Stafford.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press checks in on the status of contract talks between Stafford on the team Sunday and finds that they are “starting to simmer.” Birkett writes that it is “just a matter of time” before the two sides reach a deal that satisfies everybody’s interests. In the meantime, Stafford has stayed in Detroit instead of continuing to work out elsewhere as he did in past seasons. That decision earned him praise from team president Tom Lewand.

“There is not a guy that’s done more for this franchise in this off-season than Matthew Stafford,” Lewand said. “The guy’s been in the building every day. He’s been living here the entire off-season. He’s been working out, he’s helped us recruit free agents, he’s been involved on a daily basis in trying to get ready for the season, and he would do anything to help us be successful.”

Stafford isn’t going to get as much as Rodgers will command from the Packers, but the other deals signed this offseason should provide some framework of what his deal will wind up looking like in Detroit. And it continues to look like that deal will come before the Lions start the 2013 season.

20 responses to “Stafford, Lions still expected to get new deal done

  1. Matt Stafford through first two seasons, 3-10 record, 54% completion rate, 67 passer rating.

    Blaine Gabbert through two seasons, 5-17 record, 54% completion rate, 70 passer rating.

    Same age when they did it, but Gabbert is taller, more athletic, and had a better Wonderlic score.

  2. Stafford has all the tools – arm strength, leadership, awareness, and instincts – to be one of the best qbs in the NFL.

    He just needs to work on his accuracy, which can be improved, and needs to stop forcing balls, but hopefully having a more threatening run game will decrease his interceptions.

  3. Great news for the rest of the league. Most overrated QB possibly of all time. Any don’t give me that yardage crap either. You don’t win super bowls the rest is useless. Just ask Mr. Marino.

  4. Stafford reminds me of Lynn Dickey throwing to James Lofton. It’s fun watching him throw up those rainbows to Megatron, but it’ll be rare to see them in the post season.

  5. Padded Statlord aka Matthew Stafford

    Gabbart gets scared as soon as the ball is snapped. Does he even throw downfield? Honestly dont know..Jags arent on tv at all

  6. Good point otis52. 5000 yds sounds great if you play fantasy football. WINS are what counts.

  7. Where’s the guy who once compared Stafford with 4 future HOF and SB MVP quarterbacks in the same sentence? Still makes me laugh. How about letting him actually accomplish something before telling us how great he is.

  8. A better defense will help them get those wins easily. Stafford just needs to keep doing what he’s doing, and they’ll be in the playoffs just like 2011.

  9. Lions gave up 437 points last season. Colts gave up 387. You know what the Lion’s record would be if they had stopped those same 50 points (7 points per game)?

    They would beat Titans, tie Vikings, beat Bears, beat GB, beat Houston, beat Colts, tie GB or beat Chi.

    If a Lion’s D can stop 7 points per game, they were in the playoffs. Plain and simple. Stafford did more than enough to get them there. He just needs to come out and do the same thing this season.

  10. I just have to laugh at all of the fear out there. As if denigrating StafFORD on a public forum will somehow diminish him and his achievements. StafFORD will only get better and be an elite quarterback in the NFL. And then the fear of all of these jealous trolls will be realized.

  11. Stafford should be sending thank-you cards to Romo and Flacco. It’s because of them that Stafford will make a TON more than he would have in years past.

    Stafford is a very good QB, but even he will probably end up making more than he should because of the Flacco/Romo deals.

  12. Stafford has the tools to be one of the best ever. One of those tools is Megatron, and another is having an offensive line/run game…oh ya, and a defense. Now that I think about it, this is a TEAM GAME, why does one player deserve so much?…

  13. The subtext of Tom Lewand’s remarks is that Stafford is taking over as the team leader … and it’s about time really.

    I wish the second coming of Chris Speilman was out there for us. The defense could use that kind of leadership.

  14. Can’t wait to watch this guy in 2013. Great QB throwing to the best receiver in football is always fun.

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