Steelers, Jarvis Jones starting to look like a possible match


With iconic Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison possibly launching a revenge tour in Cincinnati, the Steelers have all the more reason to find a high-end replacement for one of the most feared defenders in football.

Their target very well could be Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones.

The Steelers hosted Jones earlier this month, and he’d be an intriguing option with the 17th overall pick.  If he lasts that long.

Like so many other first-round prospects, it’s hard to gauge precisely where Jones will go.  A case of spinal stenosis has created concerns about the possibility of a serious neck injury, but Jones has received full medical clearance — and he has performed well in the SEC (a/k/a NFL Lite) after a transfer from USC.

A decade ago, the Steelers traded up to No. 16 and rolled the dice on a defensive player who emerged from USC with a history of concussions.  And Troy Polamalu has been well worth the risk.

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  1. Okay … I could get excited about this pick. If we brought in Brandon Jacobs and found a relatively painless way to take Jones in the first round, it would go a long way toward making me feel the team was on track.

  2. That’s ok, Eifert will be the pick or Cordarrell Patterson before Jones. I’d rather have Manti over Jones bc ased on work ethic.

  3. If the Steelers do end up taking Jarvis Jones in the 1st round, I bet they groom him to be Larry Foote’s replacement in 2014 at ILB next to Timmons.

    No one besides the Steelers organization is giving Worlids a shot at OLB. He had more sacks than Woodley last year! Fellow Steeler fans should trust this organization. They replaced Lloyd, Green, Porter, Gildon, and they will replace Harrison.

    A player the Steelers should look to develop at OLB in the draft is Trevardo Williams from UCONN in the 3rd or 4th round not to fill in Harrison’s shoes but to battle Chris Carter as a backup to often injured Woodley and his fat hamstrings.

  4. I wish the Chiefs would give Jarvis Jones more of a look to draft. He was unstoppable in the game against Missouri this year. Looks like beast for whoever drafts him.

  5. Timmons, Foote, Bell, Haggans, Porter, Vrabel, Gildon, Brown, Kirkland, Olsavsky…

    If the Steelers are interested in him, he’ll be good.

  6. With iconic Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison launching a revenge tour in Cincinnati….

    WOW… I don’t even think that Lord Brett Favre was described in this manner.

    Of course Brett did not play for Pittsburgh and did not try and cut out to be the Ravens QB either.

    Move along, nothing personal here to see……

  7. Good grief … why is everyone so pissy that I could get excited about this pick if the Steelers bring in Jacobs? We need another running back, and I want to draft Eddie Lacy in the first round. If we’re not drafting Lacy, then I’m all for targeting the pass rush, but I don’t like losing picks to move up. Hello? We build from the draft.

    As for Jones … my Tide had to fight their way past his Bulldogs in the SEC Championship. He was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. I know what he can do. So yeah … I can get excited about him.

  8. They replaced all those Greats because Cowher and Donahoe already had the talent inplace. Maybe that would be the case if Colbert didn’t have back to back draft nightmares 2008-2009. Not even gona mention 2006..We’ve got nothin from him on defense Except Timmons & Woodley in allll these years..NOTHING! So don’t Mention The Cowher era or any of those players with how they do business today..Tomlin & Colbert had nothin to do with that but they still reap the benefits

  9. How do you sign ANYONE when you let Bill Belichick force you to use up all your available cap space on a receiver that the “fans” all swore was no good? Boy, mortgaging the house for those now irrelevant trophies is really coming back to bite this organization, or should I say disorganization.

  10. Starting to look like a match?

    Jones is the Steelers pick in half of the mock drafts released over the last three months!

  11. Ps – Lacy ran well at his pro day, so his draft stock has gone up and will be a potential target for Colbert and Co. on draft day as well.

  12. Deb – I posted a respectful reply to your comment but it was deleted for whatever reason so I will post again.

    I agree on Jones…he is a beast and could be a terror if the neck thing doesn’t get in the way, and he makes it to 17. If he and Lacy are both there, then Colbert and Co. have a BIG decision to make. 🙂

    Disagree on Jacobs though. Bradshaw would be a much better option, foot problem and all. When healthy, he is a team player, a fiery guy who will fight for yards and motivate the team. Jacobs is a bum..a me-first guy. Trust me, I watched him for years here and he was more trouble than he was worth for the G-men.

  13. @nysteelerfan …

    Thanks for the response. I know Jacobs had some issues in New York, but he just seems built for the Steelers. My priority is a big bruising back like Bettis–I’m not particular about who it turns out to be 🙂

  14. Jones is not a match for the Steelers 3/4. In the Steelers 3/4 scheme defensive ends are groomed and converted to OLB since they have the strength to face elite tackles. Jones was blocked by mostly RB’s and TE’s in college and could struggle in the Steelers system. I don’t see the Steelers taking a risk with him at #17 since he’s untested where they would be playing him. Probably a better fit for a 4/3.

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