Sun Life Stadium referendum could be won, or lost, on Monday

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While the ballots won’t be cast until May 14, the fate of the Sun Life Stadium renovation referendum will go a long way toward being decided on Monday.

That’s the deadline for registration, via the Miami Herald.  Anyone who doesn’t register by Monday won’t be able to show up and check “yes” or “no” a month from today.

It’s a simple proposition.  If voters approve the deal struck between the Dolphins and Miami-Dade County, the renovations will proceed.  If voters reject the agreement, the renovations won’t happen.

There’s still a way the deal will fall through, even if it’s approved by voters.  If Miami doesn’t get Super Bowl L or LI, the deal will be scuttled.

12 responses to “Sun Life Stadium referendum could be won, or lost, on Monday

  1. If the Dolphins have hired Obama’s folks, the referendum will pass with greater than 100% of voters in favor.

  2. The multi billion dollar industry that is the nfl needs to stop asking the public to pay for stuff they should handle. It’s a slap in the face.

  3. Ross should fire Mike Dee as he is the one who has caused the top heavy payroll issues with his hires of executives.

    A better plan can be made for renovations, but this is not the right one. The stadium does need upgrades, but public money should only be borrowed , repaid in full in a shorter amount of time.

  4. Can we please get this team out of Miami already and get them to LA. This is the worst football town in the U.S. along with even worse fans and media. Even if this team won 5 superbowls in a row I will still have no respect for them, and I am a Cowboys fan. There are more jets, pats, eagles,and bills fans than there are dolphins fans.

  5. The thing is the dolphins represent everything that is wrong with true NFL franchise, j-lo mark Anthony jimmy Buffett etc. There is no true fan base. The media is a joke and is basically on the fins payroll. The only reason for the free agent signings is to get votes for the stadium.

  6. Dang getitrightflorio that’s some serious hate! To bad it came from a cowgirls fan… I went to every home game for 8 years before I moved out of state for school. That includes all 8 games in 2007. I know plenty of people in Miami and Fort Lauderdale who are avid fans.

    I’m still convinced that Jerry Jones the owner pays people in Dallas to show up. It is the only explainable reason given what Jerry Jones the GM has done with the team.

    BTW thanks for Jimmy Johnson, see you in 10 years when ole’ JJ kicks the bucket and the ‘Girls maybe can become relevant again

  7. You can either vote yes and have Patriots, Bills, and Jets fans staying in the hotels pay for the stadium, get one of the next two super bowls, create excitement for the players and fans, and have a nice renovated stadium

    Or you can vote no, anger the owner into selling it to someone who will ask the public to pay for EVERYTHING or he’s moving them, not have a nice renovated stadium, and show future free agents that the city of Miami doesn’t support its team.

  8. germanstingray says: Apr 14, 2013 11:01 PM

    If the Dolphins have hired Obama’s folks, the referendum will pass with greater than 100% of voters in favor.

    Go ahead and put your aluminum foil hat back on.

  9. I will go on record now, before the election, that there will be a light turnout for the election everywhere except Miami Gardens. I suspect that Miami Gardens would love to have that renovated stadium for tax purposes, if nothing else. Lots of jobs riding on this for Gardens residents.

    I am sure that the question on the ballot will be worded so that it is easy to vote for the renovation when you think that you are voting against it.

    I predict that the stadium renovation passes by a narrow margin.

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