Tebow trade would help Jets save $1.53 million


So why are the Jets stubbornly holding the rights of a player they don’t want?

Mike Klis of the Denver Post cracks the code, by explaining that, if the Jets cut Tebow, they’ll owe the Broncos $1.53 million in 2013 salary that Denver already has paid to the player.

Under his 2010 rookie contract, Tebow’s base salary for the coming season is a fairly modest $2.58 million.  But he received $1.53 million of it via an advance from the Broncos, and the Jets agreed when trading for Tebow last year to refund that money in 2013.  (The Jets already have given the Broncos $1 million in money advanced to Tebow for 2012.)

The Jets presumably believe that, if they can trade Tebow, his next team will agree to pay $1.05 million to Tebow and $1.53 million to the Broncos.

The other side of the coin is that the salary advance makes Tebow more attractive (or perhaps less unattractive) if he’s released by the Jets.  Because he has only three years of service, Tebow would be subject to waivers.  His current contract could be claimed, and he’d be owed only $1.05 million this year.

That still may be more than anyone would want to pay him.  Especially since it appears no one wants him.

14 responses to “Tebow trade would help Jets save $1.53 million

  1. This trade was bad from the start and just got worse. The Jets are a mess with a great fan group that deserves more.

  2. That is a small price to pay for someone that can generate 39 yards of passing! The Patriots would be fools to miss the opportunity to bench Brady.

  3. OK, here’s the thing: no one wants a pop-gun arm QB with awful mechanics who can’t read defenses. Tebow may have a terrific attitude but he’s a bad QB.

    Hell, he supposedly went to work with TWO specialists to work on his motion and he still went back to his old habits.

    Cold hard fact: Tebow is and will always be a high-priced distraction. The Jets thought he would light a fire under Sanchez but even the “Sanchize” knew Tebow would never provide any competition…

  4. Jets are no longer a mess…they have done a fantastic job since Idzick arrived, Tanenbaun was an awful GM. There is a lot more work to do, but let this GM continue to do his job, we are headed in a good direction..

  5. “No one wants him,” is a bit harsh. I highly doubt no head coach/offensive coordinate aren’t willing to roll the dice and try to develop him. I think the truth is no team wants him as their starting QB at this moment. Someone will pick him up as a backup to their stud QB and try to develop him.

  6. Tebow makes the jets far more than they pay him. Even if he never plays, in apperal and press coverage the jets are making a good return on their investment.

  7. Somebody will pick up Tebow. Hopefully, he’ll be released by the Jets. I hope for that because the guy needs to learn some humility, and he needs to keep his religious sideshow to himself. Tebow also needs to realize he doesn’t have the chops to be an NFL starter. If he’s willing to invest the time and respect the investment a team might make in him, I believe he could be a good Tight End. He could even be excellent. First though, he needs to acknowledge that he lacks the mental and physical prowess to be a QB.

  8. @willyshock How do you ascertain he can’t play QB when he has succeeded beyond every other starting QB in the NFL in his previous usage as a QB ? He has two NC rings at the DIV 1 level, a Heisman, and 4 NCAA Div 1 records.. NONE of the other NFL QBs have that to their credit, and college DOES count, or they wouldn’t draft from college. In addition he holds several distinctions that can’t be attributed to blind luck, bud.. He has set records in the NFL too..not just cherry picked records either.

    Tim will be a beast, get over it.. and get used to it. He already has the entire fan base up in arms about it, one side or the other.. LOL. None of the logic used to assess his talent is relative to what he has done.. NO starting QB today aside from the top five or so could have taken a team that had the 24th ranked D, and the 32 ranked running game, and a 1-4 record and make it to the playoffs and beat the number one defense in round one..NONE but the top five or so. Tim did it.

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