Vikings possibly switching gears on Joe Webb switching positions

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Shortly after the Vikings signed Matt Cassel to back up Christian Ponder at quarterback, coach Leslie Frazier said that the Vikings had no plans to move Joe Webb from quarterback to wide receiver.

A lot can change in a month, however. Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Frazier recently readdressed Webb’s status and presented a more open mind when it came to moving Webb away from quarterback.

“[Webb] is such a talented athlete that we want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing by him and our team, as well,” Frazier said. “That’s something we’ll continue to discuss as we go forward.”

The Vikings considered Webb a wide receiver when they drafted him out of UAB in the sixth round of the 2010 draft and he’s caught one pass during his three years with the team. With Cassel’s arrival coming on the heels of Webb’s disappointing performance in the playoff loss to the Packers, it’s hard to see much of a future at quarterback in Minnesota for Webb. Since the team isn’t showing much desire to get rid of him altogether, it would make a lot of sense to see if he can help the team at a position where the depth chart is pretty open behind Greg Jennings.

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  1. It’s about time. The Vikings need Webb on the field with the ball in his hands. He’s 6’4” tall, and elusive in the open field. Get it done.

  2. webb is a great athlete but he doesnt do anything fluidly. he wont be successful as a WR. hate to say it but webb will never amount to anything in the NFL

  3. about time they at least consider it. he’s a gifted athlete but can’t throw well enough to be a pro QB. unless they install a pistol offense. shoulda done that against green bay but instead had him run first team standard offense in practice when ponder was out.

  4. Webb has no other place but WR. There’s no room in the QB depth-chart for him. He could be a dangerous WR if spent the time to run routes, etc. He’s 6’4″ with speed and incredible leaping ability.

  5. The only other option is to use him as a wildcat QB or line him up at RB with AP to maybe throw the Defense off. He would have the run/throw option on either which he needs.

  6. Hey, you guys remember when Tony Dungy said on National Television that Joe Webb gave the Vikings a better chance at beating the Packers than Christian Ponder. Ha ha ha ha ha! He should again thank Peyton Manning for that Super Bowl ring.

  7. Joe Webb was going to be converted to a WR as a rookie when he was pressed into action as a QB on “Tuesday” Night Football in the snow. Vikes won and he stayed a QB. Even though that game was really about the Vikes D laying out the blueprint to beat Vick with disguised pre-snap pressure that he couldn’t spot, and proved he hadn’t evolved past his Falcons day. Everything else Vick did as an Eagle was fools gold.

  8. Just yet another disastrous draft pick on a Qb following in the footsteps of T Jack and the vast overreach on Ponder.

    At least the Vikings were smart enough to get rid of T Jack, they really painted themselves into a corner on Ponder and now they are telling Frazier to salvage what they can from Webb, forgetting for the moment the terrible performance in the playoff loss to the Packers and the fact that he isn’t a very good WR.

    A good GM would come to his senses, cut his losses and move on. Not the Vikings, they will insist that Ponder is a real NFL QB and Webb deserves a chance at WR although there is no evidence that either will ever be true.

  9. Anyone who remembers that preseason game where Webb took off for a huge run knows the guy can do something when the ball is in his hands. Because he clearly can not throw it.

  10. I suspect this is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of the Vikings. With Webb’s height, speed and athleticisim, it would’ve been easy to see him as a successful WR but there is obviously something else going on that has prevented that. It can only be one of two things: we are always told that WR is one of the most difficult positions to “learn” and thus it brings up the question of Webb’s cerebral abilities. The only other possibility could be that he has the “Troy Williamson disease” and can’t catch. After watching him at QB, I suspect it is option 1, he just doesn’t have the ability to pick up the intricasies of being a WR.

  11. Good move, red zone(fade route) target. Be mentored by Jennings, possible KO return candidate.

  12. Spielman needs to cut his losses. He could learn a thing or two from Ted Thompson – NFL Executive of the Year. Twice.

  13. I blame Chilly. Maybe Webb might know the nuances of being a WR by now if it wasn’t for Chilly wanting to “see him throw it again” after watching him play catch during warm ups at camp.

    Might just be subterfuge on Speilman’s part to raise Joe’s trade value for a team looking for a backup QB in a read option offense. “We got plans for Joe.”

  14. At this point, if Webb hasn’t developed into an at least adequate *backup* QB, the team has little choice but to try to find a position that would allow him to be at least average.

    He’s sat on the bench for about 3 years in his NFL career, doing QB drills in practice, studying film, etc., and he shows no signs of developing into a capable NFL QB. Unless he wants to be any one of the dozens of former late round QBs who wash out of the NFL after their rookie deals expire, he should be on board with a position switch.

  15. I think if they use Webb as a jump ball catching WR & they work with him heavily in the red zone practicing catching jump balls in the end zone, they might have something there. Otherwise, he would be no better than the Vikings fifth receiver by the time their draft class is on the field. He does offer speed, but I agree with previous poster, he is not very fluid. He also may be good on some go patterns when they need a deep ball completion, but not as an every down receiver.

  16. They’ll be changing their minds when they see what they have in Cassel.

    Worst QB I’ve ever seen, and I’m old as dirt. He has the spine of a jellyfish, and the brains of one too.

  17. Great attitude, can run and jump like hell, although route running is raw to brutal, and just can’t catch or throw the ball. At 6-4 220, where can he play?

  18. If he cant catch try him a CB and kickoff returns. Tackling would be an issue Im guessing.

  19. All of you are blasting Webb like he was some high fish bust. The guy has done pretty alright for himself, considering he was just a sixth-round pick.

  20. Musgrave immediately abandoned the run option that the Vikings used in their opening drive to march down the field because the Packers left receivers wide open. Problem was Webb is not accurate from the pocket. How would Dungy have thought or even fathomed that Musgrave would abandon playing to the Vikings strength and keep trying to pass from the pocket over and over instead of going back to what was working. It was a colossal blunder on Musgrave’s part and cost them. Now as far as Webb, he can’t catch either. He will be cut if he can’t learn to catch.

  21. We have already tried to convert him to a WR. And he can’t catch or can’t run a route…so I don’t get why we are trying again. Being athletic doesn’t make you a talented football player. He doesn’t have football smarts either. We just don’t want anybody else picking him up and trying to make him into something. Webb sucks. period.

  22. Webb is not a viable QB option anymore. He had potential and trying him at QB made sense, but he leveled off before last season and it just doesn’t look like he’s capable to progress much further at that position.

    Best thing to do now is focus on WR and kick returner. For WR he’ll never be a complete player but he probably can be a viable redzone and fly route WR, perhaps can be taught the slant route, and we know he can do something on bubble screens, reverses, and short yardage wildcat gimmick just to keep teams honest. He has some value, but he has to be your 4th WR or something like that.

    He was a 6th round draft pick for a reason. He had a couple sick splash plays that had people over excited but it is back to reality now.

    Personally I think he could make the team as a WR, returner, and specialist depending on how things shake out. Worth a try. Trading him is probably pointless.

  23. Given our WR situation last year, don’t you think they would have already done that if he was able to catch the ball? I’ve never seen a team spend so much time and energy on a guy who just isn’t panning out.

  24. What about a TE? He’s tall, fast, big and can jump. Lots of people on here says he can’t catch. I’ve never really seen him try. If he can’t catch then he’s just another great athlete taking up a roster spot.

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