Chiefs willing to trade Branden Albert for a high second-round pick


A month ago, the word out of Kansas City was that if the Chiefs were going to trade left tackle Branden Albert, they’d want more than just a second-round draft pick. But the Chiefs may be softening their stance on that.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated is hearing that the Chiefs would take a high second-round pick for Albert. So far, however, Kansas City has found no takers.

The Chiefs gave up their own high second-round pick to acquire quarterback Alex Smith, and they’d like to get a second-round pick back. The question, however, is whether any team would be willing to give up a second-round pick for Albert. This year Albert is guaranteed a base salary of $9.828 million, and he is looking for significant money on a long-term contract. So any team that acquires Albert for a second-round pick would have to spend a lot more money on (and devote a lot more cap space to) Albert than the second-round pick would cost.

The Chiefs are widely expected to draft a left tackle, either Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M or Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, with the first overall pick in next week’s draft.

37 responses to “Chiefs willing to trade Branden Albert for a high second-round pick

  1. Go get him Dolphins.You won’t find anybody any better in the second round or in the 1st round then him.

  2. If I’m the Dolphins, I offer KC the 15th pick in the 3rd round and say take it or leave it.

  3. Typical Andy Reid, shoot for the stars but others have caught on. Teams watch film and he would be lucky to get a fourth for Albert now that Reid has devalued him to the point of no return.

  4. Why wouldn’t the Chargers jump at this? They probably won’t be able to get one of the top 3 OTs, so they could get a top G in the first and Albert in the second and greatly improve their biggest weakness.

  5. Good player Def worth a 2nd but with his cap hit this season and what he would cost long term make this tough. Wish lions could pull this off but not for his almost 10 mil hit!! Good luck tho…

  6. Maybe a late 3rd, early 4th, but not a 2nd. His salary is way too high for the talent level.

  7. Is this the same Peter King that picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl last year?

  8. Yeah, that’s the problem. If the Chiefs draft Fisher or Joeckel to begin the draft what are they really getting? It would pretty much necessitate them trading Albert. So, you get cap flexibility, a second round pick – maybe – and perhaps a slight upgrade if they play well in the first year?

    I don’t think that’s the way Andy Reid wants to start his tenure in Kansas City.

  9. What is it with these tackles that have never seen a Pro Bowl demanding Pro Bowl money? Him and Andre Smith can have pie eating contests during training camp I guess.

  10. How much time is left on his contract? I think it’d be worth trading the Bengals’ 2nd rounder from Oakland for him.

  11. Dolphins could use him, worth a second rounder..but that is more $$$$ then they were willing to give Long…too much cap hit….Dolphins will draft!

  12. I’m willing to take $10 million dollars from whomever that likes to give it to me.

  13. I wish we (KC) would just keep him. Everyone talks about selecting a tackle in the 1st round & having the slot solidified for a decade. We have that guy already! If no one offers a high 2nd or first, we need to keep him.

  14. a 29 year old with a history of back problems, no pro bowl appearances, & demanding $10m/year…..I’d go w/ a rookie.

  15. dude gave up one sack last year, he’s worth a second round pick. And if they don’t trade him for a second I bet they keep him under the tender and play jockel or Fisher at RT

  16. The tipping of their hand becomes more blatantly obvious. Now if no one bites which most likely to happen because all the big money going to vets is written up in contracts already, what is the long term plan? Give him 9.8 mill for 1 year as a RT this upcoming season? What team will give up this high 2nd rounder & pay Albert his 2013 franchise tender?

  17. Agreed the price is pretty steep and I’m not saying he’s worth it, but he’s a bit more than an average talent.

    From a story written the day the Chiefs tagged him:

    “According to Pro Football Focus’ metrics, Albert has allowed fewer sacks and fewer combined quarterback hits and hurries than both Ryan Clady and Jake Long over the past two seasons.”

  18. Eagles should jump all over that!

    You won’t find a better OT in the 2nd round!

    I’d trade the Eagles 2nd round pick for him but only if he is willing to move to RT.

    But from what I hear he is unwilling to move to RT and he is definitely not better than Jason Peters.

  19. Worth just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ask some of these teams who have a lot of money tied up in qbs like Dallas, sd, and Miami and don’t have a lt what they wouldn’t give to protect there investments. He is a top 10 lt who has given up only 1 sack in 2 yrs. The only reason were trading him is cause we can draft a cheaper one at 1.

  20. Nobody wants your Branden Albert for a high 2nd. Get with the program and understand what a player is worth before you embarrass yourselves by being linked to these types of reports that show you are way off on valuing players.

    I already laughed at you for years for drafting Albert with a high 1st Rounder the first time around and I’m still waiting for you guys to prove me wrong and show me how you are going to win with that pick, and now I’m laughing at you guys again for trying to trade him for a high 2nd which also you won’t be successful at.

  21. To me the only way Miami gets involved is if Alberts contract demands seem reasonable. There is no way Miami can justify losing Jake Long for Brandon Albert. There is no doubt Albert is a better talent than any OT they can hope to get with their pick(s). However, those drafted would come cheaper. I just have a hard time believing Miami would offer Albert a longer committment than Jake Long. I agree with the previous poster who suggest Miami offer a 3rd and see what KC says. KC loses leverage in trading Albert after the draft because everyone knows they will take Joekel.

  22. Chiefs may have to keep him until August/sept until someone gets hurt and then get a 2nd in 2014

  23. Why would Miami bite when they released Long because he declined due to chronic lower back problems to pay another high-priced veteran LT with lower back problems? For the Eagles, Jason Peters is healthy I heard. Chargers are an AFC West rival. Process of elimination doesn’t leave too many others. Dallas just gave Doug Free an ultimatum, Winston most likely. I don’t see Tyron moving back to RT.

  24. As somebody posted earlier….why wouldn’t the Chargers jump at this?! They were willing to pay virtually that same price to keep a broken down quitter at Left Tackle who as soon as he got the contract suddenly went injured and bailed on his team.

    Here is a proven commidity at a position the team is in dire need of. A second round pick for a player you know will be a started sure seems like a no-brainer to me.

    And doing so allows you to draft a guard/rb/cb all of which the team is still in desperate need of

    Nobody hits a home run with every draft pick, cmon Chargers

  25. I realize there is a “take the best player available” rule to NFL drafting, but why doesn’t KC look to trade their #1 down for more picks to get position players they “need” – not simply want. With a 4 win season behind you, they need more help than replacing a good OT with a potentially GREAT OT.

    This is mismanagement of player resources if you ask me.

  26. It would be foolish for any team to offer more than a 4th. He has one year left on his contract and clearly if the chiefs are willing to trade him they don’t need him. So why would you pay a guy the franchise tag money of 8 million and some change if you don’t use him. Wait until Friday of the draft and offer a 4th.

  27. People who say his contract is too much, ask how much time he has left on his contract, or state that he only has one year left are just showing how little they know.

    What, are people not aware of what the franchise tag is? Sheesh.

  28. I will enjoy seeing the Dolphins try to get the ball to Mike Wallace with Jonathan Martin as their LT. Wallace is fast, but he’s not that fast! Pony up the 2nd rounder and give your offense a chance.

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