Dolphins won’t meet with Lane Johnson before the draft


We’re a little more than a week away from the start of the draft and the maneuvering is in high gear.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins will not meet with former Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell starts announcing the picks on April 25 in New York City. Johnson is considered one of the top three left tackle prospects in this year’s draft, usually listed just behind Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel and Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher, and many expect the Dolphins to be in the market for a tackle in the draft.

Not meeting with Johnson hardly eliminates him from consideration as a possible Miami pick, even if there are other reports that Miami is higher on Joeckel and Fisher. Every year we see teams employ various manners of misdirection to keep their rivals from gleaning what they plan to do when they’re on the clock and then wind up picking a guy that wasn’t thought to be on their radar.

As Beasley points out, the Dolphins met with Johnson at the combine and they have plenty of ways to judge his on-field performance without having another meeting before the draft. They’d likely have to trade up to assure themselves a chance at any of the three top tackles, so they’ll only be able to disguise their intentions so long if they are trying to make people think Johnson isn’t a target.

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  1. Please don’t trade up, Ireland. Please. It’s not worth it. This team still needs both offensive and defensive playmakers. You have plenty of ammo, but don’t package picks to move up in this draft – let’s not use two stones to kill one bird.

    Look, I know the line still needs some work, but I’d prefer to get some players who actually touch the ball: TE, CB, DE.

  2. If the Dolphins moved up, theyd have to give up at least theyre 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, and more.
    Why wouldnt we want to trade one of our 2nd round picks to KC for B.Albert, a LT that has actually proven to be a talented (and still young) LT in this league and still keep our first round pick? (Or even a 3rd round pick for R. Saffold)
    Gambling a bunch of early picks on a rookie OT that hasnt even played an NFL snap seems foolish to me.

  3. They’ll trade down and take Lane Johnson. Some analysts say he has the highest ceiling of any OT in the draft, including Joeckel.

  4. No Branden Albert! Not only would the Phins have to give up a 2nd but he would count $10 million against the cap this year plus he wants a long term contract making franchise left tackle money. There is a reason why Albert is the teams franchise player yet they are going to draft a rookie to replace him and no other team has given up a pick already to get him.

    The Dolphins would be better suited trading up, giving up an extra 2nd, and possibly a player like Bess. There is a huge drop off after the big three LT in this draft class and unless Ireland makes a move to get one of them everything he has done this offseason will be at loss if Tannehill is consistantly on his back.

  5. It’s not going to be at least, it will be their 1st and a 2nd, but it makes more sense to get a high grade LT to come in and pay him a rookie salary of 2 – 3 mil for 4 yrs them pay Albert over 8 mil a year for 4 years. They can get their cb in the second, get a te and wr in the 3rd and beyond, sign abraham for 2 yrs 3-4 mil a yr and get a pass rusher next draft. Either way your losing a 2nd rd pick at LT and the draft is deep enough to get good players in the later rds. Id go after fisher or joeckel.

  6. LT don’t grow on trees. JOHNSON is as athletic of a LT that there is….recruited as a QB before switching to TE then to TACKLE. BTW Johnson can play on either side. After Johnson the drop off is more significant than any other position in the draft. In addition to that the Fins need a LT that can start tomorrow if need be. No other position on the Fins is in need of an immediate upgrade like LT. Jmartin received a lot of help last year at LT with Fasano sometimes lining up in the backfield.

    Mike Wallace is fast but THill needs time in the pocket to make those deep throws….go get JOHNSON. Besides center and qb, the LT spends more time on the field than a lot of other positions, so while a LT doesn’t “touch” the ball he is a huge part of how long we get to keep the ball during the game.

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