Early talks commence between 49ers and Iupati


Having a quality starting quarterback on a cheap rookie contract that can’t be renegotiated for another year gives a team a certain financial flexibility.

And now that the 49ers have already locked up right tackle Anthony Davis, they’re moving down the line.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network mentioned that the 49ers have begun preliminary contract talks with guard Mike Iupati.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com said no deal is imminent, and there’s no timetable for an agreement. Basically, that means there have been a few phone conversations about possibly doing something, maybe someday.

But because the 49ers can’t do anything with deals for Colin Kaepernick or outside linebacker Aldon Smith until after the 2013 season (per terms of the last collective bargaining agreement), there’s a window to work on Iupati or wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

The 49ers won’t be able to pay everyone, and Iupati will command a big deal after an All-Pro season. But if they want to keep him, this year is the time to move, before quarterbacks and pass-rushers need to be paid.

18 responses to “Early talks commence between 49ers and Iupati

  1. The niners will get their team back into backloaded contract cap trouble again trying to by a SB and then suck again for ten years.

  2. I truly love how this team is being run. Hat’s off to Trent Baalke!

    And can’t wait for the season to begin…especially the two 49er/Seahawk games. Both teams are loading up and their respective fan bases are waiting in anticipation.

  3. I can see a deal getting done with Iupati, however, a deal for Crabtree I don’t see happening easily. He emerged last year to be what 9er fans hoped he would be when he was drafted, but a rookie holdout followed by two years of no OTAs combined with the belief that he is going to want a massive payday just doesn’t seem to mesh with how our front office operates. Unless he has a stellar year and is modest with how much he wants to be paid, I see him playing elsewhere after next year.

  4. It’s going to be difficult to keep this team together & at some point tough decisions will need to be made. I would suspect though that Justin Smith may only be around for another season, maybe two. Likewise Gore. This should give some relief but I would think we’ve got roughly a 3 year window of opportunity with most of this group to bring home #6. It’ll be interesting to see what deal Kaep gets, and if its ‘team friendly’, when his deal is reworked.

  5. @chrismatthewsucks

    No they did not. They traded the 199th pick in the draft for a 32 year old who will make $6 million in 2013 . . . awesome value for a 900 yard #2 WR who led all WR’s in post-season production.

  6. I dislike the Niners with a passion. But credit where due… they’re doing a lot of things right the last few years, and their GM is a rising star in his own right.

  7. He is 32 first of all, had an amazing playoff run, putting the Ravens entire team on his shoulders, and catching poorly thrown balls from a below average QB in Flacco. He just plays 500 w/ his wrs and its gonna be hilarious next season when its just Torrey Smith trying to go across the middle

  8. Anyhow I’ll try again. My post didn’t get deleted in the Revis section.

    I said basically exactly what Sonoco said. The. 49ers didn’t sign Anquan Boldin for 7 mill. They traded a 5th round pick for him while they were holding 14 picks. I have a feeling they are going to end up trading some of those picks to move up or trade them for future draft picks.

    And I wanted to ask jimmyt how are the. 49ers trying to buy a Superbowl? They are just trying to resign players we originally drafted. Now they have become stars they deserved to get paid. Trying to buy a Superbowl would be signing random Free Agents from other teams hoping they will mesh well together.

    The only players they signed that were considered big was Nnamdi, and that was an awesome deal. Then Phil Dawson, where we all knew Akers was going to be gone after last years terrible season.

  9. sonoco is right about the Boldin trade. Balke knows what he’s doing. NFL is won in the trenches so keeping ours in tact is a good idea. This team looks like a real team so might see some guys take a little less money to keep the team together, Crabtree however probably won’t but hey you never know

  10. Crabtree actually has two years left on his rookie deal, but it voids after this season if he makes the Pro Bowl. That means he has to beat out Megatron, Percy Harvin, etc. Oh and Anquan Boldin 🙂

  11. In fact I’ve fixed it for you…

    The 49ers are brilliant at taking on the last year of other people’s contracts for star players who will be locker room leader presences, know what it is to win the big game and mentor their own (esp. Crabtree) and for not mortgaging themselves with long contracts and avoiding salary cap hits down the line for free agents who may not pan out.

    Didnt [sic] they just sign a great, super bowl winning 32 yr [old] receiver (who is more known for his toughness and for making the tough catch and his route running than his speed so age really isn’t as important) for 6 million for one year? hahah what a bargain ! Especially when it was a real position of need.

    Keep up the good work Marathe and Baalke !

  12. Niners are lucky that they have so many draft picks. All of the good players will soon be bolting from this team. Nobody wants to play for such an unstable coach like hairbough.

  13. The thing is, is Crabs, Iupati, Smith, and Kaep can be signed. With Rogers poisonous contract coming to an end, Gore will probably retire, and Boldin taking a short-term contract, along with A. Davis’s cap-friendly contract, it’s should be relatively easy to sign all of those players. The money will come. They want titles as well as money. They’re going to be okay in my opinion.

  14. Where are the classy fans who respect good teams? From having dealt with all the jabs for many years, being a laughing stock in the league – to finally turning it around and re-establishing some dominance.. What can be said now? Which fan wouldn’t appreciate the niner’s brand of football?

    For years, i’ve paid my respect to the successful organizations out there for putting together entertaining seasons to make the sport better. The cyclical nature that impacts every single team – it gives hope that things can be turned around in due time if handled correctly.

    “Hairbough”, “Hairbow”, “Hairblow”, “Forty-whiners”… is that it?? some weak play’s off of a name won’t fill the void of those that wish you had a coach of this caliber running your team.

    (Exceptions to the Belichick’s, Caughlin’s, Tomin’s etc.. of the world).

    I guess if you’re going to bash an organization, successful or not, put some thought into it and come up with something better.

    “Hairbow”.. weak sauce all over that.

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