Former Patriot Eric Alexander was running marathon

News about football at the moment has lost meaning, but the bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon have touched every corner of the sports world.

The Patriots were represented in the race by a group of 24 fund-raising volunteers, including former Patriots linebacker Eric Alexander. There was a story in the Boston Globe about his participation last week, but the paper’s website has crashed, and the link doesn’t work at the moment.

The Patriots Marathon Team had raised more than $239,000 for the Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and everyone touched by today’s events.

37 responses to “Former Patriot Eric Alexander was running marathon

  1. Greg Bedard tweeted that Alexander had already finished by 1 pm, so he’s OK.

    But really, it’s a sad day, specially to the families of those deceased and affected. Prayers to all of them.

  2. Heartbreaking and tragic…My prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

  3. What gets me most upset is there were kids there.One of the videos of the explosion shows a runner pushing a baby stroller.Just makes me you sick there are people who determine this is the only way to solve their issues.Thoughts and prayers to Boston and everyone who was injured and to the deceased.

  4. There was a time in this country where events like this were unfathomable. Now this is the world our children will inherit. What a sad day. Heartfelt prayers have and will continue to go out to those who’ve suffered today.

  5. When they catch the perpetrator(s) they will go througth the court system, be found guilty and sentenced to a life term where they will get 3 squares a day and HBO. We need to make certain crimes have special punishments. A better punishment would be to be shackeled in the town square and left there.

  6. 20 year old Saudi national is being guarded as a suspect while getting treatment at a local hospital.

  7. My friend Donna Spigarolo, heads the Patriots Alumni Association, ran in the Boston Marathon today. PLEASE offer your prayers that she is okay. PLEASE post if you know she’s okay. Thank you.

  8. Whether you have kids or not, check out the tweet from @pattonoswalt regarding events like this. More than woth a look.

  9. The Boston police refuted the NY post story about a Saudi national suspect; just a bunch of lies.

  10. here is hoping all people with marathon and general public in the city of Boston are ok. talking crap in sports is one thing but this tragic event has left me somber and sad that this is how our cities are. and the police and the public safety people are constantly putting their lives on the line, so i commend you all and tell you today this pitttsburgher is all Boston today and standing by my fellow brothers and sisters. May god bless you all and!!!

  11. A list of those connected with the Patriots Charitable Foundation who ran in the Boston Marathon can be found on the Patriots Website. PLEASE pray for their safety – they are all good people helping their community.

  12. Enough already! When are we going to close the borders and eliminate ALL work and student visa?

  13. I feel for those directly affected by this rediuclous act, but who cares that a former Patriot was running in the Marathon. I imagine a lot of former famous folks were involved, does that somehow make it matter more to us?

  14. It is sad, because at 4:09 the people who are finishing are the elderly, so the spectators who were hurt were the families that included grandkids and I just saw that one of the two killed was an 8 year old kid. So sad. I run marathons and the spectators are such an important part of the race and they keep the runners going. I know that the idea of seeing my son at the finish line has prompted me to finish many a race.

  15. I think of the many times I attended the marathon or friends of mine were in bands performing near the finish line or working for them as I did one year and am greatly saddened.

    While I am generally against the death penalty I hope they shoot these bastards when they catch them on national tv.

  16. “How did the omnipotent Belicheat not see this coming?!”

    How does this comment get approved? This has nothing to do with Belichick. This is a tragedy show some respect for the victims.

  17. I offer my prayers to the victims, and four idiots on here give me a thumbs-down…You are sad human beings.

  18. He wasn’t anywhere near the finish line when the bombs went off. He was more than 5 miles away according to the athlete tracker.

    He would have finished a little over 5 hours.

  19. Whoever did this cowardly act should be executed publicly. There is no reason for this. You want to attack us, stand up like a man, whether it be domestic or foreign. Don’t hid and plant bombs, be a man. Don’t kill innocent people for no reason. Whoever did this doesn’t deserve the luxury of the american justice system, they deserve to be executed, and I say do it so the entire world can see.

  20. A 8 year old is dead….who cares about this guy running…..Newtown families were there too…how come they are not mentioned??? 8=====D’s!!!!!!! EFF PFT!!!!!!

  21. How on earth does anyone thumbs down these comments? Especially the one from jagsfanugh about an 8 year old child being killed in this trajedy. If you did you need to seriously reexamine your life. Better yet state who you are and where you are located.

  22. Although my earlier comment was censored, my prayers are still going out for the people of Boston. How sad that people can’t put away whatever pettiness would make them censor well wishes on a night like this and just remember we’re all Americans and in this together.

  23. It’s for crimes like this that we need to bring back “Drawn and Quartered”. but even that’s too good.

  24. Those who are giving thumbs down to the sincere, heartfelt comments are just like the terrorists…you hide behind your anonymity like cowards. You are not amusing.

    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by this horrible tragedy. We can never be too safe or too careful in today’s world. I do hope they find who was behind this and make an example of them for the entire world to see.

  25. I hope the police catch those responsible. With all the video cameras in Boston, you would think they would have something on tape. Where’s Matt Walsh when you really need him.

  26. Ok People So I’ve read the comments and this is a terrible thing that has happened and is scary and my prayers as well as most of prayers are with them. What I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE THUMBS DOWN!!!

    What kind of people are you do you individuals that are doing that not see the gravity of a situation like this? Seriously it’s disgusting!

  27. My prayers go out to all involved, its a sad day when innocent people die. Times like these we must remember who we are as Americans and not lose ourselves in hate or sacrifice liberties for security.

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