Four coaches named to subcommittee of Competition Committee


The NFL Competition Committee comes up with proposed rules changes every year, a process that involves input from groups of players and coaches before proposals are put in front of the owners for a vote.

The Coaches Subcommittee got some new members on Monday when the league announced that Commissioner Roger Goodell named four head coaches to the group. Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and Falcons coach Mike Smith are the new members of the group, which is chaired by John Madden.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was a member of the group from 2009 until he was bumped up to the full Competition Committee earlier this year. The coaches group meets via conference call to discuss issues of safety, technology and competition and then reports to the full committee at the league meetings each year.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Giants coach Tom Coughlin round out the subcommittee.

9 responses to “Four coaches named to subcommittee of Competition Committee

  1. Will Tomlin lobby to have the 2 point conversion moved back to the 12? Or maybe he only likes going for 2 from the 12 in a playoff game.

  2. Exactly robo. We’re all anxious to know! Can Rivera maintain that position while being an assistant next year?? Exciting times.

  3. raideralex, I have no clue who even coaches the Raiders. I believe you can make jokes about another team’s coaching carousel when your team has a coach for more than 2 seasons.

    better yet, you can joke when you have a first rounder still on your roster after their rookie contracts are up.

  4. The NFL provides so many great laughs. We thank all of the inept losers out there. You make our job easy.

  5. Is it just me or is there an exorbatint amount of twelve year old boys trying to convince themselves of their superior intellect? Either that or a bunch of basement dwellers trying to get a shot at writing for The League. Being able to respond directly to a specific comment can be helpful to drive off the denser trolls that some may feel compelled to respond to.

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