Help us pick a topic for today’s PFT

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Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network contains plenty of information.  But we’ve saved a spot for you to pick a topic.

You can cast your vote below, and the winning topic will be featured on the show, with discussion from Erik Kuselias, former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli (who is in studio on Monday), and yours truly.

And feel free to throw a wild-card topic into the comments.  Not that we’d use it in that segment.  But we’re always looking for good ideas from people we’re not paying to provide ideas.

15 responses to “Help us pick a topic for today’s PFT

  1. No more Revis post, comments or discussions PLEASE!!! he’s a Jet, he’s in NY w/ the team and everything is on ‘pause’ whatever that means.

  2. How about why Tebow is still on the Jets. At most, the Jets will get a 7th-rounder for him. But seriously, at this point, I can’t see a team that’s willing to trade for him.

  3. You could have also gone with:

    “Who’s gonna end up signing Breasty?”

    I know it’s probably too late for today but maybe tomorrow? I’m sure HE’D appreciate it.

  4. How well of a job Bruce Allen did this offseason resigning 21 of 22 starters (highest of any NFL team) despite the cap penalty and what a understated job he is doing for the Redskins as G.M. vs what a terrible decade we had to live through with he who will not be named.

  5. You can always talk about how clueless steeler fans are. They think they actually stand a chance this year.

  6. OR….how about was Chad Johnson ahead of his time with the NFL? He was punished for using social media at halftime which fans loved, Marvin Lewis hated and the NFL discouraged. NOW today where the NFL is trying to improve the in stadium experience they are putting cameras in the locker room at halftime, etc. Isn’t that the same thing? Can we look at him differently today for it?

  7. ORR…if the NFL and the owners really want more people to show up in stadium on game day, stop focusing on selling all of your skyboxes and slash your ticket prices and/or concession prices. Everything is going up in America and to get to a game a lot of fans buy tickets, book flights, book hotels – the same ones who are raising tax percentages to fund those stadium improvements- paying for rental cars, meals, etc, and that is just to go to a game when we can watch any game from our couch for the cost of season ticket.

  8. Is there anyway you can do an apples to apples comparison for the fans of how much ticket prices were 10 years ago vs how much they are today and show us how much the NFL, its players and its owners made 10 years ago vs how much they make today with all of the tv deals, CBA, etc?

    If they make more money all around from TV, endoresements, etc…why are we also paying more for tickets? Wouldn’t there be an offset somewhere that could filter down to the fans to show their appreciation? Even though they have none because it is such a machine?

  9. How about for a future show you have a round table discussion featuring logicalvoice, ravenator, and peyton’s neck. You could put a webcam or skype in their dwellings and then we could see what their mom’s basement looks like in addition to having a very lively and enlightening discussion.

    I for one would pay big bucks on a pay-per-view basis for this one.

    I’ll start popping the pocorn now.

  10. Keeping on w/ AOC57 topics. Since there’s now a rookie wage scale, & the cap hasn’t risen in a few years, why do ticket prices continue to go up yearly?

  11. This keeps getting funnier, sooner or later it becomes an attack, I have posted 3 times they should have a round table on the censorship of benign posts, and I have been censored every time.

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