Joe Andruzzi handles Boston Marathon attack the way Joe Andruzzi would

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Former NFL offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi, a cancer survivor, runs a foundation that raises funds to assist cancer patients and to support pediatric brain cancer research.

As part of the effort, Andruzzi organizes a team of runners every year at the Boston Marathon.

He has three brothers who responded to the 9/11 attacks, so it makes sense that he’d be photographed carrying a woman who had been injured in Monday’s bombing.

If that image makes you inclined to contribute to his foundation’s effort, all you have to do is click here.

43 responses to “Joe Andruzzi handles Boston Marathon attack the way Joe Andruzzi would

  1. I’ve got no dog in the fight.

    But the man walks the walk… and deserves every donation this audience can muster.

    Good job, Joe… you deserve some recognition.

  2. i hate the patriots as much as anyone and this wont make me feel any different but it sure make me respect joe andruzzi and any other patriot that may be there. god bless you boston

  3. Sad to see we live in a world with such monsters who would hurt so many innocent people.

    Good job Joe,

    We need more like him.

  4. I remember the Joe Andruzzi press conference in the first games played following the aftermath of 9/11 when they lost to the Jets (where Brady permanently replaced Bledsoe). I recall the amazing story he told about his bros and their roles in helping the survivors in the twin towers, and remember just the raw emotion he displayed when recalling the convos he had with them.

    They say life is short but it is the longest thing we will experience. And with that many of us take it for granted. Like Brady Quinn so eloquently put it a few months back following the Chiefs tragedy: Do you really care how someone’s day is going when you ask?

    Stuff like this just reaffirms that I should stay in contact with the people that I’m close with. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. Absolutely nothing. So you gotta live it like it’s your last and just live right.

    Prayers to the victims, families, and spectators who had to witness such monstrosity earlier today.

  5. I don’t know the guy, but I bet he’d tell you that many more did much more than he on this terrible, tragic day…because I have to believe such an immensely good person is also very humble…so thank you for sharing not only his good deeds today, but also all he does every other day to help those in need. Truly inspiring and commendable. Glad to be part of PFT effort to support his foundation as well!

  6. It was great to see how many apparent bystanders rushed in to help.
    That’s what the U.S. is all about.

  7. Wow. Awesome. This is America alive.

    Reminds me of a quote from the movie “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg:

    “I’m gonna be honest with you, Rod. You look like a giant eagle with fire all around you, and you’ve got a mountain for a face.”

  8. You can actually see these two women in some of the videos they have been replaying on abc/espn.

    You can see Andruzzi’s reflection in the background swooping in like Superman. The video always cuts short right before he enters the frame.

  9. Joe was an emotional figure in 2001, and his actions don’t surprise me in the least.

    He’s still a local presence here in MA., and his charitable work is well known. Good guy.

  10. Conservative/Liberal. Democrat/Republican. Bush./Obama. In times like this, none of that matters. Its the Joe Andruzzi’s that make this the best country in the world.

    I’m donating $25 and making it known to my FB friends that I did so. Hopefully they (and some of you) will follow suit.

  11. Ok People So I’ve read the comments and this is a terrible thing that has happened and is scary and my prayers as well as most of prayers are with them. What I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE THUMBS DOWN!!!

    What kind of people are you do you individuals that are doing that not see the gravity of a situation like this? Seriously it’s disgusting

  12. Its Americans like Joe, our values, and empathy for our fellow man that will forever separate us from the savages that caused this.

  13. This guy is a mans’ man!
    Well done Joseph
    Lets make sure we all pray for these folks, kiss ur kids and tell your family u love them.
    They can keep knocking us down but guess what you mother fukers…..we’re going to get up every single time!!!!
    With all the problems we have and, that we ALL complain about-we still are the best country in the world!!!!
    Stay safe

  14. The events are tragic. But this pic/post is a classic example of propaganda and how when its posted by a site we like/trust, we take it hook, line and sinker. The full pic is on cnn and this lady is not even bleeding, she has a sprained ankle or something. Granted, good deed, but let’s not act like this guy ran into a burning building or applied a turnicate and consoled a severely injured victim.
    My heart goes out to the family of those who lost their lives. Especially the little kid. As a father of two, it brings tears to my eyes.

  15. It’s just as American to give thumbs down as it is to give thumbs up… That’s the beauty if it. Now feel free to give me thumbs down… or up.

  16. Why are so many positive comments getting “thumbs down”??? Are people really that insecure about themselves they have to ruin positivity to make themselves feel good???

  17. We all battle a little as fans of our teams, all in fun, but this transcends that. Amazing, no matter who he used to play for, or who you root for. Hope we all can do what we can, like the Andruzzi bros have always done. Men that walk the walk

  18. I’ll tell you exactly why I thumb down every comment. THis is hitler style false flag terror used to lull the sheeple to further sleep. They want us to give up all human rights under god aka the pursuit of happiness and anything that entails. You can deny that its all false flag terror if you want. It is false flag terror that is being used to subvert the constitution of this once great constitutional republic

  19. Joe won’t be one to accept too much applause for doing what anyone should.

    Hundreds of bystanders did their part to help. Within a few hours the Red Cross had more blood donors on their hands than they could handle. Thousands offered anyone stranded a warm bed for the night.

    This nation pulls together when things like this happen.

  20. People who attack America think theyre hurting us as a whole, but instead it makes us stronger. Al Qaeda better hope it wasnt them, because there will be hell to pay.

    Not sure about yall, but whoever is responsible deserves the “eye for an eye” punishment.

  21. dgarrisonb says: Apr 15, 2013 10:35 PM

    Ok People So I’ve read the comments and this is a terrible thing that has happened and is scary and my prayers as well as most of prayers are with them. What I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE THUMBS DOWN!!!

    What kind of people are you do you individuals that are doing that not see the gravity of a situation like this? Seriously it’s disgusting
    I was thinking the exact same thing. And you got like 22 thumbs down (at this point) for speaking up!! WTH is wrong with people?!?! I guess it has to be America haters coming here to hate on us. EFF these muthafockin cowards.

  22. Trevor, I can tell you what is not a false flag. My middle finger up to you and all the rest of the idiots that thumbs down the positive comments.

  23. This may well be the way of terrorism in the USA. Small bombs in crowded areas or events like the Boston Marathon. These bombs could have been placed all along the route, and killed and or injured many more. The finish line gets more attention, but the peril is still there. Thank Joe, and all others who helped. Special kudos to all the surgeons and all other medical staff also.

  24. Trevor, it’s internet cowboys like you that made me repeatedly vote to end comments on this site when given the opportunity. With comments like that I am confident that you have never seen combat, never seen your fellow American cut down by the organization you say does not exist. So while you sit watching video’s about bug out bags on Youtube, hording P-mags for that DPMS you clean while dreaming about the day western civilization falls, real men and women are out defending your right to be an idiot, against an organization you say does not exist.

  25. Man, if we only had more people like Joe Andruzzi in this world. Imagine how much better of a place we’d be living in if that were the case.

  26. Hate the Patriots all you want but they fill their roster with men like Andruzzi every year and still manage to win 10 plus games a season. Joe is an example of how a man should live his life, with honor and service to others.

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