Jon Gruden: Tyler Bray needs “a lot of refinement”


ESPN analyst Jon Gruden sees potential in former Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray.

But Gruden also sees a QB prospect who has considerable work to do.

Speaking on a media conference call Monday, Gruden indicated that Bray’s approach to and understanding of the game need to improve.

“I just think there’s a lot of refinement that needs to take place,” Gruden said of Bray. He’s got to learn how to manage some situations better. He’s got to deliver at crunch time. He’s got to polish his game.

“He’s got to do better in terms of handling pressure. He’s not a mobile quarterback. He’s got to know where his hot receivers are. He’s got to know what audible to get to. I think his preparation needs to increase so he can be all that he can be.”

On the positive side of the ledger, Gruden likes Bray’s arm strength.

“I just think this kid has a rare ability to throw the football, and a lot of what he did at Tennessee I think is overshadowed with their won-and-loss record,” Gruden said.

Gruden isn’t the only NFL observer who’s both intrigued and reserved about Bray, who left Tennessee after his junior season. In March, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said “several” league coaches he communicated with had “concerns” about Bray.

9 responses to “Jon Gruden: Tyler Bray needs “a lot of refinement”

  1. As A Browns fan I remember when he had something along these lines to say about Colt McCoy when the factory of sadness drafted him.”He’s gonna go out there……he’s gonna make plays…he’s gonna compete and win games”….basically lauding him as cant miss. We Browns fans know what happened. Now he says Bray needs refinement. Folks this is the guy to draft. Whatever Chucky says about a QB the opposite will happen.

  2. Tom Brady went at the end of the 6th round, Bray has all the tools dropped balls hurt him badly.

  3. I’ve watched every UT game Bray has played in; unless he grows up and learns to not throw off his back foot and side-armed (even when there’s no pressure), we won’t make it as a pro QB. His attitude also needs to be completely overhauled (as Gruden said).

  4. As a Buc’s fan who lived in Tampa before they won it, I’d say many have mad the a similar assessment of Gruden’s coaching skills.

  5. Tyler Bray would concern me (more like scare the heck out of me), too, given some of the boneheaded stuff he did at UT. It’s not just his on-field game that needs a lot of refinement.

  6. Tom Brady, we’d like to introduce you to the guy that will eventually be filling your shoes.

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