Peyton Manning still hopes Broncos will bring Brandon Stokley back

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When the Broncos signed receiver Wes Welker, it appeared to close the door on Brandon Stokley returning to the team. But Peyton Manning hopes that’s not the case.

Manning said today at the opening of the Broncos’ voluntary offseason workouts that he hopes the Broncos’ front office will still find a place for Stokley at some point before the start of the regular season.

“I hope it’s not necessarily a closed door,” he said. “We added some players late in the offseason last year.”

Manning noted that he and Stokley had a great rapport from their four seasons together in Indianapolis and were able to build on it in Denver next year, and Manning said he believes the two of them could become teammates again.

“I think it’s well documented how I feel about Brandon as a player and a friend, and with the kind of season he had last year, I would still like to play with him,” Manning said. “In a perfect world I would love for both of them to be on the team this year. . . . Stokley is a great friend of mine, and as I’ve said all along, he’s always been one of my favorite teammates ever to play with.”

It’s not surprising that Manning wants his buddy back on the team, but realistically it’s unlikely that it’s going to happen as long as Welker and the Broncos’ top two returning receivers, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, are healthy. Manning has probably thrown his last pass to Stokley.

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  1. It is admirable that PM is putting in a good word for his buddy, but I don’t see him as a Bronco again…or even in the league for that matter…..maybe somewhere starved for WR help will give him a look.

  2. Peyton, if you really want Stokely back, offer to take a cut in salary. Oh, you’re not willing to do that? Then shut up.

  3. azarkhan says:
    Apr 15, 2013 2:54 PM
    Peyton, if you really want Stokely back, offer to take a cut in salary. Oh, you’re not willing to do that? Then shut up.


    Go ask the rest of the elite QB’s the same question bro… It’s called business, you take what you can get especially when your career is almost over. Brady took a pay cut only because his wife makes twice as much as he does every year, so he goes out and makes himself look like a hero.

  4. I would love to hear Bowlen say what Kraft said about TB, “I don’t answer to him” but that will never happen because it would be a lie. 🙂

  5. As a broncos fan I hope we don’t bring him back, simply because we get younger, not older. We have Andre Caldwell(probably won’t make team) and some undrafted young guys (Robinson, Orton) I was hoping the FO would take a chance on a young somewhere down the line. Stokley is 37. It’d be nice to give a young guy the shot.

    That said, I doubt he’ll return.

  6. Minimum salary for a 37 year old vet is too high for a receiver who does not play special teams. Stokley will likely continue living in Denver and remain on standby in the event of injury.

  7. They should sign him for depth, but after signing Welker, a more then capable receiver who can also play outside if Decker or Thomas gets hurt, I doubt he’d get much playing time.

    Tamme and Welker supply great depth already and can play the 2,3, receiver positions easily on this team if one of the top 2 get hurt.

  8. It’s not a matter of whether the team could use him on offense, because obviously, Peyton likes his 4-WR sets.

    The matter at hand is that from your 4th-string WR you generally need some special teams play, and Stokley at this stage in his career isn’t fast or durable enough to be throwing at all the burly 22-25 year old 1st-and-2nd year guys that are gonna be out there on the field for special teams. He doesn’t have much special teams value and that will be what keeps him off the team – not his capabilities on offense, which are still good enough to contribute.

    They already have a return man, obviously.

  9. When it comes to what made Stokley the most money in his career, he owes more to Trent Dilfer and Jason Sehorn than he does to Manning.

  10. Brandon is a thorobred considering his Junior his leg got snappedagainst Texas A&M the year after he had a breakout game against same team the previous year and if I am not mistaken he was told he would never play again andalmost 20 yrs later his friend wants to be back together
    with him

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