PFT Live: Will Steelers exceed unusually low expectations?

Much to the delight of QB Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers have matched the offer sheet for WR Emmanuel Sanders, bringing him back to Pittsburgh for another year. With another offensive weapon returning, can the Steelers exceed unusually low expectations for 2013?

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25 responses to “PFT Live: Will Steelers exceed unusually low expectations?

  1. unusually low? They’re no longer relevant. This will be the norm for quite some time. They are doormats for the rest of the AFCN, nothing more.

  2. By unusually low expectations, you mean 0-16, right? Yes, Steelers might exceed that. I said might.

  3. quite a lot of yap from someone who supports a team that lost everything and brought in one factor so far…and are paying a mediocre qb everything they own

  4. How about SWEPT the Steelers in 2011? You see, two can play that cherry pick game. But let’s talk about now. Steelers are heading straight to Laughingstock City. Ravens are Superbowl Champions. We have a SB MVP QB who has never gone a season without winning a playoff game. Have you? We have a SB MVP QB who threw 11 TDs and no Ints in the post season. You got that? Didn’t think so. Nice to see the Steelers’ fans’ superiority complex finally getting the beatdown it justly deserves. Enjoy 4th place and being owned by Bill Belichick.

  5. @morganstan, you pinning your hopes to Average Joe actually has me laughing at you.

    You know what else you have, a team that’s 0-3 against the Steelers in the playoffs.

  6. that’s great, ravens have one stellar season and suddenly we are the laughing stock, hope you enjoyed your final sb win for a very very long time!

  7. and its quite funny that we are suddenly irrelevant like weve never been here before and came back….. youll see what the ravens are without their murderer (cough) I I I mean motivator, #1 receiver, and the best things about their defensive backfield…

  8. Steeler fans rather see a backup QB beat their division rival than their own team hoisting the Lombardi. Seriously, does it get more pathetic than that? You wish your team won the Lombardi, but they didn’t. Just admit it and move on. Holding onto a Batch victory because the Ravens won the super bowl…smh, wow.

  9. Haven’t you read anything about Ozzie? He’s a genius and has already made the team even stronger without a single draft pick. Your GM is probably getting spanked right now for letting Bill Belichick bluff him into blowing his cap ceiling. Hahahaha! WHAT A JOKE!!!

  10. The steelers will be back in the playoffs (like normal) after one down year at 8-8. Meanwhile, the ravens will be sinking to the bottom of the basement battling the brownies for last place. Welcome to the sb hangover!!!!

  11. Steelcurtainn,
    Make that TWO down years. I don’t think 3rd place in the AFC North and getting humiliated by Tebow can be considered much of an accomplishment. And it’s only getting worse. Big Ben may “drink like a champion” but his playoff days are over. Say hello to another 24 years of post season drought.

  12. ravenator says:
    Apr 15, 2013 5:19 PM
    Steeler fans rather see a backup QB beat their division rival than their own team hoisting the Lombardi. Seriously, does it get more pathetic than that? You wish your team won the Lombardi, but they didn’t. Just admit it and move on. Holding onto a Batch victory because the Ravens won the super bowl…smh, wow.

    2 1 You have seen one Ravens SB win. I have seen six. After four the newness and awe wear off. Call me fan boy when your team gets there until then you are just a barking raven terrier troll.

  13. Morgantown100,
    “Big Bens Playoff days are over”…… and the Steelers will experience a 24 year post season drought……wow…….. really. you should be a comedian……..hate is in the air……even after a 8-8 season, I love it. Sorry, but I GUARANTEE that don’t happen even tho you may want it too. I think what you really meant was……… it will be 24 years before the ravens see another sb….its okay we all make mistakes.

  14. I just cant wait to let the season unfold, I love all the talk, ravens have been a non factor for all these years, and suddenly they are on top of the world, obviously winning THE super bowl is the best thing a team can do, im no old man and ive seen my team there enough times in my life to be happy, they are a brilliant franchise that knows what to do, again I hope you enjoyed your year because I can assure you, that’s all folks, the ratbirds will not be much anymore. am I saying we are going back this year? no. its football, you can never tell that, but I can safely say we will always be a factor, for u dunces to say “maybe 0-16” you must be on some serious crack. case dismissed.

  15. Private Pyle, fall in line. Your team is but one of 31 other irrelevant teams. You wish your team was on top, but they’re not.


  16. again, thats the crack talking, you are just a narrow minded typical ratbird pos, you really believe just because they got that ring, now every other team is irrelevant, hilarious! you should be ashamed to call yourself a fan of football. you need to start reading, maybe you can learn something one day. disrespecting the game…

  17. Steelers are the closest thing to Greek tragedy. Each year, they follow their “hero” into battle and each year they come out more battered and demoralized than ever. The hero is even mucking up the off season by urging the front office to fall for Bill Belichick’s trick. Now they can’t sign anyone else while the Ravens are cleverly building their roster with playmakers. This is how champions do it.

  18. The Steelers and the Rooney’s is a respected franchise in this league. They will be back in the hunt for the playoffs this season. They were on their way to the playoffs last season before Big Ben got hurt. A few good draft picks and this team will be back on the path to greatness again. Every team that has experienced winning as much as the Steelers has is bound to have a few down years while they transition. Its the nature of the beast. Come the fall, We will be standing toe to toe with the Ravens and Bengals for a playoff spot and Division title. Don’t sleep on the Steelers.

  19. i think we know a thing or two about how champions so it, and all i hear from you now ravenator is the name bill belichik, your on his D now too? the team that knocked you out last year? and btw in case you havent been keeping up, your team signed ONE playmaker hahaa and released the majority of them!

  20. I doubt very seriously the experts would write an article about unusually low expectations for the Steelers’ 2013 season if there wasn’t good cause to believe that Pittsburgh is in dire straights. Ravens are World Champions. Joe Flacco is the greatest QB in the NFL. Ray Rice is the No. 1 running back. Our defense is better than last year and our receivers are unstoppable. That’s gotta hurt this broken down team that still can’t get over the demons of having a suspended QB who blew a SB and then dragged the teams into two embarrassing seasons. Now the experts are saying the Steelers need leadership, something that can’t be drafted. Depressing.

  21. wow your head is so far up your own hole that you believe joe flacco is the greatest qb in the nfl, plus your receiver that made sack-o look incredible is long gone so unstoppable? bahahaaaa all i can do is laugh at your stupidity, plus that #1 defense has dissapated… youre just mad that our team through all this trouble, still has hope!

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