Roseman sees options in “meat and potatoes” draft


Eagles general manager Howie Roseman referred to this as a “meat and potatoes” draft, making you wonder if he’s interested in the sizzle that drafting a quarterback would create.

While there’s a lot of speculation about the Eagles possiblity of drafting a player such as West Virginia’s Geno Smith, Roseman said this year’s draft was “exciting,” because teams are “built along the lines.”

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Roseman defended this year’s much-maligned quarterback class, saying that the strength of last year’s class makes it look weaker by comparison. But he called this crop of passers a “normal” year, which may be generous.

While it’s possible to read that as a degree of endorsement for Smith, other answers point to support for Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Roseman said the Eagles had to evaluate where a player would be in three years, and that fits with the developmental part of Jordan’s profile. Combined with his background with new Eagles coach Chip Kelly, and there’s a strong case to be made for Jordan at No. 4.

But Roseman also wanted folks to know he’s open for business, saying he had been asked if their pick was available.

“Even during the combine, you talk to people about their pick and what’s going on,” Roseman said. “The serious conversation will pick up next week, when you’ve had a chance to sit back, look at your draft board, go through scenarios and figure out what you’re looking at and what you’re going to get.”

Especially if someone else is shopping for the steak.

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  1. I’ve changed my opinion several times. A few weeks ago I thought it was Geno. Now I’m thinking its Dion Jordan, and if he’s not there they trade back, possibly with AZ or MIA, and grab the best OL or DL available (Lane, Warmack, or Star come to mind)

  2. Maybe Howie can find another meat and potatoes gem like Danny Watkins. I sure hope Chip Kelly is making these picks.

  3. With as old and broken down as the offensive line is they would be wise to draft one of the top left tackles this year.

  4. If Dion Jordan is there, I don’t know how they pass him up. Immediate playmaker who will establish identity for a D that has lacked one ever since Dawkins was kicked to the curb.

  5. they r going o-line in draft thats why they didnt bother with any in FA. I never saw line play a bad as there’s last yr.they were unwatchable

  6. The Eagles should focus on building around Nick Foles.

    Foles was just a rookie last year playing behind a horrendous offensive line and he looked decent.

    He is intelligent and can make all of the reads. In my opinion he is the best QB prospect the Eagles have had since Randall Cunningham.

    People remember that the Rocket Man Cunningham could run but they forget that he could throw as well and he never had great talent around him on offense until he went to Minnesota and he had an MVP year with them.

    I believe Foles can be just as successful if the Eagles will have patience.

    Foles is a pocket passer but last time I checked pocket passers are bar none the most successful in professional football.

  7. mwt5584 wrote:

    “Maybe Howie can find another meat and potatoes gem like Danny Watkins. I sure hope Chip Kelly is making these picks.”

    The notion that’s been put out there in the wake of Andy’s departure is that Howie’s first draft was last year’s, when the birds picked Cox, Kendrix, Boykin, etc., while Watkins, who came the year before, was Andy’s pick.

    I haven’t seen any refutations of that, and so I’m inclined to believe it.

    And if that’s the case, then you’d better hope that Howie DOES have more of a say than the coach.

    We saw this team get progressively worse under Andy as he gained more and more power.

    Howie’s easy to hate because he looks almost as shifty as Joe Banner, but give the guy a chance.

  8. Howie “steely-eyed’ Roseman is on point.
    The disconnect with Reid was all about personell.

    WATKINS was a 2011 draft choice.. a 26 year old fire fighter with an ankle problem. That selections scremes Andy Reid. + don’t forget about that 2nd rounder Jaquin Jarret (got cut in less than a year)

    Eagles Brass has gone on the record as saying that the only draft Roseman’s name should be attached to is 2012.. Cox, Curry, Brown, Kendricks, Boykin..
    I think Howie did pretty well right there.

    This guy is king of posturing. Whatever pick the coach wants, howie goes and gets. It’s not his fault the guy calling the shots was beyone terrible at player selection.
    I mean, Howie opened up the door to draft JPP or Earl Thomas, and Reid took Graham.. another in the long line of undersized defensemen.


  9. If Joeckel or Fisher is available, I think they’d be crazy to pick anyone else. Their offensive line last year was flat out horrendous, not just in terms of blocking, but also in terms of being penalized.

  10. I love how my fellow Eagles fans dump on Andy Reid while praising Howie Roseman.

    Reid took us to a Super Bowl and more division championships than any other coach in the modern Super Bowl era. Reid is the winningest coach in Eagles franchise history and by a country mile.

    What has Howie Roseman really accomplished?

    Eagles fans that bash on Andy Reid are ignorant of their own team’s history.

  11. 3 years from now means Lane Johnson not Dion Jordan. The Eagles are drafting Johnson if Fisher is gone. I’m not sure they even want Joeckel because he is not the athlete either of those are in the run game.

  12. Memo to my fellow Eagles fans: all you do by trashing and scapegoating Andy Reid is make loyal Eagles fans like myself start to agree with those that bash Philadelphia sports fans.

    Your small mindedness and pettiness disgusts me.

    Andy Reid was great for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    I agree he was absent minded last year but the guy’s son died during preseason. He had reasons for being burned out.

    But, the fact of the matter is Andy Reid is the best thing to happen to the Philadelphia Eagles since 1960 and you can’t argue with that.

  13. And I remember the pick of Brandon Graham being praised by everyone.

    JPP was dismissed by most as a “workout wonder.”

    But just like with the Nnamdi signing those that praised Reid then are trashing him now.

  14. I love how some of the eagles fans want to excuse Howie in picking some of these horrible players. I guess some fans will believe whatever Jeff Lurie tells them. I remember the Danny Watkins drfat. I remember how everyone in the organizations said that Howie had been high on him since the fall of the previous year.

  15. rkt4mayor:

    it IS possible to point out what went wrong under Andy while also appreciating what went right during the early years.

    I’ll say it again: the more power he got, the worse the team got.

    I’ll add: the fewer players the roster contained who who he inherited from the previous staff, the worse the team got.

    I’ll also add: he was barely a .500 coach after the 04 Super Bowl run. After Jim Johnson’s death, he was a sub-.500 coach. Last year, he came damn close to going 0-16.

    Now who’s being ignorant of the team’s history?

    You want ancient history or recent history? I’ll take the latter as more indicative of what needs to be done with the present.

  16. laughing @ rkt4mayor

    “Eagles fans that bash on Andy Reid are ignorant of their own team’s history”

    apparently you weren’t paying attention to the games.
    Andy Took us to those titles early in his run. 80% of the defense was left overs from Ray Rhodes.
    Andy wasted Donovan’s talents and completely ignored the fact that Mc5 never had any weapons.
    Andy left this team in shamble after countless WASTED DRAFT CHOICES..

    as for success???,
    Andy beat up every bum team he came across, but then was whipped by any good coach he met up with. He made his living off of beating a depleted and terrible NFC & NFC east..
    fact of the matter is his winning percentage against seasonal playoff teams was less than .330
    that’s all you need to know about his time in philly.

    Andy was released 4 years too late. . . . in case you weren’t paying attention to your own team’s history.

  17. I’m glad therealtrenches just set rkt4mayor straight, now I don’t have to because he was spot-on. As for what I will address, its those of you who are either inept when it comes to properly analyzing the game or not Eagles fans at all. You people can only see that the Eagles’ O-line was terrible last year so you assume they need new linemen. Wrong! 4/5 of our starting O-line was out for most of the season. Only Evan Mathis escaped the injury bug. With everyone back, there is no need for replacements. The ONLY player that needs replacing is Danny Watkins. He’s a solid backup but not a starter. The line is in good shape and is stocked in this year’s draft. It would be foolish to pick O-line with the #4 pick.

    You have to evaluate the depth of each position in the draft. There are starting O-linemen in the 2nd AND 3rd rounds this year. There is NOT, however, a starting #1 CB after Dee Milliner. That’s why, IMO, he is the choice if he is there. There’s a good chance the Raiders will take him at 3 though, in which case, we should trade back for extra picks and get the best player available somewhere between 7-11. I think you can find Lane Johnson, Dion Jordan, or Star Lotuleili there.

  18. Star Lotuleili needs to be this pick.
    unless there is another starting 3-4 DE that we can nab.

    I’m all about devoting this entire draft to the D.
    certainly won’t complain if they make it about building both OL and DL with some montser power pig manbeast though.

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