Saffold shows for start of offseason program

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After the Rams signed left tackle Jake Long, incumbent left tackle Rodger Saffold decided to avoid all calls from the coaching staff.

But Saffold apparently has come to terms with the likelihood that he’ll be displaced from the more lucrative left side to the right.  As expected, Saffold showed up for the start of offseason workouts on Monday.

The team made the disclosure on its official website.

Even though the sessions are strictly voluntary and the first two weeks consist only of lifting and running, the reduction in offseason workouts under the new labor deal has made the presumption of attendance and participation even greater than before.

4 responses to “Saffold shows for start of offseason program

  1. Great decision by Saffold. Why jeopardize your health or reputation by skipping the off season program? I have a good feeling about this guy and I hope he gets what he deserves next year.

  2. Don’t worry Saffold… You will get your LT job back as soon as Jake gets one of his biceps, triceps, knee or back re-injured. It is a virtual lock on this happening. Not wishing it on a great player, but the reality is so.

  3. Saffold will have the unique background of having started at both right tackle and left tackle. If he plays well this year, he will get a decent contract from someone, unless the Rams franchise-tag him after the 2013 season.

    Of course Saffold would be franchised at a Right Tackle price, which is lower than a Left Tackle franchise-tag value. The Rams have not used their Franchise tag in recent years, so unless he can agree to a long-term deal in 2013, he may walk away from the Rams after this season.

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