Santonio will skip start of offseason program


With all the focus on the presence of two unlikely members of the 2013 Jets at the start of offseason workouts, it largely has been overlooked a key player who remains in the team’s plans for the coming season won’t be there.

Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, receiver Santonio Holmes will remain in Ohio, where he has been rehabbing his foot and taking classes at Ohio State.

The sessions are voluntary, which means a player only has to attend if he wants to earn a workout bonus.  The prior version of Holmes’ contract did not contain a workout bonus for 2013; it’s unknown (at least by us) whether the renegotiation tied money to showing up for a certain percentage of offseason workouts.

While Holmes may not have been in the team’s plans without guaranteed salary in 2013, a fully-guaranteed $7.5 million payment is forcing the Jets to treat Holmes like quarterback Mark Sanchez.  They may truly want neither guy, but they are stuck with them.

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  1. The Jets should draft Tyrann Mathieu, that way Santonio has a buddy to wake and bake with before practices.

  2. When Pittsburg let this guy go.. I was convinced it was a mistake. But looking back it was a great decision. Lack of production can be blamed on the QB situation. But that has nothing to do with bad attitude and bad work ethic.

  3. It appears that “voluntary workouts” are not so voluntary if the players get such grief for not attending.

  4. I actually think he has grown up some. And missing voluntary workouts to take classes should hardly be frowned upon.

  5. The Jets get more articles than the rest of the league combined.

    The problem is, none of it is positive.

  6. They may have to add a suicide hotline just for the poor Jets fans…is there anything positive about this team?

  7. This is Woody Johnson’s favorite time of year. It’s the only time the Jets are relevant and newsworthy.

  8. “They may have to add a suicide hotline just for the poor Jets fans…is there anything positive about this team?”

    -The fact that we know the 2014 season will eventually happen

  9. Also. this is why Woody owns the team. He doesn’t care about winning. only about getting some attention. After an entitled life he has done nothing and thinks being the owner of a NY NFL team makes him some financial genius. This guy is so audacious that he wanted to turn downtown Manhattan into a stadium. he fails at everything and only reveals himself to be more nad more of a fool. He has Trump p3nis envy and is just as much of an idiot. He was Romney’s biggest backer, couldn’t (Thank God) get the Westside Stadium, and is enamored by Rex Ryan and called him sophisticated.

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