Schedule release not happening tomorrow

Last week, we caught wind of the possibility that the 2013 regular-season schedule won’t be released on Tuesday, April 16.

The possibility has now become a certainty.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the schedule won’t be released on April 16.  He added the date for the release has not been determined.

“It will not be tomorrow but could be in the next week or two,” Aiello said via email. “We’re working to finalize it.”

Typically, the schedule is released before the draft.  The information has some (but not much) relevance to the decisions made by teams as to the needs that will be addressed, since the schedule lets every franchise know precisely when it will be facing each opponent.

Online listings for NFL Network previously included a schedule-release show at 8:00 p.m. ET on April 16.  While not immediately removed after the information was noticed and publicized, at some point in the past few weeks the plans changed.

Complicating this year’s process of configuring 256 regular-season games, which now includes three prime-time games per week and 17 total Thursday games, was roughly three weeks of uncertainty arising from the question of whether the Ravens will be hosting the midweek season opener.  Once the decision was made that the Ravens will play in Week One on the road, NFL senior V.P. of broadcasting and media operations Howard Katz’s annual task became even more daunting.

More accurately, the chore became even more Herculean.  With near-infinite possibilities and networks politicking for preferential treatment and a wide range of conflicts and other factors to consider, it’s far from the easiest batch of sausage to make.

40 responses to “Schedule release not happening tomorrow

  1. I dont care,just put the patriots vs broncos in primetime..and my pats vs ravens in monday night,thats all im asking for!!

  2. “The information has some (but not much) relevance to the decisions made by teams as to the needs that will be addressed, since the schedule lets every franchise know precisely when it will be facing each opponent.”

    I really hope you were just trying to reach a word count. I sure as hell hope my favorite team is not making personnel decisions in the draft partly based on the fact that they face a team Week 3 instead of Week 10.

    NFL schedule release might be the most overhyped event in sports.

  3. The Opponents and Home/Away is already known. The times /dates are what we are waiting for.

    @inyofaceagain – the Vikes play the Seahawks Away in Seattle

  4. I think the most annoying part of having this job would be receiving all of the calls from Jerry Jones on why his team should have ten prime time games each year. Hopefully Katz puts his foot down and only gives him five.

  5. That is pretty upsetting but they’re the NFL, they do whatever they want and the fans just deal with it. I really hope the Seahawks/Niners @ Seattle gets a good Primetime spot. No more Giants/Cowboys and please less Cowboys, Patriots and Steelers on every Sunday night.

  6. At least we can watch the draft as scheduled…right? Every team knows the teams they will play, but this jackass can’t figure the day and time they will be playing. Give me 6 months and I’m pretty sure I could come up with a good schedule.

  7. I feel like this happens more and more with each passing year. When I was younger, the schedule came out in late March, early April. Then a few years ago, they couldn’t get it done by early April so they moved it to the middle of April. That is now not enough time apparently. How much you wanna bet its because of something silly like Peyton Manning’s Broncos having to play on the road the last week of the season or Brady’s Patriots having to play three consecutive road games? We simply can’t have it! Meanwhile, the West Coast teams will play consecutive 1:00 P.M EST games and then play their Thursday night game.

  8. What really hoses up this crap up is the THREE GAMES on Thanksgiving….the damn Monday/Thursday things,,,and oh don’t forget the TWO GAMES on mondays SOMETIMES… about we play Football on SUNDAY? Sunday is reserved for GOD.. Football and Family….Just do it. This is like NASCAR,,,switching the tracks…turn left…go fast,,,,,,next week…turn right Go fast..WTH?

  9. Thursday Night games just stink.
    If anything, make them Saturday Night games.

    Dumb Goodell – he is ruining the sport.

  10. Tell me so I can waste vacation days. Damn prime time football, doesn’t help those if us that have to wake up super early for our jobs. Argh! Keep the Packers playing at NOON on Sundays. And keep Buck/Aikman off the telecast.

  11. Please don’t make us host the Ravens on week 1. Please don’t make us host the Ravens on week 1.
    Please don’t make us host the Ravens on week 1.
    — All the Steelers’ fans

  12. They’ve plugged this info into a Computer program for years, how is this going to be any different?

  13. They’re still trying to find out how to FULLY stick it to MLB…

    Wonder if my lowly Browns’ ONE primetime game will actually be at home.

  14. Why is it so easy for MLB, NHL, and NBA to make their schedules, basically after their seasons end? Yet, the NFL has to always be so dramatic in everything they do. Those leagues have much more scheduling issues, such as concerts, teams that share the same arena, etc. This league needs a “Tagliabue” back in it, not Goddell!

  15. I love the schedule release. Who doesn’t like play the clairvoyant analyst and say “Ok we can win that one, that one, that one..Sweet we’re going 11-5!”

  16. Ravens FO needs more time to beg the league not to make them play in Pittsburgh on opening day.

  17. Just don’t put the Raiders on the late Monday night game weeek 1 them give them a cross country trip the next week like you have done 2 years in a row !!!

  18. Doesn’t matter when its released… Saints and Panthers have the 2nd and 1st hardest schedules, respectively… Saints pick 15th but have the 2nd hardest schedule in the entire league??? ….Doesn’t pass the smell test!!!!

  19. By this point in the year, all my fall and winter weekends are already booked with wedding jobs, so it’s not even possible to leave an open weekend and know what part of the country my team will be playing, or if they have a bye that week. Thanks a lot NFL! If you live outside your team’s region, and the nearest NFL city is 3 hours away, it makes it really convenient that they only play inter-conference games in that stadium once every 8 years. Now you’ve changed that rule because some west coast teams can only travel to the east coast twice in a season. If I have to wait 12 years for my team to be in driving distance, at least let me know when it will be.

  20. We know it will be The Ravens opening night. We also konw it WILL be on the road. That means they will play in, either, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Cinci, Pitts, Buffalo, Miami, or Cleveland.
    My guess it will be Chicago.

  21. “The information has some (but not much) relevance to the decisions made by teams as to the needs that will be addressed, since the schedule lets every franchise know precisely when it will be facing each opponent.”

    Florio, that’s the dumbest statement I’ve ever read on this website. You’re better than that.

  22. The reason for the delay release is the NFL is keeping a close eye on RGIII health. They need to know about how many PRIME TIME GAMES that they should scheduled for instance 5 or 8 games in the lime life.

  23. Since the NFL won’t let the Ravens play the 1st week at home on Wednesday night, please give us an easy game like Pittsburgh so we can open the season with a WIN!!

  24. I knew they weren’t going to release the schedule tomorrow because they always leak some key primetime games in advance of the schedule release. Since we got no information leak, that means the schedule isn’t ready.

    Once we get those key primetime/Thanksgiving games, expect the schedule within 3-4 days after that.

  25. does anyone like their team playing primetime games except for maybe a few folks on the west coast? I mean come on… the games don’t end till midnight in the east. How are people supposed to watch the whole game then get up for work in the morning?

    it would also be nice if we could schedule the draft for a sat-sun again, Goodell. same reason!

  26. Bobby is probably throwing money at them for the Patriots to get 5-6 home games late in the season like they always do, and play the Jets early while Revis is hurt!!!

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