Some players are getting Toradol on their own

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With some teams choking off the supply of Toradol, a non-narcotic, non-addictive medication that allows players to play through pain, players are using something else, right?

Maybe.  But many are still getting their hands on Toradol.

Per a league source, a significant number of players have gotten Toradol through other means, including prescriptions from doctors not affiliated with their teams.  As a result, many of these players are injecting themselves with Toradol before games.  (Some are taking it in other forms.)

This approach, planned or not by the league, is more effective than any Wikipedia-citing waiver the players could ever sign.  With the league now worried that possible long-term side effects arising from extensive Toradol use could provide the next wave of post-career player litigation/supplemental retirement income, slamming the door to players who crave Toradol and forcing them to get it on their own gives the league virtual immunity.

Meanwhile, the NFL benefits from the ability to players to suit up and play when the pain otherwise may have kept them from performing.

The situation cries out for a more comprehensive effort by the NFL and the NFLPA to address the issue of pain management.  It’s one thing to care about the safety of players; it’s quite another to care about (or even acknowledge) the things they do to play injured.

The concussion culture, which for decades has prompted players to shrug at getting their “bell rung” arises from the deeper-seated notion that real men find a way to get on the field, no matter what.  You can’t make the club, as many a coach has said, in the tub.

At the NFL level, the stakes are incredibly high.  Players typically adopt a lifestyle that reflects their financial means.  Inability to play eventually threatens that lifestyle.  So they’ll do what they believe they need to do in order to continue to earn an NFL salary.

It therefore becomes imperative for the league and the union to find the safest strategies available for helping a player deal with pain.  Recently, there has been a quiet push to drop marijuana from the substance-abuse policy, since plenty of players use it after games as a pain-management device. 

With marijuana recently legalized in Washington and Colorado for recreational use, it’s about time the NFL realizes that letting guys smoke pot may be the most effective way to help them deal with the wear and tear of playing football — especially if Toradol and other potent medications should be used sparingly or not at all.

18 responses to “Some players are getting Toradol on their own

  1. It is sad that everything that the NFL has done (not everything, just many things) “in the interest of player safety” isn’t in the interest of player safety at all, but merely avoiding lawsuits and liability. Damned shame. Passing it off as if they care for player safety is sad. These players go through so much to keep playing and they don’t even have the guaranteed salaries that the lesser sports of Basketball, Baseball and even frigging Hockey. Hockey players have guaranteed contracts in a failing league that barely makes Sportscenter ahead of women’s basketball and the credits.

  2. Wait a minute Mr. Florio. I’m a cop in a very high crime area and have been here for 18 years. You can’t say letting them smoke pot “may be the most effective way”.

    When the marijuana stops working, do they move up to crack? Heroin?

    This is an ethics type of discussion and one similar to the handicapped golfer who could not walk the course. Pain is a part of contact sports and has to be tolerated instead of the player being “high” when playing. Sir, this is opening Pandora’s box to allow it.

  3. Get the NFL behind legalizing pot and maybe the idiots in the state legislatures and in Washington will finally recognize the fact that weed has many uses and, compared to booze, is essentially harmless.

    But then again, we have to keep the jails and prisons full, and busting pot smokers does a great job of doing that.

    This country’s marijuana laws are beyond absurd, ridiculous, and just plain wrong.

  4. Don’t do it. Period. I don’t care what you potheads think, it should not be legal.

    And don’t give me that cancer crap either…there are other methods to accomplish the same effects for cancer victims.

  5. I smoked for 5-6 years daily and never moved up to harder drugs. Want to help our country get out of debt? Legalize and tax it. Cigs kill you over time 100% true. Whats weed do?

  6. The problem with legalizing marijuana is that the federal and state governments extorted billions of dollars from the tobacco industry to recoup health cost associated with cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoke is way more damaging than cigarette smoke. If you legalize it and tax it like cigarettes it will be more expensive than it is illegally, so you will have people committing crimes to afford it.

  7. Not sure how you figure a natural growing plant is worse than rat poison cigarette smoke. Either way it will be legal in 5-10 years

  8. Oh man, it’ll be just like high school.

    Stoners sitting at one table, Roid-Ragers sitting at another…

  9. “When the marijuana stops working, do they move up to crack? Heroin?”

    i dunno when alcohol stops working do you turn to PCP and cocaine?

    “Marijuana smoke is way more damaging than cigarette smoke.”

    ummm no it isn’t, besides smoking marijuana isn’t the only way to reap its medicinal benefits

  10. These wackos argue that weed is worse than alcohol or cigarettes…(insert famous Clay Davis quote here). Weed is illegal for two large reasons:

    1: The government hasn’t found a way to tax it
    2: Someone needs to keep that billion dollar free labor system called prison in business.

    As someone said, I used to smoke and never have I even thought of “graduating” to stronger drugs, and I haven’t even done that in more than a decade. Weed isn’t as bad as cigs or alcohol. No one ODs on weed, and with all of the added ingredients added by the companies to make cigs more addictive your 1865 cigarette isn’t your 2013 cig or anywhere close to it.

  11. There have been some horrendous posts in this thread with people who are still stuck in the Reefer Madness mindset.

    I for one feel it is refreshing to see a plant with a legitimate purpose for health/illnesses finally getting some good publicity on this site. What happens when weed isn’t good enough? We are way past that point, bud, when we’re talking about Toradol. Here’s a hint: weed is a step backwards compared to Toradol in terms of being a danger to one’s health, not forward.

    Like I said, people stuck in a Reefer Madness mindset.

  12. Good read Florio. Sean Payton dislikes Toradol it doesn’t have the same zip as other painkillers. Marijuana should have never been illegal in the first place. Yea my knees swollen guess I’ll go buy some crack?!? As a policeman in a high crime area you’d figure you’d know at least the effects of certain drugs, so you being a detective/cop is harder to believe than that Marijuana is a “gateway” drug. Legalize and use the taxes on our debts only! No new programs Obama 1/2 to debt other 1/2 to the reeling Social Security program also make it so that those taxes can’t be used on anything else but that! Darn and I try to keep my politics and sports separated.

  13. As a legal marijuana card-carrying Californian and avid lacrosse player, I can attest to the positive effects that the plant has.

    However, I ask: why would professional athletes potentially jeopardize their lungs? Smoke can cause asthma, whether it’s marijuana or tobacco.

    There are much healthier ways of intake now, with the absolute best being edibles. That’s hands down the most efficient, least destructive method. Other options include topical creams (to apply directly to bruises, they work like Arnica), THC pills (great for plane rides), and vaporizers.

    Also, the politically correct stoner in me would like to point out that saying ‘legalize it’ infers that the plant is inherently illegal. It’s not; we grew hemp in America for a century. A good way to say what you mean to is ‘End prohibition,’ which is exactly what it is. Go Niners.

  14. As another poster said, yes there are other ways to manage pain besides Weed. But marijuana does not have the toxic side effects as other drugs. It won’t destroy your liver, for example.
    Weed didn’t keep Warren Sapp out of the Hall Of Fame.

  15. Marijuana: A naturally grown “drug” with positive results and no side effects. If you walk into a pharmacy is there even one prescription or non-prescription drug you can’t overdose on? Yet weed has never hurt, let alone killed anyone, ever.

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