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In a division that was headlined by the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in 2012, the St. Louis Rams made strides to return to respectability after six straight losing seasons. The Rams defense finished the season tied for the league lead in sacks and went 4-1-1 against the rest of the NFC West. Here’s a look at what they still need to try and keep pace with Seattle and San Francisco next year with the No. 16 and No. 22 picks in the first round.

Running Back: With the departure of franchise all-time leading rusher Steven Jackson to Atlanta, the Rams are left with two mostly unproven options in the backfield. St. Louis drafted Isaiah Pead in the second round last year only to feel more comfortable in seventh round selection Daryl Richardson in the backup role to Jackson. Terrence Ganaway is a big bruising back that could find a role as well, but the Rams need to find a feature back for their offense. Eddie Lacy could be the only running back selected in the first round. St. Louis may be the team that elects to take him.

Wide Receiver: The addition of Jared Cook gives the Rams a much-needed weapon to a passing attack that has been mostly devoid of quality options for quarterback Sam Bradford. However, with the departure of Danny Amendola to New England, the receiving corps remains fairly lacking. The Rams have invested several draft picks to the position in recent years with the selections of Austin Pettis (3rd round, 2011), Brian Quick (2nd round, 2012) and Chris Givens (4th round, 2012) but still are lacking a dynamic threat to command a defense’s attention. The Rams have been evaluating many of the receivers in the class and Tavon Austin of West Virginia could be the selection if he’s still on the board at No. 16.

Safety: Neither of the Rams two starting safeties from last season are still on the roster. Craig Dahl signed with San Francisco and the Rams released Quintin Mikell in March. Darian Stewart is the only remaining safety on the roster to have started a game. Kenny Vaccaro is widely considered the best safety prospect in the draft and might be a strong option for the Rams with one of their two first round selections.

Guard: With the departure of Robert Turner to Tennessee, the Rams need help along the interior offensive line. Harvey Dahl is a serviceable starter but Rokevious Watkins, Shelley Smith and Brandon Washington are largely unproven options. St. Louis could use the middle rounds to add depth to the position.

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  1. I love Lacy as a player but with his injury history please stay away from him STL. I hope we get Kenny V from Texas at 16, if we don’t Dallas will take him.

  2. The Rams could surprise this year. They may not get the national recognition that the Niners and Hawks do, but the Rams played both of those teams real tough last year and handled the read option better than most teams.

  3. “Eddie Lacy could be the only running back selected in the first round. St. Louis may be the team that elects to take him.”

    HA. Not a chance. Les Snead and Fisher are very high on Isiah Pead – the kid was way behind due to ridiculous graduation rules, he missed all the rookie stuff and joined the team late. That’s why Richardson got more playing time initially – that also changed down the stretch. Pead looked good with his few carries vs seattle week 17.

    There’s only 4 things the Rams will do at 16 and 22 – draft a safety, WR, Guard, or trade down.

  4. Its funny that with a mediocre QB, there’s always problems; bad line, poor weapons, D gives up too many plays etc.

    But when you have a good to great QB all those problems disappear. Falcons, Skins, Bengals, Colts all jump out from last year.

  5. And now we will see the Rams settle into the patented Jeff Fisher 7-9/8-8/9-7 sweet spot.

    Sorry, about five more years of it, Ram Fan.

  6. As part of my ongoing series on the matter –

    Sam Bradford second season (age 23)

    10 starts, 1-9 record, 53% completion rate, 70 passer rating.

    Blaine Gabbert second season (age 22)

    10 starts, 1-9 record, 58% completion rate, 77.5 passer rating.

  7. greysolon says:Apr 15, 2013 3:25 PM

    And now we will see the Rams settle into the patented Jeff Fisher 7-9/8-8/9-7 sweet spot.

    Sorry, about five more years of it, Ram Fan.

    Just another ignorant post from someone who doesn’t look at facts such as Fisher worked under the biggest penny pincher in the league in Bud Adams who was unwilling to pay big money to bring in good talent. Lest you forget Fisher led the Titans to multiple playoffs and 1 SB. Last year he took a horrible team that was the youngest in the league and had won 15 games total in the last 5 years and led them to a near 500 record and lost only once to the very tough Niner’s and Seahawks. But don’t let that get in the way of your views.

  8. @thegreatgabbert

    Good point, if you completely ignore the majority of Bradford’s career (years 1 &3) and pick out his disaterous 2nd season he looks like garbage.

    Let’s keep this thing going to it’s logical conclusion—-

    Mystery QB’s second season starting (age 24)

    11 starts, 2-9 record, 57% completion rate, 76.9 passer rating

    Blaine Gabbert second season (age 22)

    10 starts, 1-9 record, 58% completion rate, 77.5 passer rating.

    Congrats to me- I just proved BLAINE GABBERT = DREW BREES!

    I’m sure the Jags are ecstatic.

  9. Die hard Texan fan here. I agree with Schmity2 Fischer is one of the premiere coaches in this league. If anyone has better game plan against any team on the 2nd go round let me know. Schmitty is right Jeff never got the personal he desired. I don’t see the Rams making a run at the division title but don’t be surprised if that division has 3 playoff teams.

  10. Rams have that Austin hype machine firing on all cylinders. Still not convinced they draft him though. I like the player, a lot, but I can see them flipping #16 for an extra pick or two.

    Big draft this year though. Safety, WR and OG are spots that all need starters.

  11. Bradford will likely never be in the Brees/Brady/Manning/Rodgers category, however he can be in that next tier with the proper pieces around him.

    Fisher and Snead have started taking those steps by bringing in Long/Cook, and drafting some promising young skill position talent last year. The defense is already playoff caliber, (ask niner/hawk fans) expect the offense to be there in the next year or two.

  12. if the rams were in a different division they would be competing for a division title this year. unfortunately, their not. fisher is a good coach and the rams are on the come up. as a hawks fan, I wish they WERE in a different division.

  13. Yeah I stand corrected. Fisher has never had a 9-7 season– he’s almost always worse than that.

    12 out of 18 he’s gone .500 or worse.

  14. Stating the obvious, but they gotta nail the 1st 3 picks this yr. They coulda done better with last yrs xtra picks, but maybe quick & pead might still pan out.

  15. We’re in prime position to capitalize on wonderful RGIII trade but as a die hard fan it would suck to see Vaccaro and Tavon Austin still both being there at pick 16. That’s a difficult decision, hopefully one of them is gone by then and we can choose whichever players left. Personally I’d take Vaccaro he fills a more dyer need with the S position being empty. But you could also go 16. Austin 22. Lacy/Ogletree if either prospect is there. Im excited to see what will happen come draft day.

  16. Greysolon I don’t know if you’re trolling or a genuine idiot

    Jeff Fisher has records exceeding 8-8 in 6 of his 17 seasons in Tennessee if you include the 8-8 seasons it’s 11 out of 17 which makes your comments inaccurate.

    Not as if his coaching history matters because he’s known to be a great coach with playoff experience.

  17. Hilarious— you proved me correct while saying I’m an idiot.


    Fisher has coached 17 full seasons, 1 partial season. That’s 18 seasons.

    Out of those 18 seasons, he has had a .500 or worse record 12 times.

    Especially love this– “his coaching history doesn’t matter” lol

  18. I really hope the Rams can move down a few spots to accumulate more picks, this Draft is loaded with GOOD players. This team needs more picks to fill some of holes especially at safety. I would love to see the Rams land both Cyprien (1st) and Rambo (3rd). If we could manage to get a second 3rd by moving down a few spots Quinton Patton would be a great addition to the WR core. Patton is very polished and could be a real sleeper in this draft. Draft time is great, Go Rams!

  19. @greysolon says: Apr 15, 2013 3:25 PM

    And now we will see the Rams settle into the patented Jeff Fisher 7-9/8-8/9-7 sweet spot.

    Sorry, about five more years of it, Ram Fan.

    I don’t usually get involved in these repartee’s,
    but you have no clue what you are talking about.Tennesse went to the Super Bowl with Fisher as coach.I live in Houston and I can tell you stories about how Bud Adams will hamstring a coach.Case and point,Buddy Ryan being forced on Jack Pardee and how that divided the team.Please know your facts before passing judgement.

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