Tebow shows up at Jets complex before the sun

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Tim Tebow wasn’t kidding about showing up at Jets offseason conditioning work with a great attitude.

According to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger, the extraneous quarterback arrived early at  the Jets complex, showing up between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.

To be honest, anything else would have been a surprise, as Tebow’s trying to be gracious (if perhaps a little passive-aggressive) with a team that obviously doesn’t want him.

Then again, dragging this Tebow storyline into another season only weighs down the Jets, who are eager for a clean slate in many respects this season.

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  1. Tebow is trying the old Kill Them With Kindness move, something the Jets and New York will not understand! Heh, this is going to be entertaining.

  2. So the guy shows up for work for the team he’s under contract with and the media once again disses the player.

  3. I woke up for the gym at 4:55 am. Is story supposed to indicate some desperate behavior by Tebow? Sounds like he showed up for work like a lot of people do. Let him force their hand, in the meantime I believe him that he will work hard, stay in shape, and maybe learn some things to help himself.

  4. Wish the Jets would dump him already. The jig is up…..obtaining him was an attention-getting mec

  5. What did the jets think they were getting when they traded for tebow? Nearly everyone at the time said the move was stupid.

    The Jets are getting their just deserts.

  6. No fair. Sanchez can never get there that early. He has to drop off his girlfriend at school on weekdays.

  7. I respect the guy for living up to his commitments to the best of his ability.

    No one can say he’s not a good teammate or that he’s unprofessional.

  8. Good for Tim Tebow… Screw the Jets. They brought this mess on themselves. Ryan is a joke of a head coach. Woody Johnson is more of a joke of a owner than Rex is as a coach.

  9. Personally, I think this guys can be helpful in some way to some team in the NFL. He runs like a full back and can probably be converted to a tight end. The dudes got a killer attitude. And I’d rather have him in there than Mark Sanchez. He may not be an elite QB, this has been determined, but he can play tough hard nosed football. He’s not afraid to stick himself in there. I’m surprised that he is being treated like he can’t play at all. Lets not forget what he did in college. This guy can play, again, maybe not 1st string QB, but he can do something.
    This guy gets bagged on more than Rex Ryan and that dudes a dodo. Leave the guy alone already

  10. Only Tim Tebow can show up for work and have it be called “passive-aggressive.”

  11. “Tebow is trying to be gracious (if perhaps a little passive-aggresive)”.
    How on earth you can come to that conclusion because he is showing up to work early, and doing everything he can to improve his abilities is beyond me. Give the kid a break! He’s just trying to become a better Q.B.

  12. I’m not a Tebow fan, but you can’t deny this guy’s work ethic and professionalism. He deserves to be treated better than he is by Rex and the Jets organization. The guy deserves to be on a team that will give him a chance to be a backup QB and an occasional gimmick QB.

  13. If the Jets want a clean slate, the whole organization should probably just keep their collective mouths shut for an entire year.

  14. Criticizing a guy for showing up to offseason workouts? That’s not even passive aggressive, it’s just outright aggressive.

    Also, between 6 and 6:30 is the best you could give us? I’m sure everyone wants to know the exact second he showed up. Very disappointing.

  15. This is a player who doesn’t have the skills to be in the NFL… and we’re writing news stories about him still?

    Come on, man.

  16. So he is just as good or maybe little better than Sanchez, he costs about 6 mil less this year, He is a harder worker and more dedicated. Things like this just show why the Jets are as bad as they are

  17. He leads by example, something the Jets desperately need and are too ignorant to understand just how badly they need it. They will continue being a doormat for the Patriots (like the rest of the AFC East) until they embrace this reality and put leaders on the field.

  18. Whoop-dee-doo. He’s still a terrible quarterback until proven otherwise.

  19. Regardless of his skills or motivation, he shows up for work ready to go. Maybe the other schlep’s in that organization could learn a thing or two from him. What a joke of a franchise. You’ve done good, Woody and Rex!

  20. He may not be a starting QB, he wants to play football, he shows up not on time, but early, he has no locker room issues, he’s not a gangsta, he doesn’t have drug or alcohol problem, he’s humble, and he has proven he can “win” at this level. Wow, that’s refreshing!…yet people complain. If the Jets don’t want him somebody else will. They shouldn’t have taken him in the first place…just another bad decision by the Giants little brothers.

  21. Bottom line is the Jets traded for Tebow knowing he has an unorthodox throwing motion and is not a good practice player. Then they don’t even give him a chance to start a game, because if those reasons. I don’t get it.

  22. And has he not done everything they asked of him, without grumbling or complaining? People want him to switch positions, but don’t you think if they asked him to play H-back/TE, he would?

  23. What’s the point? So he can show them how awful his throwing ability is in the early morning hours?

    Ah but coach watch me flip this tire! You know this is important for nfl quarterbacks. Look at me I’m running around with 200 pounds of weight on my back, and doing push-ups at 5am in the morning! It’s raining! Better take of me shirt. Oh wouldn’t you know there are people taking pictures of me doing all this. Fancy that.

    Sorry Timmy. Unless you learned how to throw, you can show up at 3 am everyday and still make zero difference.

    And by the way, I used to get up at 5:15 everyday for track workouts in high school, and you don’t see me getting friggin headlines, because everybody else did it too. Good god.

    I’ll take a Peyton manning sleeping in hungover and up to his chin in hookers over this guy working out 18 hours a day.

  24. Remember that episode of “The Simpsons” when Homer try’s to explain to Flanders(who’s under mental evaluation at a psychiatric ward) why he’s such a fraud as a human being? Just replace Flanders with Tebow. Same thing.

  25. I agree that the Jets are not the team for Tebow. They have too much money wrapped up in Sanchez to admit that he was and is a mistake. Tebow would probably be more useful as a RB or TE. Or as a QB on a team such as Jacksonville. Last year, the Jets were a team void of a decent RB, WR, or Offensive Line. Therefore, when Tebow played, there was an 80% chance that he would be running the ball. Tebow needs to be rescued from the Hades of all NFL offenses.

  26. Come on, Jets. For all his on-field faults, Tebow has been a model of graciousness and cooperation, doing his best at what little the team has given him to do.

    Use him or release him.

  27. Say what you will about Tebows ability on the field, but off the field he seems like he conducts himself as a professional.

    I don’t understand the Tebow hate. The guy show’s up for work when he knows the team will cut or release him and you call him passive aggressive? How many players would be throwing a temper tantrum and refuse to do any team activities?

  28. It’s hard to teach work ethic and attitude, and Tebow has that and more compared to most players. The guy deserves to be utilized somewhere, and no doubt will be an asset if in the right system.

  29. donegoneham says:Apr 15, 2013 8:53 AM

    Good for him for showing up. Shows good character.

    Now if he only had some skills…..Goodby NFL hello Billy Graham assistant…..

  30. I think the “passive agressive” comment is less telling about Tebow and more about the NFL’s integrity.

    Think about how many unsatisfied players are no-shows to camps or sit out the preseason. Where’s the integrity in doing that. If I was a no-show to my job, I’d be vacated – promptly.

    I’m not a fan of Tebow because I can’t stand proselytizing but I do admire his work ethic when it comes to his situation with the lousy Jets.

  31. the only reason tebow didn’t start for the jets was because rex ryan doesn’t like tim tebow he would have led them to the superbowl

  32. Hey, I’m right there with most of you. What’s the deal with all you Tebow haters? The dude is a righteous young man who knows who he is, and could probably run for 50 to 60 yds a game if he touched it enough. Haven’t you been paying attn to want happened in Denver. He was still finding a way to win. He beat my Steelers, and I hated that fact, but I don’t hate the man, he could be used productively by the right coach. Which coach is that? That’s the question. Which coach in the NFL can use him properly. He is a waste of talent at this point. Sure he’s not Tom Brady or Drew Brees, but he can play.
    Lay off media, and hey Rex Ryan, if you wanna pay guys to do nothing.
    I need a job….!!!!!

  33. OK, so they don’t want him. The publicity move backfired on the Jets. Everybody knows they are trying to rebuild. Great! TT is a loving spirited guy. He takes so much crap that I would have told most media screw-ups a long time ago to place it where the sun don’t shine. TT is as resilent as a duck in rain. Come on Jets, dump him. The man has success written all over him. He probably doesn’t want it, but so what, he’s only doing what he likes to do…go to children’s hospitals and talk to dying kids, helping inner city projects and being loving brother and son to his family. Somebody else will pick him up for another 10 or 12 million and let him sit on the bench for another few years. The dude has class.

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