Chudzinski bringing old friends in for Browns tryouts


New coaches in new cities create new opportunities for old fringe players.

Such as it always has been, it is in Cleveland again.

The Browns announced they were bringing wide receivers Legedu Naanee and Seyi Ajirotutu in for minicamp on a tryout basis.

Both played under new Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner with the Chargers, then Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski dragged them both to the Panthers when he was offensive coordinator there.

Aside from being hard to spell and knowledgeable of the system to be installed, it’s hard to know what they’re bringing to the table. But they’re bringing it, this week.

14 responses to “Chudzinski bringing old friends in for Browns tryouts

  1. As a Steelers fan, Im glad to see this. Because the Panthers were so good last year, that bringing in some of their players will really help the browns out! hahaha

    Btw, this is all while their owner will be sitting in a jail cell! lol

  2. Most Browns fans deserve that comment because they don’t bashing the Steelers but I, on the other hand, don’t hate the Steelers. Just the Ravens and Elways Broncos. For the good of the AFC North and The Browns I hope this is a blip on the screen. But we Browns fans are used to being slapped around. Starting with Modell.

  3. Oh yeah, the Steelers are stocked at WR. Hahaha. You have room to talk. Jail cell joke from a fan of a team with Plaxico Burress and Double chin Ben on their roster. Hahahaha. Whatever!

  4. Hey Champ – Not that most Steeler fans bother to educate themselves before they run those mouths, but neither Naanee or Ajirotutu played for Carolina last year.

    mding729 says:
    Apr 16, 2013 1:36 PM
    As a Steelers fan, Im glad to see this. Because the Panthers were so good last year, that bringing in some of their players will really help the browns out! hahaha

  5. I’m a Bolt fan but when I heard Naanee pulled the “You know who I am!?!?” card when he got arrested in Indy during the SB, I had to laugh cuz no one outside the Bolts knew who he was.

  6. I want the Browns to be competitive this year. It would be a nice change of pace. I’m interested to see how Norv does in his natural habitat (offensive coordinator). In 2006, he got a decent season out of Alex Smith when SF sucked so maybe he can get a decent one out of Weeden.

  7. The Browns WILL be competitive this year, and most likely win 7 or 8 games. Also, they will finish ahead of the Steelers.

    Ravens 11- 5
    Bengals 9 – 7
    Browns 8 – 8
    Steelers 7 – 9

  8. I wish people would stop comparing Alex Smith with Brandon Weeden as if Smith’s 2006 season was any better than what the Browns got out of Weeden in 2012. The Browns need Weeden to be better than Alex Smith ever was, not just another average-to-solid game manager. Personally, I think Norv and Chud will help Weeden improve a lot in 2013, but I’m really tired of the “Norv made Alex smith look great” line, when they should be saying “Norv turned Smith from a bum into a mediocre QB” instead. Smith’s 2006 stats are almost identical to Weeden’s 2012 stats. Weeden doesn’t need to be coached up to decent. He was decent as a rookie, and needs to be coached up to great. If he stays at just decent, then the Browns need to keep looking for their franchise QB.

  9. Legedu Naanee was terrible for the Dolphins at the beginning of last year. I can’t see how anybody could play that badly and go on to have success elsewhere.

  10. These guys are likely being brought in to help the young receivers learn the Chud/Turner offense. They’ve both played almost exclusively for this coaching duo so they certainly know the system. Doubt they’ll make it to the final roster, let alone start, but could be valuable in teaching the young talented receivers the ins/outs of a system they are familiar with during the offseason…

  11. AFC North will finish as follows…

    1) Ravens
    2) Bengals
    3) Steelers

    Gonna be a cake walk for the Ravens in this three team division.

    Hehe, just kidding. I’m sure the Browns will be more competitive this season after spending 40+ million on a few of our 2nd stringers. Oh wait, my bad, I guess it was only one of them.

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