Danny Amendola pledges money for marathon relief efforts


Danny Amendola should become a fan favorite in New England long before he ever steps onto a field in Patriots’ colors.

The former St. Louis Rams receiver that signed with the Patriots in free agency this offseason is already looking to get involved in his new community. Following the horrific events surrounding the Boston Marathon on Monday that killed three people and injured over 100 more, Amendola is pledging to help in the relief efforts.

Amendola has averaged 64 catches a season in years when he’s been able to play at least 10 games. The man he’s replacing in New England’s offense, Wes Welker, caught at least 100 passes in five of the last six seasons for the Patriots. If he can build a strong connection with Tom Brady, Amendola might end up donating close to $10,000 to the fund by season’s end.

Here’s to hoping Amendola can be as productive as possible for New England next season.

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  1. Classy move Danny. Good to see an athlete is putting their money to good causes.

    Also, just a random thought, Tom Brady could throw to this guy every possession. Imagine the money that could be raised.

  2. This is one Dolphin fan with nothing bad to say about Danny Amedola.

    Although with all due respect…I’ll be rooting for lots and lots of drops.

    But in all seriousness, prayers and condolences to my fellow citizens and football fans in Boston.

  3. Fantastic move. He hasn’t even made it on the field as a Pat and has already shown The Patriot Way.

    Good Job Amendola.

  4. I’m not even a Pats fan… matter of fact I actually kinda hate them, but godamn Danny that is a nice gesture.

    Glad to know there’s still some players out there who aren’t just concerned about their own well being.

  5. Nice gesture by Amendola…But by season’s end, will his money be as needed? Maybe simply donating $10,000 now might help more. (And by no means am I trying to demean Amendola’s pledge…I’d like to see more players step up in this manner.)

  6. As a Rams fan I hope he stays healthy and after the year NE fans will be saying “Wes who?”

  7. Does “whatever…fund there is” translate to: EVERY fund there is? Careful Danny, that wording is pretty loose.

  8. Danny Amendola pledges money from his dad’s earnings in Cowboys lawsuit for being run over by a poltergeist cart.

  9. Ha! I love the dropped passes aspect.

    I can just see a pass in overtime in the end zone bouncing off his hands and some furious Bostonian is going to be like “we’ll, silver lining…”

  10. Cute move Dan, but your not from Boston barely broken into the team, and not evern going to replace the man who left.
    Nice chip trying to add ‘dropped passes’ as well. Maybe you should vouch $100 for every healthy game you make this year.

  11. love the idea especially the double for dropped passes but isnt he basicly saying he will donate money next year for a tragedy that occured today? granted i am sure many of the victims will still be in need as the season goes on and beyond but that just struck me as odd. it is great though to see a player immediately get involved in his new home.

  12. I will miss this guy playing in the Golden Horns. Love the fact he will pay $200 for every dropped pass. Class act all the way!

  13. Everyone became a New Yorker when 9/11 happened. Now everyone will become a Bostonian and wrap their arms around this city. That’s what makes America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

    I’m a Giants fan and my favorite player is Danny Amendola. God bless you Boston.

  14. Don’t get me wrong its a nice gesture, sure–if you’re a baseball player pledging that amount for hits and strikeouts. After taxes his 80 game checks will go about a quarter millionish. I will donate $10 which is actually relative in proportion. Not trying to belittle the tragedy.

  15. People forget that on 9/11 2001, a Patriot was affected (Joe Andruzzi), and that somehow he was again there YESTERDAY, (scary or what).
    There is only one way for this nonsense to be eliminated,,,and we all know what it is. Foriegn nationals should not be allowed in this country as students, PERIOD!!!! Don’t they have colleges in Saudi Arabia? Or Yemen? Or Egypt?
    Do you Remember that that the 9/11 (18) were mostly all students over staying their visa’s? To become pilots …..?

  16. I HOPE HE DROPS A LOT OF BALLS!!!! Nice guy, sad day. We shouldn’t have this problem over here. It’s real sad for US territory to look like the middle east. God bless the dead, injured, and their families.

  17. Ah, sweet gesture Danny Boy. Will mean a great deal, and sure go a long way to the guy who got both feet blown off…

  18. Its a very nice gesture. Donating money to a worthwhile cause like this is always fantastic.

    And please forgive me, but it just sounds a little weird. You just signed a contract guaranteeing you many million dollars. But I dont understand why;

    1. You would make relief for terrorist attacks based upon your performance
    2. You would want to publicize it

    As I mentioned…I really appreciate that he is donating money to this cause, but the circumstances just seem odd.

  19. When the Bills play them twice next year, I can root for Amendola to drop all the passes in the world, and still know it’s for a good cause (besides it being beneficial for Buffalo). Nice gesture, Danny. I have a feeling you good gesture will follow suit by many other players not only on New England, but in the NFL.

  20. At least the guy is helping out. For some of the people on here bashing on Amendola probably never even donated anything to those in need. Pathetic.

  21. He wants attention and this just strokes his ego. Why announce it to the world? No altruism here. If your doing something out of pure altruism, then just do it without announcing it. Don’t give me he is bringing attention to the cause, because this event is receiving worldwide attention as it is.

  22. Fun to read all the haters who clearly don’t give a … about this tragedy.
    Thumbs up Danny! At least you are doing something, not like all the haters!

  23. “He wants attention and this just strokes his ego. Why announce it to the world? No altruism here.”
    It’s not the same as you or me mailing in a check for $100. When someone’s favorite football player or musician or actor pledges money publically it can inspire others to do the same. One nice thing about these types of “goal pledges” is that it can result in continued publicity for causes that sometimes fade from the public conciousness. If Amendola catches 15 passes in a game he can mention how excited he was to earn $1500 more for the charity (or if he drops 3 passes in game I suppose).

  24. ‘Why announce it to the world?’

    Probably to encourage others to donate. And, this isn’t anything new for Danny. He was very active in charity, including his own, Catches for Kids, in St. Louis. And, as for the comment about raising money now, not a year from now…there are many many tragic amputations with the survivors of the bombings who will need ongoing treatment, prosthesis , etc. for years to come so it’s a great idea.

  25. He wants attention and this just strokes his ego. Why announce it to the world? No altruism here. If your doing something out of pure altruism, then just do it without announcing it. Don’t give me he is bringing attention to the cause, because this event is receiving worldwide attention as it is.

    Some people really are stupid. It has nothing to do with bring attention to the incident, he is using his position as a top player on one of the best NFL teams to not only show support but maybe get others, not only in the NFL but other sports to do similar or just to donate. Heaven forbid someone does some good, must be up to something…… Glad Danny is a class act cause some people on here are far from it.

  26. By all the negative reactions to my comment about amendola wanting to stroke his ego, I see he can declare “mission accomplish.” The fact that the commenter above can name all of amendola’s prior charitable works, proves my point. Call me a cynic, but when athletes, celebs, and public figures announce their charitable works, it strikes me as a little self -grandiose. I understand if it’s a cause that receives very little attention e.g. Clooney and his Darfur efforts. But when it is something that is at the forefront of the worldwide news, to announce what to the world what your are doing to help, comes off as egotistical. There is something instictual about people wanting heroes and role models, which is why most are suckers for these types of egotistical announcements.

  27. he just got a 30 million dollar deal. if your gonna give 10000 to a fund after that please dont make it into this whole announcement. big freakin whoop. you wanna donate money straight out go ahead. ill respect that. but dont make $10000 all about you. this announcement would sound a hell of a lot better if it was 1000 per catch and 2000 a drop. out of 30 million 10,000 is a drop in the bucket. 100,000 is significant and that you could make about you

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