Jay Cutler: You have to win games to get big contracts


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is entering the final year of his contract and he’s said all offseason that he doesn’t expect to get an extension from the Bears before the 2013 season gets underway.

Cutler didn’t waver from that stance after the first practice of the Bears’ first minicamp under new coach Marc Trestman.

“You’ve got to win games to earn those contracts. I’m in last year obviously. We’ll play it out and see how it goes,” Cutler said, via Michael C. Wright of the ESPNChicago.com.

Winning games will rely on a lot more than just Cutler and the quarterback also talked about what we’ll see from the Bears on offense this season. He said that the Bears want to avoid long stretches with the ball in Cutler’s hand by getting the ball out to the team’s playmakers as quickly as possible. It sounds better than the old hold the ball long enough for Cutler to get creamed system we saw them run with Mike Martz, but it will still take better play from the offensive line than the Bears got last season.

Jermon Bushrod was signed to play left tackle and Roberto Garza will be the center, but the Bears will be holding competitions for other spots on the line over the rest of the offseason. The play of the winners of those battles will have a lot to do with how much the Bears win and, in turn, how much Cutler will make in 2014 and beyond.

38 responses to “Jay Cutler: You have to win games to get big contracts

  1. Hmmm…Season 1: 7-9, Season 2: 11-5, Season 3: 7-3, Season 4: 10-5

    Seems he does win games. But of course every loss is Cutlers fault and every win was a “defensive” win.

    I’m sick of Cutler being judged differently from other players because the media doesn’t like him.

  2. Agh, that’s what I get for just reading a headline. Cutler himself said it. My bad.

    But the article is right, his last two coordinators did the team no favors. I have a very good feeling about Trestmann though.

  3. I do wish Cutler the best this season. He’s done a lot with his diabetes foundation and helping youth who want to play sports.

    As for this season, I think he’ll do pretty good. He’ll have an o-line for the first time in his Bears career. I don’t think once last season did he have enough time to look at his 2nd read.

  4. Baloney!!!
    What determines a quarterback’s worth is HOW his team wins. If a team wins consistently by 16-14 scores, why should that quarterback be paid more than a quarterback whose team wins consistently by 34-30 scores?
    There are less than a handful of quarterbacks in the league who are asked to carry their defensively-challenged teams week-in and week-out: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and maybe Peyton Manning.

  5. Actually, as starkyluv pointed out, Cutler has won games as a Bear (35-23 overall including playoffs, 29-13 in his last 42 regular season starts), but he is viewed differently thanks to a sharp media bias against him.

    While I can understand Emery and Trestman taking a wait-and-see approach to extend Jay beyond 2013, I envision him having a breakout year in Trestman’s new offense, especially with the improvements Emery has made on that side of the ball.

    Go Bears!

  6. nobreak1269 says: Apr 16, 2013 6:00 PM

    “Cutler is trying to play the same hand Flacco played….but he’s gonna LOSE!!”

    Can’t wait to see you disappointed when Jay proves you wrong.

  7. I’m a lions fan and even I will say he deserves some sort of contract. His record is pretty good with the bears.

    See, not too hard to be a classy opposing fan now is it niners fans?

  8. I am a Packer fan and don’t think Jay is is good enough to win games on his own.

    However, I think he’s better than a lot of teams have, and if he had a decent line, and some depth of the receiving corps he’d be looked at in a whole different light.

  9. It’s coming soon, jay.

    Everyone deserves to win. The Packers have done it enough. I’m going to use my influence as a stockholder to make the packers lose both games to the bears.

    Perhaps then, bears fans will like me.

    It’s my dream.

  10. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 16, 2013 6:47 PM

    “Quitler is pretty good at winning games in September and October. Maybe that’s what he meant.”

    Since joining the Bears, Jay is 34-22…18-12 in Nov.-Dec., and 16-10 in Sept.-Oct., meaning he actually has more late-season wins. I love a hater who fails to do his research.

  11. tokyo says:

    “Perhaps then, bears fans will like me. ”

    You can take solace in the fact that we like you better than filthymcnasty1, and as for me personally, I like verbally sparring with you because you don’t take this to a personal level…And for what it’s worth, I think it’s cool that you got married at Lambeau.

  12. Cutler will get paid in Chicago. the Bears are just getting him a O-line
    and a TE… NOT to mention a real coach with a system. Go Emery Go

  13. Plain and simple Cutler hasnt been able to win the big games that have mattered whether at Denver or with the Bears (especially big games with Packers). Defense attributed to more wins than him and the offense. He cant put the team on his shoulders and take over a meaningful game.

    How many years has he led a team to the playoffs in his career? I could be wrong but believe it has been one. His career qb rating is average and until he can prove it he is a poor mans Romo. He will end up getting way overpayed.

  14. gbmickey says: Apr 16, 2013 8:44 PM

    “Plain and simple Cutler hasnt been able to win the big games that have mattered whether at Denver or with the Bears…”

    I agree up to a point, but much of that is on Lovie, too, or the team choking at crucial moments even when Jay has them in position to win…Last season’s Seattle game is a perfect example.

  15. Jay Cutler has a career QB rating of 84, and has won only one playoff game in his mediocre 7 year career, and that was against a sub .500 Seahawk team. And yet the excuses continue at a rate even more prolific than his INT’s.

  16. I think people are missing one important point: the loss of Rod Marinelli might just trump all the improvements Emery has made to the team. Now we’ve got who? The ex-Jaguars d. coordinator? Are you kidding me?

  17. Cutler has already been a winner in Chicago, and with NO offensive system, NO offensive coaches, and
    NO offensive line to protect him. he wins 10 games a season and The media still try to talk down on him
    all season. Emery has proven to be a smart GM. I trust Emery will pay Cutler and make him the face of the Chicago Bears

  18. Cutler is a decent QB, and Chicago has never let him settle into one system for to long. I have heard “Jaws” say that a new system will slow down a QB, slowing down his reads, adding time to the huddle, etc… When ever second is counted before a QB hurry, or sack is made, these additional seconds hurt a team.
    As a Bear fan I have seen the team go through a number of QBs. Although, I liked Orton, he also had his flaws and the trade benefited Chicago because Orton is now a #2. Cutler is the best QB to hit Chicago in the past 20 years. “Gett’er done” Cutler and Bear down.

  19. 2009 Cutty had decent offensive numbers but was handicapped by a weak system, subpar players and a D without it’s captain. 2010 he had a slightly better system with the same players and won 11 games only to get injured in the biggest game of his career. 2011 the best receiving weapon was traded and replaced by Roy Williams yet still won 7 of 10 before being lost for the season. 2012 was ultimately Lovie’s fault for promoting inexperienced Tice with some of the blame going on Emery as well for not fortifying the O line. Cutty doesn’t have the terrible track record made OT to be, it isn’t spectacular but it isn’t bad either. Of the teams he has played more than twice, in a Bears uniform, only the Boogahs and Hawks have winning records….

  20. @filthymcnasty1:

    Funny how I never see you talk about your beloved Packers with the same fervor you use to criticize the Bears and Cutler…Or how I didn’t see you on the thread dedicated to Brandon O’Brien, the NFL hopeful who chose to re-enlist in the Marines in response to the tragic bombings in Boston, rather than follow his dream of making a pro roster.

    Lots of folks on there offering him prayers and support, but you wouldn’t know that ’cause you’re too busy thinking up your next (not so) clever cheesehead rant.

    You call Bears fans meatheads, but I’d rather be Mike Stivic to your Archie Bunker any day.

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