Joe Montana’s son gets a workout with the 49ers

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The 49ers are inviting local draft prospects to the team facility to work out on Wednesday, and the son of a 49ers legend will be among those in attendance.

Nate Montana, the quarterback son of Hall of Famer Joe Montana, will work out for the 49ers, according to the Associated Press.

Although Nate got a lot of attention when he followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled at Notre Dame, he never had much of an impact as a college quarterback. He played only briefly and went through multiple transfers, ultimately finishing his college career at West Virginia Wesleyan.

Montana probably won’t be drafted, but he has a chance of catching on somewhere as an undrafted free agent. If he gets a spot on the 90-man roster in San Francisco, he’d be the most popular undrafted free agent in camp.

61 responses to “Joe Montana’s son gets a workout with the 49ers

  1. I feel bad for some of these old players kids. It’s impossible to live up to what his dad did. Much like MJ’s sons.

  2. I’m not sorry for him or anything but it’s hard enough to follow in your old mans steps through college and now pros…it’s another when your old man was the top 3 to ever play the position…good luck kid..

    If it doesn’t workout, maybe Sketchers commercials??

  3. I honestly don’t know whether to cheer for the kid because he is a hard working, never give up underdog……OR…to hate on him as someone living off of nepotism and potentially taking a spot from someone who actually deserves it.

    Any non 49 or ND fans wanna chime in and help me decide.

    Thumbs up for hard working give him a shot

    Thumbs down for spoiled nepotism

  4. I’d give him a shot. Imagine the people he learned from all his life including his father. It’s worth at least a tryout, Brady is compared to Joe a lot and nobody thought much of Brady coming out of college.

  5. Nothing to feel sorry about. He lived an awesome childhood, played sports in college, and will inherit millions….while being able to say his dad was possibly the greatest QB ever.

    Not a bad life.

    He’ll get a shot but let’s call a spade a spade….this is a professional courtesy to Joe Montana.

    They already have 2 decent backups behind Kaep.

  6. Of course Joe Montana’s seed would get his chance with the 49ers, who in their right mind would have thought differently?

  7. “Hannah Montana > Nate Montana. But only as a quarterback. Nate’s a better singer.”

    Well played sir..

  8. pryor4heisman says:
    Apr 16, 2013 4:58 PM
    This guy is a stiff.

    No wonder this Harbaugh choked in the superbowl, he is clueless

    Go watch women’s basketball.

  9. Make it fun—

    Get Bill Walsh’s son to call him to sign as a FA, one of Eddie Debartolo’s daughters to write him a check, Jerry Rice Jr to catch some passes in camp, and one of Steve Young’s sons to challenge him for a roster spot.

    Then get Jason Seifert to give him a bus ticket to KC.

  10. Ravens should give him a look. They will be shopping for a QB in a couple years. sincerely, thank you from the AFC north. O

  11. “He’ll get a shot but let’s call a spade a spade….this is a professional courtesy to Joe Montana.”

    Yep. I only feel bad for him if he grew up expecting to be a great NFL QB just because his dad was.

  12. I like the kid but he’s not good enough. He will be fortunate to get a picture wearing the 49’s uniform to place on his mantel. Enough said…..

  13. mhalt99 says: Apr 16, 2013 4:59 PM

    Any non 49 or ND fans wanna chime in and help me decide.


    Well, he isn’t wasted roster space YET, it’s just a work out, so maybe hold off on hating and give him a shot?

    That’s my two cents.

  14. Nate ??? Nate ??? He sure did grow up fast !! Wasn’t he just in that commercial with Cam Newton?

  15. 225 for 436 51.6% 2480 yds 19 tds 7 ints 5.7 YPA

    That was his line last year at division II West Virginia Wesleyan. No web site I can find has him listed in the Top 25 QB prospects this year.

    Holy publicity stunt, Batman!

    At least Frank Sinatra had the good sense to name his son after him so could at least use it to get his foot in the door.

    Seriously, NATE Montana? Kid doesn’t have a chance.

  16. Bob Griese and Phil Simms’s sons got descent shots playing in the NFL……….Uh, than of course there are the Sons of that old Saint Archie Manning.

  17. At least this has the potential to be a much more positive story than the one about my hero’s sons in the Unitas family.

  18. Looking for magic Joe moved him to different high school football factories. The first thing he did in Missoula after transferring from Notre Dame was to get a DUI — gives him NFL cred.

    Suggested at the time that Joe and Jennifer forget football and help him get his life together, hope he has. Haven’t followed him since.

  19. Also Griese didn’t get a scholarship to play for Michigan, he was a walk on who beat Ohio state 3 times and went undefeated as a senior and led U of M to the national championship! He also has a superbowl ring from his time in Denver and was a pro bowler in 2000. Overall not a great proffesional qb, but had an excellent college career.

  20. Sideline Mob says:
    Apr 16, 2013 5:03 PM
    Hannah Montana > Nate Montana. But only as a quarterback. Nate’s a better singer.

    Now THAT’S some funny sh**!!!

  21. melkipershero says:
    Apr 16, 2013 4:57 PM
    I feel bad for some of these old players kids. It’s impossible to live up to what his dad did. Much like MJ’s sons.


    They probably get really disappointed until the look at their bank account.

  22. Nate is not his dad. Apparently that’s why his college career didn’t pan out. Too bad entitlement doesn’t get you anywhere.

  23. At least he turned out better than some famous children… like Chastity Bono for instance.The Lord called a mulligan on that one.

  24. I went to middle and high school with Nate (he used to go by Scooter). He never really did much on our high school football team, but he and his brother are both really nice (at least, they always were to me and it’s not like we were close friends or anything).

    I hope he gets a shot (probably won’t make the roster in SF with two well liked backups) for being nice, but idk how good he is.

  25. The way Nate has moved from college to college suggests that he either lacks the skill or the commitment to be able to follow his father into professional ball.

    But, as he approaches graduation, at least this gives him some publicity which may help him get a job somewhere in the ranks of the NFL. Look at it as a job interview where he gets to meet people in the industry and get his name out there.

    Welcome to the jungle, Nate and good luck to you.

  26. Why did he get a tryout with the 9ers? Dd someone in the front office feel like they could benefit from his presence? Doubt it..

  27. Its funny to me how some people think money = being happy. I know broke people who smile all day and well off people who do nothing but frown.

  28. I don’t care how mediocre this kid is. Putting him on the roster and giving him every chance to succeed is the least the 49ers can do for Montana considering how they booted him out the door.

  29. with a name like pryor4heisman i would expect such ignorance. 49ers are a class organization offering a legends son an opportunity. they didn’t pay him a million dollars or anything. I bet Montana’s son throws for as many yards as Pryor does in the NfL ZERO. who is your hero now? really? you named yourself after a fraud in college? he wasn’t that special there and will never make an Nfl roster in his lifetime. I realize living in Columbus or thereabouts you don’t have anything to do so here is a novel idea. Learn football and some etiquette. Yes you can google it to learn what it means. Enough said.

  30. pryor4heisman says:Apr 16, 2013 4:58 PM

    This guy is a stiff.

    No wonder this Harbaugh choked in the superbowl, he is clueless

    Funny …. oh, and true.

  31. Yeah that Harbaugh sure clueless..take over a 6-10 team goes 13-3; then 11-3-1 and goes to a SB. Yupp he sureee is clueless

  32. So when your dad is Joe Freakin Montana, it gets you into Notre Dame, West Virginia, and a “tryout” with dad’s old team. Nice perks.

  33. ejm845 says:
    Apr 16, 2013 4:57 PM
    he’d have a chance to start for the JETS
    Thanks for the laugh

  34. Com’on man he can start as the Gatorade guy & wait for that once in a generation freak accident which leaves him as the only viable QB left on the sidelines where he’ll get his big shot.

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