Keenan Allen’s agent says he’s not aware of any drug testing issues

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The agent for California wide receiver Keenan Allen told PFT Tuesday he has not been informed of any problems regarding the drug test his client took at the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

JT Johnson, Allen’s agent, said he has not been notified regarding his client’s test results.

“We have received no notifications. None,” Johnson told PFT Tuesday afternoon.

According to a published report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday, drug-testing findings from the Combine relating to Allen were “red-flagged.” According to Schefter, who cited an unnamed source, Allen’s test had a high water content. Moreover, the results of the February Combine test caused Allen to be required to take another test, the results of which are unknown, according to Schefter.

Johnson told PFT Tuesday afternoon that Allen’s Combine drug test is the lone one he has taken and that the former Golden Bears receiver was not re-tested for drugs at the Combine medical re-check for teams in Indianapolis on April 5-6. According to Johnson, the April Combine visit was related to was Allen’s right ankle and left knee.

Jeff Foster, the president of National Football Scouting, Inc., which coordinates the Combine, confirmed that no drug testing occurred at the medical re-check.

On Tuesday, Johnson told PFT that a reporter asked him last week if Allen had taken another drug test at the April medical examination in Indianapolis. In response, Johnson checked with the NFL, the NFLPA and the Combine about the issue and did not receive any indication of a problem related to the February Combine test, the agent said.

Johnson also checked with Allen, who told Johnson that if he had been notified about a testing issue, he would have told his agent.

Per the NFL’s substance-abuse policy on the league’s media website, a player who has a confirmed positive test is notified by league medical personnel. There is nothing about notifying a player’s representation, however.

Allen is regarded as one of the better receivers available in the Class of 2013, but he has faced some challenges in the pre-draft process, with the health of his left knee an issue. Allen performed some drills for scouts in April but was timed at just 4.71 and 4.75 seconds in the 40-yard dash, according to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock.

Johnson told PFT that the left knee ligament Allen injured last year is “100 percent.” Strengthening the muscles in the leg around the knee is a primary focus now, Johnson said. Allen’s right ankle has also checked out well, Johnson said.

Johnson and Allen have communicated multiple times on Tuesday, the agent said. “I’m ready to play football,” Johnson said his client told him.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m. ET Thursday: Johnson furnished a document from the Combine specifying that the re-test in April was for his right ankle. Johnson also said that his left knee was examined, too.

13 responses to “Keenan Allen’s agent says he’s not aware of any drug testing issues

  1. Well, once more Adam Schefter irresponsibly reports on something before confirming anything, thereby potentially screwing up someone’s life, in this case Keenan Allen’s draft status. I don’t know, maybe something will show up eventually, but shouldn’t there be some further investigation from Schefter before he claims it as a big scoop? This guy should not be in this business – there’s just been too many times he’s been wrong, and premature, and instead of explaining has quietly scurried back into the dark, damp area behind the refrigerator to hide until the fallout from his “scoop” has faded.

  2. Good news for Allen: Apparently, an NFL team that picks in the later part of the first round must really want him to the point where they’re spreading false rumors to help ensure he drops in the first round.

  3. How can he have an “unnamed source” on something like this? I can understand if this was like a trade rumor or something like that, but this is like somebody’s medical records we’re talking about here. This stuuff is supposed to be confidential. The only people who should know the results should be the NFL, the player, and the doctors giving the test. Any results would come from one of those 3, so why would they be unnamed? Schefter is a hack.

  4. I find it hard to believe that a team in the NFL would rely on a rumour and inuendo to make a draft pick or not. If he falls, it’s becasue the team verified the information through the true NFL sources, not because Schefter reported it.


  5. eventhorizon04 says: Apr 16, 2013 6:35 PM

    Good news for Allen: Apparently, an NFL team that picks in the later part of the first round must really want him to the point where they’re spreading false rumors to help ensure he drops in the first round.

    How is Allen dropping in the draft good news for him?

  6. @andrewsteinstinedione well he would end up on a better team and that is typically better than draft position once you get past the top 10

  7. I’m sorry, but I still think Allen is the best WR of this class. He is going to tumble to the bottom of round one, maybe the early second, and make some team really happy.

    He will likely be the third WR taken. Tavon Austin has all the hype, but isn’t and never will be a true number 1. His ceiling is a Percy Harvin/Devin Hester/Josh Cribbs kind of guy. Cordelle Patterson isn’t exactly a true number one either. More like a versatile and productive number 2/3.

    As a Browns fan, I have the sneaking suspicion that he, and not Lacy will be the Stealers first pick. In which case, the AFC north is in trouble. Despite what anyone says, Rothlisberger is still the best QB in the division, and I will be surprised if Pitt doesn’t make the play-offs. They have what no other team in the North has; a true. franchise QB.

    Either way,
    Much love to the fans of the ANorth. We still rep the toughest division in Football. I hate Balti, Cinci, and Pitt; but we have a great division, and any ANorth game, is going to be a great one.

  8. Keenan is a nice receiver. Large, but not much speed. He is what he is. His knee, now the drug test, hurts his stock.
    Even Patterson might slide some. Hunter, Hopkins, even Woods might go before Allen. Williams and Dobson getting looks also. Maybe not a top 10 pick in this years class, but nice talent.

  9. So you are telling me that 32 NFL teams didn’t already know this. They have the results from every test taken at the combine and then some. The teams also have doctors and trainers to tell them what the results mean. It means he probably drinks A LOT of water. It may also mean he is trying to dilute a positive test, but the technology today that can be used for drug testing would still know if he has elevated amounts of anything, especially if it shouldn’t be there at all, like THC.

    Adam Schefter and his ilk only cater to the fans. The teams already know, or should already know, everything that these guys are going to say.

    If he falls it is because the teams passing on him don’t want him at the spot they are drafting. Will this put up a red flag for a few teams? Probably, but his injury history is probably a bigger red flag.

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