Krafts to match up to $100,000 in donations for Boston Marathon victims

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The family that owns the New England Patriots has decided to make a significant contribution to the victims of Monday’s bombing in Boston.

The Krafts will match up to $100,000 in donations made via the Patriots’ website.

“We are grieving for the victims of this senseless act,” owner Robert Kraft said in a statement released by the team.  “It is not lost on us that this tragedy occurred on Patriots Day, at an event where our own staff and their families were participating, and where thousands of runners were raising money for charities with which we are associated either through our Foundation, our alumni or our friends.  Our focus is on helping those in need and beginning the healing process.  We hope by matching donations we will encourage more people to give.”

Donations can be made at  The phrase “Boston Marathon” should be added to the appropriate field on the donation form.

42 responses to “Krafts to match up to $100,000 in donations for Boston Marathon victims

  1. The events at the marathon in Boston are horrendous without doubt, but if there are any rich people there was this four year old girl in Florida who lost her feet and a hand in a lawnmower accident last week, she’s probably not ever get to run around stuff, so if anybody wants to do something about that, I would but I’m poor and nobody cares what I do.

  2. Commendable, please do this for every tragedy. It is unfortunate that when people are killed in other manners, we don’t have people stepping up like this.

  3. This is really a no-win situation for guys like him. He’ll be criticized if people think he gave too little… but if they decided he gave too much (or was too showy about giving) he’d catch it for that, too… and if he gave anonymously, he’d catch it because people would assume he hadn’t done anything at all.

    I say that is still $100,000 more than was going to be given before he spoke up. Good for him.

  4. Think it’d be a really good idea for Stevie Johnson to open his wallet, and contribute.

    Still amazed @ his stupid, idiotic comments.

  5. @nananatman:

    Sell your computer and cancel your cable. Donate the money to charity and volunteer your time instead of posting on blogs

  6. rooneyruleblues says:
    Apr 16, 2013 7:28 PM
    Not a fan of Bob Kraft but good on him for choosing this cause to get a tax deduction.


    Maybe the Rooney family could donate some of their gambling / horse racing money to a noble cause.

  7. Another Patriot looking for attention. Like I said before, if u are going to make a generous donation, you can do it without calling attention to yourself. I can’t stand phony acts of altruism. This is just to stroke his ego, like his wide receiver did earlier today. He is not drawing any additional attention to a cause that is already receiving world wide attention. Kraft just enjoys to feel important.

  8. I understand that Kraft wasn’t *obligated* to give anything, but let’s put his statue on hold for just a minute. A 100K is pennies to him. To be exact, it’s .006% of his net worth. It’s like a guy with a $1 million net worth giving $60.

    Given how much money the Krafts have gotten from the people of Boston over the years, it wouldn’t have killed him to come up with a little more.

    I’m not a Rosie O’Donnell fan, but she was never more right than when she ripped Hollywood stars for appearing on the 9/11 telethon but refusing to donate any substantial money to disaster relief. As she said, “In America, you should expect your millionaires to give millions — especially if they’re going to stand on TV and ask the peasants for pennies.”

    Kraft is asking for the public to donate their hard-earned money. And that’s fine and good, but you’re not exactly setting the standard for generosity when you’re worth $1.5 billion and your donation is basically a plumber’s salary.

  9. rooneyruleblues says:
    Apr 16, 2013 7:28 PM
    Not a fan of Bob Kraft but good on him for choosing this cause to get a tax deduction.


    Tax deductions are incentive to donate, but he still is giving more than half of the donation in out of pocket money.

  10. Hard to believe that Bob Kraft needs defending in a situation such as this, but he is drawing people to donate through the team website (some of whom might otherwise not donate at all), and he is matching those donations to $100k. Who says that number won’t increase and who is to say that is the only donation he will make.

    Put your comments in perspective today.

  11. He’s worth 2.3 billion, owns a team worth probably more then 1 billion if he ever sold it and he donates $100,000

    Thanks! Glad you stayed in “Boston” paid for your stadium but stuck the poor town of Foxboro and Mass to build the roads, infrastructure and provide the service people to operate there.

    It costs the town/state more then he is willing to donate for the pat’s to play there for one game while he rakes in millions.

    Stay classy ya bafoon!

  12. elleclouds,

    anything better than nothing? Did you give anything more than nothing? We are waiting for your response.

  13. @thesreelers/6rings/ whatever:

    There’s a line, where the fun stops(not that you’re funny anyway), karma’s a b!tch. Is it really so much fun to get the most thumbs down on every post. Shame on you, if you’re older than the innocent 8 yr old that got murdered. Take your BS game to ravens posts.

  14. @green and war:

    The Kraft foundation has donated over 100 million dollars to charity. Work on that percentage.

  15. It’s nice of him to do this, but just a reality check (and I’m not a liberal), this will probably cover the cost of one or maybe two uninsured victim’s hospital bill who lost a limb…

  16. I am a liberal, and almost eveyone in Massachusetts is covered, under the plan that was the precursor to Obamacare. Taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill for the uninsured in this state

  17. What is wrong with some of you people? It’s unreal how shallow and ignorant people can be, even in the face of a tragedy.

    $100,000 is not just pennies or chump change, no matter how rich you are. And that’s on TOP of what that family already gives to charity.

    I wonder how much you complaining jerks have donated?

    Way to go Kraft family, and everyone else who has contributed, regardless of how much they have given.

  18. My initial reaction was “that’s a typo, there must be a couple of zeros missing”.

  19. If your first thought on reading this was to make a comment on how selfish or stingy someone is, you need to check your heart. Regardless of whether the amount means a lot to him or not, he is using his platform to spur an even higher level of donation for all mother fact that he made this public gesture does not mean at all that he hasn’t quietly made a much more substantial personal contribution. Really, I’m thankful for anything anyone does to spur additional contributions for the relief effort.

  20. Good for him. I remember Irsay donating a bunch of money to folks in Central Florida who were decimated by tornado’s just a few day before the Colt’s won the Super Bowl in Miami. He mentioned them when he accepted the trophy. Yet I don’t remember a story on here about that. Makes me laugh every time some idiot on here bashes Irsay. He has donated millions to people in need. What have you done. But if it makes your miserable lives better go ahead.

  21. You morons know how business works, right? Robert Kraft doesnt have $2.3 billion just sitting around… Net worth is based on assets, and he has money tied up in several areas of the Kraft Group… including over $100 million to charities with the primary focus on education and healthcare.

    The man shouldnt need defending over something like this, and you people make me sick. Even if he was matching up to 10k, great… Thats more than any of you thought about giving.

  22. So is matching individual donations up to $100,000 or is that the total amount that he will match?

  23. It’s mind-numbing to listen to some of these comments. I’d like to thank that putz President of ours for helping turn what would once be considered a thoughtful, caring gesture into a “he’s rich enough, why doesn’t he give more?” scenario.
    Seems to me we haven’t always been this way. Class envy and hatred, just the way they planned it.
    Congratulations to all.

  24. Kraft is a classy guy. Good for him to donate/match up to $100k. And I can’t believe some of you morons are turning this into a political debate? Some idiot out there KILLED people and you’re using this as an opportunity to take a jab at politics/the President/taxes/etc,.? What’s wrong with you people?

  25. He’s a classy guy as long as he isn’t auditioning for movies while talking down to his players actions because of a patch on their jersey.

    Please don’t make me laugh claiming he’s a classy guy…

  26. hey war27 – you obviously do not live in the Foxboro area and you DO NOT HAVE A CLUE as to what goes on there. Kraft certainly has more class than you’ll ever have.

    why do you keep deleting this? What EXACTLY is your reviewing criteria in determining what is deleted and what is allowed to stay?

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