Mark Davis: Winning the Super Bowl is the Raiders’ only goal


It’s been 11 years since the Raiders made the playoffs, which doesn’t sit well with owner Mark Davis. But what really irks Davis is that it’s been 30 years since the Raiders won the Super Bowl.

According to Davis, as the Raiders try to rebuild a team that has been .500 or worse every season since 2003, they’re not focusing on taking a small step and getting to the postseason. They’re focused on taking a big step and winning the Super Bowl.

“My philosophy is, making the playoffs is great and all that, it’s great for the fans and everything, but winning the Super Bowl is the only goal,” Davis told the San Jose Mercury News. “Otherwise, I’ve said it all my life, if you don’t win the Super Bowl, then you’re just like one of the other 30 teams.”

Davis has spent most of his life around the team while his dad, Hall of Fame owner Al Davis, was running the team. He views the three times his dad hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy as the only three times the Raiders were good enough.

“In my lifetime, we’ve had three successful seasons,” Davis said. “That’s the absolute truth. That’s the way I live my life. That’s the way we live our lives. What we’re trying to build is a team that is going to go after Super Bowls.”

That’s the right goal. But Raiders fans would probably settle for an incremental goal of making the playoffs.

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  1. Well, it’s going to take awhile thanks to the mess that Al Davis and Hue Jackson left by leaving them in cap hell with no draft picks last year, but I think the Raiders are on the right track under McKenzie. They still need to find a long-term solution at QB (I don’t think Flynn or Pryor are the answer) and go from there, but if Mark Davis stays the course with this rebuilding process, the Raiders should be pretty good in a few years

  2. I know a lot of people will make fun of the Raiders but their current strategy to get healthy financially by getting rid of heavy salaries and improve their roster by getting younger is the right one. Having said that… they will have the #1 pick in 2014 which will most likely make them better 3-4 down the road.

  3. The haircut that demands respect… From the looks of it, I believe his bangs are growing from the top of his skull. (Traditionally known as a receding hairline.)

  4. Al Davis was a national treasure. Those windsuits. That gold chain. The glasses. The Brooklyn accent in California. I’m glad the attitude rubbed off on son Mark. It sounds like his first words were “Just win baby!”

  5. Well, at least we know that Mr. Davis has more time to focus on football…..’cause he obviously doesn’t spend any at a barber shop.

  6. I like the attitude and I love that he realizes that winning will not come thru him being some almighty owner that’s GM because he can be role.

    I like the direction we’re heading. I hope it’s fully seen thru…Some continuity would be fantastic!

  7. To be successful in any business, you need to create a plan, commit to the plan, execute the plan, and of course the plan has to be a good one.

    Seems like Mark Davis in all in for the first 3 steps, now he has to hope Reggie’s plan is solid.

    Progress is measured in steps and patience is the hard part (by the team and fans….and you know who your are…his response will be here in 3, 2, 1…)

    Personally, I’m glad there’s atleast a plan finally, now I hope it’s a good one. Only time will tell.

  8. Judging by the attached photograph, Hans Brinker is all grown up!
    And no more of that “finger-in-the-dike” jazz!

  9. So far, Mark Davis is doing the right thing – staying out of the limelight and letting CEO Amy Trask and GM Reggie McKenzie do their thing. Pops had the team so goofed up, it won’t be until next year that they can actually begin rebuilding. They’re actually set up well in the draft and salary cap starting in ’14.

    Stay patient Raider Nation. You will be able to fairly judge McKenzie and coach Allen after the 2015 season.

    In the meantime, stay drunk!

  10. You all with the hair jokes…you mean you’ve never seen half bowl/half mullet before?

    Man, that’s all the craze these days – the Bowl-let. LOL!

  11. The Raiders were the last AFC West team to go to the Super Bowl, and they’ll be the next one too.

  12. I Love my Raiders but, we don’t have a winning mentality right now. Sure it sounds good when Davis speaks about the SB. Yet, when I bump into four different Raiders on a Thursday night on Broadway St. all I hear is “where’s the b******?” Makes me wonder where the players priorities lie.

  13. One of the other “30 teams” ? Aren’t there 32 teams in the NFL as of 2002 ? And if the 1 that wins the Super Bowl isn’t named the Raiders, doesn’t that make the Raiders one of the 31 other teams to not win the Super Bowl ?

    Seems his math is as good as Haslam’s with a haircut straight out of “Dumb and Dumber” …

  14. Half of those poking fun at Davis’ hair probably think Don King’s hair is stylish. The other half are bald.

  15. Jadeveon Clowney will look nice in silver and black and be the new face of the franchise for years to come.
    Future looks bright folks.

  16. The Superbowl is our only goal. As apposed to the Chargers goal of, we just want to be in the playoffs every year and then we’ll see what happens. Very frustrating for Charger fans.

  17. Don’t pretend to speak for “Raider fans”, MDS. This particular “Raider fan” is thrilled with the attitude of Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie who are working on building a perennial winner in Oakland, realizing that there is one ultimate prize available for 1 of 32 teams to win each year and that is the Lombardi Trophy.

    Toward the end, Al Davis wouldn’t done anything for just one more. Mark Davis seems to want his team to be in the hunt regularly. I admire it and appreciate it.

  18. The Raiders should just go and sign every washed up former star left. Woodson, Moss, Owens, Jacobs, etc. Since all they do is live in the past anyways

  19. Here’s a couple of thoughts Mark. 1st goal: sell some tickets. 2nd goal: sell more tickets. 3rd goal: Broaden your apparel sales base beyond gang bangers and their wannabes. 4th goal: Set up a interest bearing trust fund dedicated to a barber so you can get a haircut and not feel guilty for spending $9. Stop trying to be the anti-Don King. 5th goal: Have one of your aides lay out the divisional structure for you so you can visually picture 8 divisions of 4 teams. Easier than trying to count to 32 with your fingers and toes.

  20. After a lifetime of watching his father, the Great Al Davis run this franchise he has learned what not to do.

    Big Reg is driving the bus with Mark riding shotgun and paying the bills.

    The Raiders are moving in the right direction.

    Big Reg is methodically going about his business and things are looking better everyday.

    Go Raiders

  21. Winning a Super Bowl once every 30 years isn’t bad. Do the math. 32 teams with only one SB winner every year means winning one SB every 32 years is par for the course. Yes, that means your team should only win a SB 2-3 times during your life.

  22. Haters Gonna Hate this Organization is building from the ground up so please some of the post in here are just plain childish GROW UP people let’s talk about football not stupidity.

  23. Well the first part of the article states how Mark Davis supports Reggie McKenzie’s decisions on how to build the Raiders. Yes we all know the guy has a funny haircut, but its good to know that everyone is on the same page.

  24. What’s with the Davis men?both had odd out of date haircuts.At least Mark doesn’t wear that tired jumpsuit like dad did.

  25. When Mark Davis is finished restructuring the Raiders he can restructure his hair . Until then the friar look is just fab .

  26. Besides the jokes for the bowl cut, the Raiders finally have an owner who is going to be modern and allow a GM to draft everyone and step back, something his father who was excellent as a GM/Owner and one point in time but not in the past 15 years.

    Mark Davis is going to rebuild this team the correct way. The defense needs a lot of work, but the offense is actually better than most people give them credit for as they should be a top 5 running team in 2013 like they were in 2011 with the same O line minus Cooper Carlisle. They should be able to win anywhere from 6-8 games at best because of their rushing attack.

  27. joetoronto | Apr 16, 2013, 6:49 AM PDT
    The Raiders were the last AFC West team to go to the Super Bowl, and they’ll be the next one too.
    …or they’ll be the ONLY AFC West team to move back to LA.

  28. MyTeamsAllStink says: Apr 16, 2013 2:18 PM

    What’s with the Davis men?both had odd out of date haircuts.At least Mark doesn’t wear that tired jumpsuit like dad did.
    Along with many other things, Davis was far ahead of the curve when it came to branding.

  29. He should brand his lettuce, he’d make some serious jack from the royalties: Lloyd Christmas, Bucky Larson (good one Vic), friar tuck, Tim Tebow for at least a preseason, Justin Bieber, Spoc, Moe and McCauley Caulkin (sp)

  30. Beyond all the haircut jokes, Davis is doing everything right as an owner. Hire people who know what they are doing and stay the hell out of the way. I have enjoyed watching the Raiders flounder for the past decade, and unfortunately they appear to be headed in the right direction.

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