New warrant sought for Pilot Flying J headquarters

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A day after the IRS and FBI raided the headquarters of the family-owned business run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, the FBI is seeking another warrant.

According to the Associated Press, the new warrant would permit another search of the offices.

Meanwhile, all interested parties have been largely quiet.  Haslam has sent via email a letter to the headquarter employees apologizing for the “unexpected disruption” and reiterating his belief and trust that there has been no wrongdoing.

Haslam is schedule to meet with the media in Tennessee later today.  His brother, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, has claimed to have no knowledge of the focus of the investigation.

43 responses to “New warrant sought for Pilot Flying J headquarters

  1. uh oh could the new owner and his bro the GOV both be going down??? Something about to hit the fan, trust me all this attention doesn’t just come from nothing…could the Cleveland Browns come under goverment control? Hmmmm the US Browns…

  2. I think if you look into any filthy rich person’s past and where they got their wealth there would be a lot more tycoons in jail. Most mountains of money are built at other’s expense.

  3. For all you Browns fans who stay on the bandwagon, when your turn comes, (and it will) it will be the sweetest feeling in the world.

  4. The FBI has sent its finest agents to look for some semblance of a Browns passing game.

    Someone needs to break it to them – Otto Graham, Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe are NOT walking through that door…

  5. jnbnet says:Apr 16, 2013 2:53 PM

    For all you Browns fans who stay on the bandwagon, when your turn comes, (and it will) it will be the sweetest feeling in the world.

    AMEN Brother! Thanks for the comment. I will drink to that!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  6. the browns were sold.. not auctioned off by Darth goodell. haslam announced that it potentially had to do with customers and rebates owed. doesn’t sound like it is an issue relating to the browns at all.

    at least haslam can be seen around the team and stadium, unlike the previous owner who was too disinterested to bother.

  7. NOT TRUE!!! Jimmy Haslam just had a press conference and debunked this RUMOR.

    It involves rebates to customers somehow. I suspect it involves inside employees using the money and not reporting to the IRS. BUT, that is an opinion not a fact.

    See the difference?

  8. They are probably looking for Brandon Weedon’s birth certificate, as they are convinced that no QB that bad could be 30 years old.

  9. Chargerdillon “Wealthy men rarely become wealthy with honesty.” You are right, they marry it and have their fun on the side.

  10. His luck turned south when he purchased our Browns. Jeez! I hate to say it but, the Browns are cursed!

  11. The sad part is the real Browns are in Baltimore thanks to Modell, should’ve stayed in Cleveland and let Baltimore get the expansion team…what a raw deal! Who would’ve thought the original Baltimore team creeps out in the dead of night, and then another cheap owner moves in years later and screws another historic football town…

  12. There is no wrongdoing!! C’mon people, the FBI and IRS routinely just show up with search warrants! nothing to see here….

  13. With the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Browns select… Jadeveon Clowney, defensive end, South Carolina!!!

  14. With the government sequestered and the NFL being a cash cow, I think we all see what’s happening here…..introducing the new 2014 Cleveland F.B.I. Agents!

  15. Does all this mean the IRS will impound Cleveland? Will they make Lebraun go back to the Cavs? Will they ban truck stops from Cleveland? Let’s ask Bernie Kosar!

  16. Wonder why the public notice of trying to get another warrant? Seems to defeat the purpose of getting it; the evidence, if any existed, would likely be disposed of before the next warrant is obtained. Unless they posted guards onsight 24/7 or the potential evidence is buried under the cement floor or some sort of issue this really doesnt seem to be very bright investigative work.

  17. Almost everyone thinks that hiring Joe Bummer (Architect of the Dream Team) and Mike Lombardturd was a crime against humanity. Apparently the Government agrees!

  18. thetooloftools says: Apr 16, 2013 5:19 PM

    His BROTHER is the GOV. Of Neckasee.
    He can pardon them for everything on his way out the door.
    It is what it is.
    Not if the charges are federal. That’s what usually happens when the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation is involved. It’s one major reason why big political bosses are taken down on federal charges–so their local connections can’t put the fix in.

    Similarly, if the charges are from the state, the President can’t pardon the accused/convicted. This is why many of the current President’s cronies should be worried.

  19. Too bad they didn’t raid Goodell’s office instead-and confiscate all the money he has been collecting in fines for players playing football.

  20. Now the FBI is saying four warrants have been issued. And when the local police were called to assist, the FBI would not tell them where they were going. The Haslems have solid control in Tennessee. The FBI is gonna have a tough time cracking this case. It’s a big one, that’s fer sure.

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