Oregon reports major violation during Chip Kelly era


Just like when Pete Carroll got out of Southern Cal ahead of the NCAA posse for the Seahawks head coaching job, it appears Eagles coach Chip Kelly left Oregon just in time.

Obviously, it’s a coincidence.

According to Adam Jude of the Oregonian, the University of Oregon agreed that its football coaches “committed at least one major violation,” during recruiting from 2008 to 2011. It could clearly turn out to be a larger issue — for the Ducks.

The school has proposed to self-impose a two-year probation (no word on whether it will be Double Secret Probation), and reduce one scholarship for each of the next three seasons.

The school will appear before the NCAA’s committee on infractions sometime this year to determine their punishment.

It doesn’t really matter to the Eagles, unless the NFL decides to give Kelly a little Terrelle Pryor-style suspension for college infractions.

Kelly’s supposed to meet with the Philadelphia media today to discuss his offseason program, and it’s reasonable to assume there will be questions about something other than releasing Trent Edwards.

38 responses to “Oregon reports major violation during Chip Kelly era

  1. Why would the NFL punish Kelly like they did Pryor? It’s only a major recruiting violation, not free tattoos.

  2. The Terrelle Pryor suspension was lip service. He’s been on a “lack of football ability” suspension since then anyway.

    Suspending Chip Kelly would be a whole other story and I can’t imagine they did anything now with vague details.

  3. Don’t forget Jim tressel serving 4 games before joining the colts as a consultant. My guess is the commish will let it slide. He has selective memory.

  4. This has happened too many times. The nfl has to start punishing these college coaches responsible. The schools get punished and the coaches go to the nfl and make millions! Maybe the coaches should be fined the amount of money the schools lose? Just a thought!

  5. Oh, I’m sure Chip Kelly was aware.

    Remember how he was so intent on staying at Oregon before suddenly taking the Eagles gig? Like Pete Carroll, he decided to run before the sactions came.

  6. College coach jumps to the NFL ahead of the NCAA posse.

    Same song, another verse.

    Round and round we go . . . .

  7. Going to the NFL to escape the NCAA punishment. If it works for Carroll why not anyone else.

  8. The Sweater Vest was suspended, but he made the jump after Pete Carroll. The precedent is set, and I don’t think they want these guys to “tarnish the shield” by bailing on the NCAA when there’s trouble. Let’s see how consistent Goodell is.

  9. So much for honesty. Didn’t all but turn down the offer and say no thanks only to say yes a couple days later. Apparently the school must of told him to think about leaving because they were going to lower the boom on him and his team. What a great guy

  10. I’m certain whatever Chip Kelly did was very innovative, and that the infractions committee of the NCAA will be in awe of his ability to manuever through this in an innovative way.

  11. If you are in the SEC, the NCAA does not care what happens……if you are on the west coast….let the witch hunt begin.

  12. No sh!tttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Every single college is doing this. It’s the only way to get players to come to your school anymore. Go show up in the kids hood with $10,000. A lot of college players come from impoverished areas so there is no way they would ever turn that down!

    BUT at the same point, these players are bringing in SOOOOOOO much money for the schools and they receive nothing??? (Yea, I know they get a free education to a very nice university but you and I both know that the majority of them aren’t going to use that degree.) Just my two cents.

  13. It’s about time that these coaches were held accountable for cheating, or rule infractions however the size. Cheating by coaches sends a loud message to players, officials and everyone else associated that it’s OK to win by whatever means necessary as long as you don’t get called for it. The NFL is handing down fines and suspensions to players and franchises at a whim and since the coaches are the ones who set the standards, they should not be exempt. Franchises who hire these college coaches with the knowledge of their college history of shady dealings and questionable ethics deserve to bear the consequences for gambling the future of their players and organization. Everyone knew Kelley was getting out one step ahead of the NCAA just like Peter Carroll did.

  14. The NFL has a discipline policy in place for players, they require college players to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for the NFL……when are they going to do the same with college coaches like Kelly and Carroll. Why wouldn’t any college coach cheat when they know if they do get caught they can simply jump to the NFL without any type of punishment but yet the college players and the individual colleges are left behind to suffer the consequences. Whether player (Reggie Bush) or coach (Kelly and Carroll), the NFL should suspend these individuals the same length of time as the school is put on probabtion. The NFL has to quit rewarding these guys for cheating.

  15. Side note though, he does look in the picture like he just got blamed for pinching out a SBD stinker.

  16. As a Giant fan and card carrying Eagle hater, I still couldn’t care less what NCAA infraction he committed as Oregon coach.

  17. Do we know what the violations were? For all we know, its over something stupid like free tattoos. I just hope this doesn’t get Oregon a postseason ban, I love watching that team.

  18. NCAA is a joke. I wonder if they’ll have the cojones to come down on the SEC, too. Doesn’t look that way, after they let Auburn slide. If they are going to be entirely inconsistent, they should at least do it consistently.

  19. braven4evr says:
    Apr 16, 2013 10:45 AM
    This has happened too many times. The nfl has to start punishing these college coaches responsible. The schools get punished and the coaches go to the nfl and make millions! Maybe the coaches should be fined the amount of money the schools lose? Just a thought!


    It is not the NFL’s job to punish someone for something they did at there last. It like a person who works at Taco Bell, getting wrote up at work for something he did when working at McD’s.

  20. If he is going to cheat he is in the right division at least. Redskins and Cowboys getting salary cap penalties the last 2 seasons. Shannon circumventing the cap while in Denver. 7 Redskins in the last 2 years being suspended for drug violations. 5 more than any other team.

  21. I love it,he was determined to stay in Oregon,wanted nothing to do with he nfl,all of a sudden he’s the eagles coach? This tells me he’s gonna crash and burn,he’s only in Philly for 2 reasons,1 the cash 2 he had to get the hell out of dodge..they (eagles) won’t sniff .500 while chippys the coach,watch..icing on the cake will be next Thursday when they select geno smith.wahooooo

  22. Wow, I’m “shocked”. Here’s hoping the cheating happened to the Rose Bowl team that beat my Badgers. Won’t get the Rose Bowl since we lost it, but here’s hoping Oregon has to vacate the win. Way to go Chip, just like Pete when he snuck out of So Cal.

  23. No surprise here. Kelly is who we thought he was. Get the program in trouble then bolt for the NFL.

    Now how will he win in the NFL with the Eagles if he can’t cheat in recruiting players, and have to go through the draft?

    That college offense? HA! ROTGL

  24. @ kingmj4891

    YOU ARE A MORON! That is hardly even the same thing. Its more like a doctor or lawyer getting accepted to harvard for cheating on their entrance exam or how about the attorney who gets hired at a huge firm to make millions because he was the best applicant for the job but o wait he only seemed that way cause he falsified testimony that got him that incredible conviction rate that made him the best applicant but thats ok??? Getting these exclusive jobs like an nfl head coach are so hard and limited but reward someone for cheating so he appeared to be the best?? Educate youreself you fool!!

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