Ozzie Newsome: McKinnine could “potentially” be our left tackle

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Tackle Bryant McKinnie has been pretty forthcoming about his desire to return to the Ravens for another season, but there hasn’t been much movement on the Ravens’ end of things toward making that happen.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome was asked about where things stood with McKinnie on Tuesday and he left the door open for a return from a player who took over at left tackle to help solidify the line in the postseason. Newsome cited a good relationship with McKinnie’s agent and continued contact between the two sides as reasons why McKinnie could return. For now, though, the team is working out with Kelechi Osemele as their left tackle and Newsome said that things could look that way when Week One of the season rolls around as well.

“Could he [McKinnie] be our left tackle? He potentially could be. Could KO be our left tackle? He could potentially be our left tackle, too. I think we are very open. I think the dialogue has been very good with B-Mac from my standpoint, and I think John [Harbaugh] would echo the same thing,” Newsome said, via Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times. “But if we had to line up today with the group that we have, I think John told [owner] Steve Bisciotti that KO would probably get that opportunity.”

Osemele played right tackle and left guard last season, but he has experience at left tackle after playing the position in college. Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta explained why he thinks Osemele could handle the position while also mentioning a few draft prospects at tackle that intrigued him.

In short, the Ravens are keeping all their options open at tackle and we’ll have to wait until at least the days following the draft to find out who will be in the mix at left tackle.

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  1. hugejazz | Apr 16, 2013, 5:42 PM EDT
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through like young man.

    Ravenator didn’t get the email….he thanks you for the post

  2. Best team in the NFL. World Champs. Until someone takes that crown, the rest of you can fall in line

  3. Why does anyone get lathered up about what any GM says? Such statements are always with an eye on a goal, in this case probably to put some negotiating pressure on McKinnie.

    Steeley McBeam says:
    Apr 16, 2013 5:14 PM
    But I thought Michael Oher was the definition of the Blind Side tackle? Good pick Ozzie.
    You’re right, it was a good pick, he has been a 4 year starter who overcame personal hurdles you never could. Oh, and he has a SB ring unlike any Steeler draftees from the same draft class (2009).

    BTW, congrats on your richly deserved unanimous selection as the Steeler counterpart to ravenator and logicalvoice.

  4. Don’t forget the best QB in NFL. 117.2 rating during the post season. I’m sure you remember the post season unless you’re a Steelers fan. In that case, you watched a lot of figure skating and golf.

  5. ravenator says:
    Apr 16, 2013 5:54 PM
    Best team in the NFL. World Champs. Until someone takes that crown, the rest of you can fall in line

    8 2
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    Is that line like the one where the Ravens were following the steelers since 2002? Help is only a phone call away….. Cheers and a yikes for your little cousin that co authors your posts.

  6. Better draft a QB and sum1 to protect him. Oz will take the fall first for Flac-OH!! Then be followed out the door by Joesephine herself.

  7. What’s impressive is this guy played very well in the post-season despite being out of shape for most of the season.

    If McKinnie had acted like a professional throughout his career by keeping in shape and giving maximum effort, he probably had Hall of Fame potential. At this point, he could still be an above-average left tackle for 2-3 more years just due to his raw physical talent. What a shame that he’s reached the point where he has to hope a team “settles” for signing him up.

  8. Spoken like the best General Manager in the Business and it all starts From the Top of this World Champion organization!

    How’s it feel to know that the Superbowl MVP is just entering his prime with a young offensive line and skill position players. PLUS 12 draft picks that most likely will yield at least 3 pro bowlers and probably 2 or 3 others that some team will be willing to overspend for like they did with Kruger and Ellerbe!


  9. People want to talk about Oher because of the movie. Let’s talk about KO. He was a rookie last year but held his own at guard. He’s flexible enough to play either left side line position which means they can go guard or tackle in the draft. If they don’t get what they want they can resign the “management challenge” that B-Mac appears to be. Their must be some reason they haven’t jumped at resigning him.

  10. Mike Oher is a perfectly good RT, even a really damn good one; but he clearly isn’t an LT as we found out in 2012 definitively. No big deal, he’ll get paid like a RT come next year. KO wasn’t particularly dominant at RT so i have doubts about him at LT; but he straight up OWNED Justin Smith while at LG in the super bowl. Hard to argue against him staying there

  11. Just shows that Izzy doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Enjoy your fluke season Ravens. You will soon be in last place and paying $100,000,000 to a QB who was bailed out by one lucky play in Denver. Cheers!

  12. jamaltimore, 12 draft picks means squat. 4 of those guys will never make the team and another 2 or 3 will be on the practice squad. So I guess that the remaining 5 will be Hall of Famers, right? A team will never, ever have a draft streak like the Steelers did in the early to mid 70s. Greene, Bradshaw, Swann, Stallworth, Blount, Greenwood, Ham, Lambert, Harris, Bleier, Webster, Shell, etc…. Not just Pro Bowlers, but real HALL OF FAMERS and 4 Super Bowl wins in 6 years. That will never be matched. Today’s game and greed will never make it happen.

  13. Nothing compares to the 2008 Ravens draft. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice in the same year. The Superbowl MVP and the back who converted on 4th and 29 for the greatest NFL play of all time, propelling the Ravens to become World Champions. Yikes!

  14. Jeez.. It is so tough to comment on any Ravens or Steelers story, you knuckleheads always fight off-topic? Ignore the Trollers! Stick to the story…

    As for McKinney, dont be so sure he will be waiting around for the Ravens. After the Draft and a few weeks in July with injuries and unmet expectations… He gets a call from another team at big money.

  15. Isn’t it great the Ravens got an outstanding young lineman in Osemele late in the second round? Especially when you consider the steelers blew two picks on DeCastro and Adams, both picked before Osemele.

    Tremble before the great Ozzie Newsome!

  16. It’s like that pathetic ex-girlfriend you lead on enough just in case nothing better is there at the moment. Grow some nads Betty Mac.

    @darkglobe, smartest post I’ve read in a while. I’ll add that the needed lucky bailout play in Denver never happens if not for the 4th & 29 bailout by Rice. You remember, the one where the $120M Man conceded defeat with the playoffs on the line. Luckily SD can’t tackle, and refs blow a clip on Boldin.

  17. Rice’s 4th and 29 was a fantastic play, but the best play in NFL history? That’s just stupid. He was helped out when one Charger defender got in the way and blocked three of his teammates. That and 4th and 29 is a pretty bad time to throw a dumpoff underneath, Flacco. It was a fluky lucky play, that’s all.

    I don’t know how to search for it, but I wonder if it’s even the best 4th and 29 in NFL history.

  18. I love bitter Steelers fans. You guys are hilarious! Here’s a little fun fact: Flacco didn’t concede on 4&29. He saw that Rice had 20 yards wide open and 4 receivers downfield to block for him. Very smart play as opposed to a lob in the endzone. And that bomb in Denver? Call it what it is folks. Joe saw blown coverage and put the ball exactly where it needed to be. Perfect pass for a TD. Half of these big plays in the NFL are defenders out of position and QB’s making them pay with good reads and better throws.

    Then again I’m sure you’re all still bitter about Tebows “lucky” throw. Cheers!

  19. While we’re bleating about luck, you should probably thank Nick Harper’s wife for stabbing him before the divisional game in ’05. I doubt Big Ben finds a way to trip him up after Bettis’ clutch fumble, and Pittsburgh has to wait to get that 5th ring.

    Or maybe that’s how things go in the NFL, and we should all just shut up about luck.

  20. Crown, you really should do your produce shopping elsewhere. All the grapes you seem to find are sour.

  21. It makes sense to bring McKinnie in after week one so that his salary isn’t guaranteed. After his weight and conditioning issues, you don’t want to take too big a risk. It is pretty clear that at this point it is just the Ravens talking to him, so he wouldn’t be a bad depth signing. The Ravens line looked shaky off and on last season, so you want to protect yourself from injuries.

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