Sanchez on Jets: “My heart and soul is into this thing”


The Jets aren’t necessarily doing anything to show unconditional love to Mark Sanchez.

But Sanchez said Monday he was committed to making things right.

While he’s been left to twist in the wind and given the opportunity to “compete” for the job that was previously his, he’s taken steps including working with former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia to come to camp ready.

“The only thing that changed was the mental side, as far as the emotional side, my heart and soul is into this thing,” Sanchez said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “… That’s where my head’s at. I’m fired up about this year and I hope it’s a good one.”

Of course, it’s not just competition from David Garrard or Greg McElroy, or whomever they might draft next week. Sanchez’s name was brought up in trade discussions between the Jets and the Bucs regarding Darrelle Revis — not that the Bucs want him, but just that the Jets might like to dump his salary.

He referred to the Revis talks as “upstairs decisions,” but that’s where his fate is being decided also.

But he’s trying to keep it about football and the competition.

“I completely understand that and I think it’ll bring out the best in everyone on our team,” Sanchez said. “I totally respect that, as far as I’m concerned, I’m preparing to play well for this team and do the best I can. I’m preparing for my role and am doing everything in my control to be the best quarterback on the roster.”

At the moment, that’s not the highest bar to clear, but even that might be beyond his reach.

18 responses to “Sanchez on Jets: “My heart and soul is into this thing”

  1. Sanchez, through Tannenbaum’s stupidity of extending him after the signing Tebow has screwed up the Jets roster for 2013.
    Can’t blame Sanchez for being guaranteed $8 million plus, but geez we let go of some good ones to balance the cap.
    For those who will mention “Buttfumble”, after seeing it so many times, Woolfork pushed Brandon Moore into the backfield and Sanchez, and sadly Sanchez will have to live with his signature play forever.

  2. His soul may be ok but his heart is weak. He plays scared and doesn’t have the head to be a top professional QB.

    So, he’s missing too many body parts. Go Jets!

  3. Sanchez’s shortcomings have never been for a lack of effort. I hope it works out for him, nobody catches more flak than him in the whole league.

  4. This is the problem when a rookie QB comes >< this close to the prize in their first year. They think they are better than they really are. Once the league catches up with them that's when they should change their game. That's when a good QB starts to grow and get better. Mark had great defenses on his side and help from the Colts "resting" their starters. Once he has to carry the team he can't and now missing the playoffs 2 years in a row and about to make it 3, it seems to me that they should dump him and start anew. But this is the Jets, why would they want to put this failed project behind them?

  5. Yeah so into it that the lifelong dream of making millions to play in the NFL is referred to as a “thing”. He sure has a way to lead you and inspire you with his words, just along the wrong path. Sanchez is such a poor value QB at his salary rate. What a mess.

  6. dolphin fans- as I have stated before, buttfumble has won more playoff games than all the dolphin qbs since Marino COMBINED..simmer down before your team moves to LA
    Seahawk fan – they gave matt ryan his first playoff win..would you even make the playoffs without the refs giving you the greenbay game?

  7. Seahawks had a good season– so now some are puffing their chests. They were hidden in the woodwork, irrelevant for years.

    And some Dolphin fans (priceless) have the temerity to brag??? And to be critical at quarterback?
    What is it about 22 since Marino?

    Oh yeah, they got Mike Wallace at $18 mill guaranteed, so it’s off to the Super Bowl.

    One other thing is guaranteed. The owner and his sponsors will once again wind up buying those thousands of empty seats to avoid blackouts.
    You’ll see. Just maybe not on television.

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