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The Cowboys have been .500 in the last two seasons. In that span, they have outscored by a grand total of two points. In short, they have been average — and frustratingly so, given that their very best play on both sides of the ball is anything but .500-caliber.

As the Cowboys try to return to the postseason for the first time since 2009, here are five positions that could use reinforcement via the 2013 draft:

Defensive line: On the surface, this position doesn’t rate as an overwhelming need. However, ends DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer and tackles Jay Ratliff and Jason Hatcher will be 30 or older by next offseason. Also, Spencer is on a one-year deal after signing the franchise tender, and Hatcher’s contract is up after 2013. Adding more youth on the edges and in the middle would make sense, with a promising rusher who could learn from Ware and Spencer an especially logical choice.

Offensive line:  While the Cowboys have invested in their offensive line in recent years, it’s a group that could use another impact performer. The interior of the line (center and guard) and right tackle are the needs here. Left tackle is not, which is a positive. The right tackle situation is particularly interesting. Will the Cowboys give Doug Free another shot with the hope he recaptures his best form?

One last note: league positional value gives the Dallas defensive line the edge over the offensive line for purposes of this draft needs discussion. Improving the OL spots in question for Dallas can be usually be done more cheaply and easily, in theory, than finding difference-making defensive linemen.

Safety: Among the quarterbacks the Cowboys could face in the 2013 regular season: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Philip Rivers. In Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys have a corner tandem well-suited to deal with such a tough prospective slate. However, the Cowboys have some uncertainty at safety, with Barry Church coming back from an Achilles injury, Matt Johnson hampered by hamstring issues in 2012 and veteran pickup Will Allen likely just a short-term solution.

Running back: Starting back DeMarco Murray has been productive in two NFL seasons, but he has missed time with injuries in both campaigns, and the Cowboys’ lack of quality depth behind him was a material issue in 2012. The Cowboys need a back capable of reducing the wear-and-tear on Murray, one who can take over as the featured runner as needed.

Wide receiver: The depth behind starters Dez Bryant and Miles Austin needs to be bolstered. Austin, who is due $24 million in compensation from 2014 through 2016 per Rotoworld figures, is approaching 30. Bryant has two years left on his deal and is in line for a huge raise if he plays like he did at the end of 2012.

The Cowboys have six draft picks, one in Rounds One through Six. Ideally, this class helps now and in the future. The Cowboys have some immediate depth issues to address — and some of their core players are getting up in age.

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  1. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and of course they have a lot of personnel needs if they’re going to compete in their division much less make the playoffs. For me it’s absolutely the Offensive Line, period. After that it’s Safety, RB, WR and Defensive tackle and Defensive End. Lastly, I know Jerry Jones just paid Romo like his last name was “Manning”, but it’s time to get some young talent behind him. I do agree with many of the even flippant comments that Jerry should resign as GM, and hire a real GM to take over. But he won’t, so we’re stuck with him until he retires or his son Stephen takes over. This franchise needs a winning season but they also need better leadership and they just don’t have it in the front office nor on the sideline. The results speak for themselves.

  2. The same jokes typed over and over….I never felt the need to leave a comment in any eagle,giant or skins topic…because I’m not a fan of those teams

  3. get a real GM. I don’t get it. Jerry can still have input and final say without being the day-to-day general manager.

  4. It’s not just input…..the decisions as a whole are terrible. Just look at the Romo deal. Wait and compare it to Matt Ryan’s deal. Dallas only saved 5 mill on the Romo deal. It’s terrible. Dimitroff will show you how it’s done. And I’m not even a Falcons fan.

  5. PM

    It’s not just input…..the decisions as a whole are terrible. Just look at the Romo deal. Wait and compare it to Matt Ryan’s deal. Dallas only saved 5 mill on the Romo deal. It’s terrible. Dimitroff will show you how it’s done. And I’m not even a Falcons fan.

    I totally agree. Just saying his role as day-to-day gm is a failure. So sit in the room and put in your two cents. This is Jerry so that won’t happen.

  6. Question is will any of the players Jerry drafts this season still be on the roster in 5 seasons.

  7. As a Cowboys fan a few things
    1. OL first. That killed what could be a fairly productive offense.
    2. Safety. I wouldn’t mind them actually going after Woodson after the draft if we can’t get a good safety mainly for his leadership and he still finds a way to make plays. Could be fairly cheap on a one year deal now with no one else biting.
    3. RB. Murray has talent but as history shows he will probably miss time this year also. We need first a good OL to block for Murray and a capable back up RB so Romo doesn’t throw it 60 times a game when he goes down.
    4. DL. Besides Ware and Spencer last year, we don’t put much pressure on opposing QB’s. In what’s become a passing league, that won’t cut it.

    Our division is too competitive to make stupid mistakes. And all the Romo jokes can end. There isn’t/wasn’t a better QB available this year and talk all you want but if needed he does put up top 10 numbers but he definitely needs to cut down those bone head mistakes. #1 and 3 above would help that some.

    P.S.-I don’t mind the new GM jokes at all because that sure is the truth. Jerry is good making money and numbers work but not good with evaluating talent.

  8. In the first two rounds, Dallas needs to come away with a guard, who can start day one ,and a safety that can play right away too.

    After that, they need a RB to replace Felix Jones and it would be nice to pick up an offensive tackle and a defensive tackle.

    Unfortunately it’s going to be tough to replace the underperforming Free in the draft and should consider getting an OT in free agency.

    I view WR as a minor need.

  9. we saved 13 mill w romo big guy. at least know the facts if you wanna troll around like I do

  10. hartcarluncarlun says: Apr 16, 2013 4:20 PM

    It’s not just input…..the decisions as a whole are terrible. Just look at the Romo deal. Wait and compare it to Matt Ryan’s deal. Dallas only saved 5 mill on the Romo deal. It’s terrible. Dimitroff will show you how it’s done. And I’m not even a Falcons fan.

    LOL,matt Ryan is a far bigger choker than Romo will ever be, so why is he even in the conversation?

    Romo has started exactly 16 more games in his career than Ryan. That is one NFL season,

    And he has thrown for 5,700 more yards and 50 more TD’s..all without a rushing game and the constant BS of playing QB for the Cowboys.Ryan was the # 2 pick and Romo was an UDFA who never should have been sitting behind Parcells senior citizen brigade.

    So take that Ryan garbage on out of here.Its stinking the place up

  11. Thanks for your take on the Cowboys’ team needs. Seems to me that offensive line is a consensus big need among those who posted thus far. I would agree. Good takes. — Mike —

  12. I guess you guys just over look the great players that we have because if JJ…u can say what u want but…romo,ware,Ratliff,whitten,Carr,Claiborne,lee,carter,Austin,tyrone smith,Murray,dez,church,hatcher,Harris, are all here because of JJ…so b4 u little cry baby fake cowboy fans go on ur little “bash JJ” spree think about the guys u do have because of JJ….

  13. here we go folks, top ten team needs for the Dallas Cowboys:
    10) a new training facility not located inside police station
    9) it’s own division so the NFC east don’t get two easy wins every year
    8) the rest of Romo’s last name
    7)someone other than a bailbondsman inside stupid cowboy mascot.
    6)the mother ship to return for Jerry Jones
    5) a cloning machine and a few strands of T. Aikman’s hair.
    4)Michael Irvin’s lost cr@ckpipe
    3) a cowboy hat for Jason Garret
    2)a real owner…and the number one team need for the Cowboys…..somebody to keep Kiffin awake during film sessions…

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