Titus Young apologizes to Lions fans, then deletes it


Before the Lions released him early this year, wide receiver Titus Young took to Twitter on a couple of different occasions to complain about his role on the team and the fact that the Lions wouldn’t cut him loose to find work elsewhere.

Those were a few final straws that eventually did break the camel’s back in Detroit, leaving Young to spend a brief spell in St. Louis before the Rams cut him as well. Young’s now unemployed, which leaves him plenty of time to use Twitter. In something of a surprise given his past missives, he came up with a less divisive message to send to Lions fans early Tuesday morning.

“I apologize to the Detroit fans, Thank you, for the 2 years of Love and joy,” Young wrote, via the Detroit Free Press.

We have to give credit to the Detroit Free Press because Young decided to delete that tweet and every other tweet he’s ever sent shortly after sending out his reminiscence of love and joy that it is hard to imagine too many others in Detroit remember quite so fondly. Young’s two years in Detroit had less love and joy than punches to a teammate and conduct detrimental to the organization, but perhaps that’s why they say you only remember the good times.

There’s no word on why Young decided to switch gears away from his apologetic stance and even less on interest in NFL teams bringing him on board to vie for a job in 2013.

28 responses to “Titus Young apologizes to Lions fans, then deletes it

  1. Titus you are a turd and a disgrace to have ever worn a Lion Jersey. The only reason this turd wrote that was because no teams not even the raiders or browns are interested in him. Hope the fool never plays in the NFL again, he could have been decent next to Megatron but he would rather not be a team player. So go Flying J Yourself Titus.

  2. Think how many guys just want a chance at an NFL career. Then think how this cube managed to delete his.

  3. This guy is obviously having a breakdown. I honestly wish him luck, regardless of his time in Detroit. Mental illness is some serious sh*t.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I was always told by my older brothers “Everyone will always get their slice of humble pie”. Titus let his ego get to him and now he has realized that he threw away millions and he now has to go out and work every day like the rest of us. I think making over 1 million dollars annually and then taking a pay cut to 40-50k (if he’s lucky) is quite the big slice of humble pie. Sucka.

  5. The Lions’ staff needs to learn that they can’t test for personality disorders simply by seeing if a player can shove the right shapes into the right holes.

  6. If I were GM, I would take one more shot at Titus Young before giving up on him. Bring him into Training Camp and see what he has to offer. If he looks good, then sign him, but only to a short contract that has a bunch of incentives. The more he plays the more he earns. I would even put incentives for receptions/yards and TD’s. If he does well with no BS, then you resign him to a longer deal. You never know, you might just find a diamond under all of that BS.

  7. Titus you are an embarrassment to yourself and anyone around you that cares. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done to your family….you have failed them miserably. What a disgrace. smh

  8. The world should have got the hint when he felt compelled to put “YOUNG SR.” on the back of his jersey. Hoping he finds happiness and the means to take care of Titus Young Jr. in the world of unemployment!

  9. lol, to the poster who said give him a TD and reception incentive in a contract! He didn’t have that last contract and he was lining up in the wrong spot trying to steal catches, imagine what that would make him do!!!!

  10. I would take a shot on Titus Young too myself, but that’s all contingent on being able to rope him in and help him out with the focus he needs. Apparently no coach thinks they can help this guy and make use of him. I’m skeptical as to me it seems highly plausible that Titus can still make something of himself that is worth the time and effort. Although that’s easy for me to say having no access to speak to the guy.

  11. Not that it matters, but Josh Slagter on MLive.com reported that all of the tweets have been deleted from Young’s verified Twitter account.

    I hope Young is getting the medical care he needs. He’s got some serious issues, but care is available if he decides he wants it.

  12. Let me try this again, since it got deleted:

    This behavior sounds odd to me.

    His friends need to make certain he’s OK.

    I don’t want to see the young man do anything rash.

  13. I’m not sure if the CFL or any other league would touch this guy.

    New 30 for 30: How to ruin your NFL career, The Titus Young Story

  14. if he has been humbled and can show true develop as a person someone should give him a chance but at first make him do special teams to help reinforce work ethic and to humble him alittle more. once he has proven himself give him a few snaps and see how things go if he fails cut him zero risk high reward.

  15. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix incredibly stupid. You can’t fix UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. I would have given my left arm to play in the NFL, but my talent didn’t match my enthusiasm. Not even CLOSE. Here’s a guy who is so incredibly talented… and he just pisses it away. He’ll end up being supported by taxpayers, after having the talent to be in the Hall. My God. What an INCREDIBLE waste… because HE’S a total waste. Way to go, Titus. Way to go.

    Stupid. Can’t be fixed.

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