Bengals could turn back to Karlos Dansby

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Before the Bengals and linebacker James Harrison started talks on a new contract that appear to be heading nowhere fast, they had veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby in for a visit.

They may be getting back in touch. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the team “remains interested” in Dansby, who was let go by the Dolphins earlier this offseason. Nothing has ramped up, according to the report, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see that change in the near future.

If Harrison and the Bengals aren’t able to agree on a price, it makes sense that the Bengals would then just move to the next name on their list in hopes of spending what they want to get the linebacking help they need. With Manny Lawson gone to Buffalo, the team is looking for a linebacker to go with Vontaze Burfict and Rey Maualuga. Dansby’s experienced enough that he should be up to speed quickly for the Bengals, who have made a habit in recent years of waiting out the market to find veteran additions to the roster at the prices they want to pay.

Dansby hasn’t drawn much interest from anyone other than the Bengals at this point, which bodes for the Bengals’ attempts to get him on an affordable contract unless another team emerges from the draft with a stronger desire to bolster their linebacking corps.

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  1. Give me Dansby!! Plays all 3 LB slots and younger than Harrison?? I’d definitely take Dansby over Harrison…but I wouldn’t be mad if they signed him tho.

  2. I would prefer Dansby over Harrison because of his versatility as well.

    And why is Ryan Lochte all over the place. That ad is annoying the crap out of me.

  3. Dansby and Maualuga – don’t think that combo’s striking any fear into any offense. Good fit for the Bengals.

    @shaunypoo, I don’t see any Ryan Lochte ads. The ads are targeted based on individual viewing tendencies. Basically, if you usually surf for shirtless men, you’ll be targeted for a Lochte ad.

  4. Oh, and as a Steeler fan. I wouldn’t discount Silverback. He may be a few years older but with total games played, they probably have about the same amount left in the tank. That said, 6 of one, half dozen of the other with those two at this point. I’d sign whoever gives the better deal.

  5. what I still cannot understand, is why did the Bengals not jump on Dumervil when he became available? They had MUCH more cpa space than Denver or Baltimore, and could’ve easily came in at a number that both teams would struggle to match. Instead they settle for an old washed up Harrison or a guy in Dansby who is getting up there in age himself. Not saying either are bad acquistions if they happen, but I just don’t get why they passed up top FA talent this offseason and settle for these type of players…

    No complaints here though as we sit pretty in Baltimore with a scary pass rush ready to put Gingy on the turf all game long!

  6. I’d take them both! Because the Bengals need a linebacker not a defensive end that’s why they had no interest. Harrison is actually a much better linebacker than just his pass rush ability I agree that he may have lost a step but he is still probably one of the better cover linebackers in the NFL not because of speed per say but because he puts himself in good position upon recognizing the play. I’m not sure how well Dumervil covers as I tend to watch the AFCN and NFCE, but from what I understand he’s more of a pass rush guy and Baltimore will probably alternate him with Upshaw much like they did with Kruger on run downs last season. Point is Harrison was the better all-around linebacker to fit the 4-3 as the Bengals don’t need another DE in their top 5 defensive line rotation. Don’t get me wrong Dumervil was a great pick up by the Ravens and their 3-4. Simple enough right?

  7. “the Bengals, who have made a habit in recent years of waiting out the market to find veteran additions to the roster at the prices they want to pay.”

    They don’t want to pay anybody, that’s the history of the Bungholes.

  8. Sit pretty in Baltimore your team has been gutted worse than
    a promiscuous girl in a Friday the 13 movie no Lewis no Kruger no reed and Boldin who bailed out fluko more times than the government has the airline industry Elvis just made up for the ellerbe congratulations on the Super Bowl but paying joe 55 mil in guaranteed
    Just might have you finishing better than Cleveland this year Ozzie will rebuild but they have done thrown in the towel this year bud come back to earth raven fans

  9. Hey Joe(oh Canada) Toronto… unlike the idots that overpay for players in the opening weeks of Free Agency (who rarely pan out on the value meter), the Bengals get great value after the market settles. We’re never in cap hell. Free agency has proven to have far more busts than booms.

    Plus you sound like a Steeler fan… the cheapest of all teams when it comes to signing anyone!!

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