Chip Kelly brought smoothies with him to Philadelphia

Quarterback Michael Vick said Wednesday that he finds new coach Chip Kelly’s offense “very refreshing.”

That’s not the only refreshing thing Kelly’s brought with him from Oregon. Geoff Mosher of CSN Philadelphia snapped a picture (seen at right) of personalized smoothies waiting for Eagles players when they finished their minicamp workout on Wednesday, something Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer also pointed out as a change to the way the Eagles do business under Kelly.

Tight end Brent Celek told Mosher that the smoothies are designed to mesh with each player’s individual diet and workout regimens, which is why every player winds up with his own drink after practice. Given how seriously players take their nutrition and workout schedules, there were likely plenty of guys doing this on their own but the team-wide effort isn’t one that we’ve seen before in Philly.

It’s not the only change to the way the Eagles are doing business. Music is played during practices, something the Jaguars are doing as well, and players are wearing heart monitors while working out. All of which adds up to one big reminder that the Eagles are under new management.