Cowboys still taking a look at Eric Winston


The Cowboys have been linked to free agent right tackle Eric Winston for a while now without much movement toward actually signing the veteran to a contract.

Winston said that he is looking for $3-4 million, a salary that’s been too rich for the blood of the Cowboys and everyone else in the NFL to this point. Winston’s desired salary would be a good bit less than the one the Cowboys are scheduled to pay the underwhelming Doug Free, although executive vice president Stephen Jones said Tuesday that Free remains a strong possibility to remain with the team even though they continue to take a look at Winston.

“He’s obviously somebody that we’re taking a look at. We certainly haven’t dismissed Doug. We really felt like when we went to rotating him and Jermey Parnell that he really picked up his game in terms of the competition, not to mention the fact that I think he got some clarity as to what [offensive line coach] Bill Callahan was after,” Jones said on KRLD, via the Dallas Morning News. “I think there’s some interest and prospects there between what we have and what we could get. Obviously on the interior part of our line the same thing holds true. I think we had some injuries there. Another year under Bill and more work, and not to mention what might happen in the draft. We’ll just have to see how that goes.”

Winston and other veteran free agent tackles on the market will likely be in a holding pattern until after the draft as teams wait to see if they fill their needs from the college ranks. Not everyone’s going to be able to do that and Winston will make for a decent consolation prize for one of them.

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  1. “Free remains a strong possibility”… After the terrible season Doug Free had last year and factoring his enormous $7M salary in 2013 it would be a crime to bring him back. But hey these are the Joneses that give a QB with 1 playoff win a $100M+ contract and draft a back up RB in the first round while passing on the likes of CJ2K , Ray Rice, Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, etc… It really sux to be a cowboy fan now a days… 😦

  2. Sign him now and set doug free. Don’t know what’s taking so long to make this move. Let’s them take best player available next week instead of 4th or 5th best tackle and they’ll know what they’ve got. Make it happen Stephen.

  3. I hear that DVD extreme. It makes too much sense for the Jones’ to release Free, sign Winston, and save 7 mil. That would put them 9 mil under so they can sign Idonije*(Tampa 2 guy) and DT Sedrick Ellis. Maybe sign S Kerry Rhoades. In the Draft go with Cooper or Warmack and Kyle Long in the second. Safety DJ Swearinger from S Carolina in the third. Call me an Arm Chair GM but it all makes sense and shouldn’t be all that hard. If they don’t do 75% of this I would expect it. I can’t believe there are Cowboys fans out there that still back this guy.

  4. It seems like the rookie pay scale adjustment in the current CBA is not a happy medium when players like Winston aren’t pulled out of free-agency in a flash. With high priced quarterbacks being paid every time you turn around, at many positions teams are increasingly content to roll the dice on a rookie who might make $1.5M over three years!

  5. I can’t believe that even Jerry Jones would pay a player 7 million this year who only plays decent when he is playing part time and you have to put him in a rotation with Jeremy Parnell. Hmm 3-4 million for Winston who is much better than Free and will play the entire game. Or 7 million plus Parnells salary for two players who have to switch back and forth. I do not see why there is even a question about what to do.

  6. Winston’s request wouldn’t be too much if we weren’t carrying Free. If it’s depth, then he needs to take a steep pay cut. If he refuses and we cut Free, no worries. If they still draft OL first, fine. I’d rather them have too much talent in the trenches than none at all.

  7. Sign and save this year!
    Sign and save this year!

    You guys know that the Cowboys are currently on schedule to have $143M cap use in 2014. While cutting Free after June 1 helps this year it does additional damage next year. If they could force cutting him until next year it would go a long way in being able to get under the cap next year.

  8. Haha sign him it will help your running game but your QB will be laying flat on the ground because he isn’t much of a pass blocker & loves being flagged for lots of holding calls.

  9. The Cowboys just may pick up OT Fluker in the draft but they remains to be seen. Word is Jerry is trying to reduce Free’s salary by this talk of signing Winston.

    It’s just time to move on from Free one way or another.

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