Despite arrest warrant, Marcus Vick making waves on Twitter


Marcus Vick, the former Miami Dolphin and younger brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, is in the news again, for the wrong reasons.

And, really, when was the last time Marcus Vick was in the news for the right reasons?

Vick is in the news at the moment because, according to the Roanoke Times, he failed to appear for another court hearing in Montgomery County, Virginia, and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. Vick has skipped multiple court dates over his failure to pay the $40,000 he promised to a woman who sued him in 2008.

You’d think if a judge had issued a warrant for your arrest you’d want to lie low, but Vick hasn’t done that. Instead, Vick has been making waves for a bizarre comment he made on Twitter, appearing to suggest that players on the Arizona Cardinals are gay.

Marcus Vick ripped the Eagles on Twitter last season, prompting his brother to give him a stern talking to. Now Michael may need to have another talk with Marcus.

43 responses to “Despite arrest warrant, Marcus Vick making waves on Twitter

  1. It amazes me that you don’t even need to know the basics of grammar to get into college these days.

  2. Seriously, what is his profession now? Does Michael get to claim him as a dependent? All he does is make stupid tweets and get into trouble with the law. Dude needs a job.

  3. So this pathetic waste of a human and totally a waste of football talent, decides to call out the Fruit Tarts that are playing on a NFL team. Is he upset that they didnt call him to play for a NFL team. If they are Fruit Tarts playing for a NFL team what does that make him, who isnt playing for a NFL team???

  4. The last time he talked with him, Michael assured us that we won’t “see that happen again” and to “trust him”. That was in reference to Marcus poking fun at the Eagles team, but Michael never talked to him about making fun of other teams. This talk will have to add that to the list. Every time Marcus embarrasses his brother will just require a new apology and promise that the specific way in which the embarrassment occurred will not happen again.

    Each future embarrassment brought about by Marcus will indeed be of a completely original type, and you can “trust” Michael on that.

  5. Its a shame Marcus wasn’t blessed with the great physical skills his brother has. He has all the intangibles you’d want in a great qb and leader of men. Smart too

  6. Minorities have fought long and hard for respect and an equal footing in this country (and others), and then you have low-lifes like this loser, abusing those hard-won rights. He needs to be visited in a dark alley by a few denizens of the Cards D, and have his speaking orifice re-arranged.

  7. I remember watching this guy play in a college nationally televised bowl game and he stepped on an opponent’s head, for no apparent reason other than to be arrogant or suicidal, which is exactly what happened. He killed his potential pro football career by making that stupid move and he hasn’t been right since.

    Dumb, just dumb, but “he’s keepin it real!”

    How’s that working out at the bank?

  8. This dude needs to get a job or do something positive with his life. He does not even realize how silly he looks commenting on any issue. For one, he is constantly in the news for something other than be a role model for anyone. Then he makes stupid comments about professional players. I really hope that Mike is not taking care of this loser.

  9. The worst part was that he had a better arm than his brother according to Frank Beamer (I think he would know). He was just too stupid to be a football player. Just think about that for a second.

  10. No… Michael needs to stay as far away from his brother as possible.

    Well, IF he still wants to play in the nfl.

    But I don’t think many people care whether or not he plays anymore… So maybe he should just call it quits and try to help his brother out. Sounds like it will take all his energy/focus, and then some.

  11. Marcus Vick is a total waste of H2O.

    But the notion that he “embarrasses” his brother is ludicrous…

    Michael “Ron Mexico” Vick is exceptional at embarrassing himself and he needs no help from others.

  12. Yes he is a waste of water…

    In case you were unaware our body weight is 70% water.

    H2O is too good for Marcus Vick.

  13. seanb20124 says: Apr 17, 2013 5:39 PM

    God gave him everything, and he blew it


    Apparently, just as with his brother, God forgot to give him a brain.

  14. I am well aware, but it’s not like he’s using up our water. In case you were unaware, we don’t inject babies with water or anything. they’re born that way. The water in his body could not be given another use. He pretty much made it himself. He’s not wasting it.

    Nice try though. It would’ve been better if you just admitted that you meant oxygen, but failed chemistry.

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