E.J. Manuel says Eagles, Bills and Jets are showing strong interest

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Former Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel says three teams with Top 10 picks are showing strong interest in drafting him.

Manuel said on the Dan Patrick Show that the Eagles (who own the No. 4 overall pick), the Bills (No. 8) and the Jets (No. 9) have all made him feel like there’s a good chance they’ll select him.

“I feel really good about the Philadelphia Eagles, I feel really good about the Buffalo Bills, I feel really good about the New York Jets,” Manuel said. “I met with even more teams than that, but those are some of the teams I feel really confident in. I know they need quarterbacks, I know they want quarterbacks, they have brand new coaching staffs and things like that, so they want a fresh start. They want an energetic kind of quarterback to come in and play.”

Not many people expect Manuel to go in the Top 10 overall, and in fact plenty of people don’t think he’s a first-round pick at all. So if those teams are showing interest in Manuel, it may be to take him in the second round.

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  1. He would be an upgrade to the Jets, but that is not saying much. Apparently the Jets think they are playing baseball and need at least 5 starting pitchers for their rotation.

  2. If Christian Ponder can go in the first round – so can EJ Manuel. Quarterback is the one position that is probably “worth” taking a chance on if you like the guy.

    I really wouldn’t be surprised to see him go in the first – he arguably has the “highest ceiling” of all the quarterbacks in the draft.

  3. Manuel is a really good player. He’s got a cannon attached to his right shoulder and gets the ball out fast. I watched some of his game film and I think he’s going to be better than Smith or Barkley. Don’t be surprised if he goes in the first round.

  4. Now that RG3’s short career has gone supernova, the Redskins should draft EJ1. Redskins fans can look forward to watching their return to the below-average franchise they have always been.

  5. EJ never lived up to his hype. He can be a solid NFL backup and maybe even start a few games. Not worth more than a 4th Round pick. That being said, this draft lacks premier QBs, so he may go as high as the mid 2nd due to team needs.

  6. Yeah, strong interest….Probably in the second round. I actually like E.J as a project, he has the size, speed, and arm strength, but needs to polish his game.

    On another note, people say this is a weak quarterback class, and I would agree with them. But one thing is for certain that quarterbacks are always drafted higher than expected. I love to use the Ponder example when he was supposed to be late 1st early 2nd and was drafted 12th.

    I think this year might shock some people with the quarterbacks. Ian Rapoport had reported that Geno Smith was “a lock” for a top 5 pick, and I have a feeling that teams will trade up for either E.J, Barkley, or Nassib in the mid to late first (more likely late first).

    If I have learned one thing about the draft it’s that quarterbacks and lineman (offensive and defensive) always go high, and I have a funny feeling that this year’s going to be the same. I will say though that this has also been one of (if not) the weakest quarterback classes of late as well, but don’t be surprised if 3 quarterbacks somehow find their way in the 1st round.

  7. This guy is a guaranteed Bust. dude could not beat out Ponder and you want to make him a first round pick he freaking sucks. He has physical tools so did Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf .

  8. Honestly, if the Eagles take the top offensive tackle available at #4 and draft EJ Manuel with their early second round pick, I’d be happy as an Eagles fan.

  9. Please, please NJ Jets or Buffalo Bills, please draft Manuel…especially the NJ Jets!


    New England Patriot fan(s)

  10. With Vick, Foles, and Dennis Dixon on the roster….if the Eagles draft this guy in the 1st round I will personally go to the Novacare Complex and repeatedly kick Chip Kelly in the nuts.

  11. EJ is intriguing but Matt Scott is my sleeper QB this draft. Hoping my Cardinals are able to scoop him up in the third/fourth round.

  12. I’m telling you guys now don’t sleep on E.J. Manuel. He is a student of the game and can make all the throws.

    He is better than both Geno Smith and Barkley. He will be a first round pick and any team that drafts him will be drafting a stud.

  13. With Vick, Foles, and Dennis Dixon on the roster…that is exactly the reason the Eagles will draft him in the 2nd round. Dixon will go to the practice squad, as insurance, to back up Foles, when Vick gets hurt.

  14. Oh, and just wanted to add — Ponder was better than Manuel at FSU when he played, but he didn’t have the arm that Manuel has. And he went in the first round.

    Manuel is also undefeated in bowl games (whereas Ponder — or Barkley, for that matter — never played in one) so he can win some big games for his future team.

  15. All it will take is one team that really likes him worrying that another team feels the same way.

    In fact, that makes Manuel’s comments pretty smart if you ask me.

  16. I think Eagle fans won’t care who they draft as long as its not another 29 yr old rookie o-lineman

  17. You all sound soooo lame! Not only WILL EJ go in the first round, he will go in the top ten Either to Cleveland or Buffalo. The two top QBs in this class are he and Geno Smith, and not sure why they are saying this class is so weak, because there’s no clear cut ‘white’ savior???? lol..silly rabbits, trix are for kids. Geno and EJ will have better careers than Luck, that stiff Miami took last year and the over rated QB from the USC this year.

  18. Nassib has the highest ceiling of all of the Quarterbacks. Barkley is the most NFL ready. Manuel has the most athleticism. Smith looks to be the safest bet of the QB’s, present and future. Glennon has the strongest arm. Bray is the most physically gifted in this draft.

    With all said, Nassib, Barkley and Smith IMO will be the first three off the board. Following the top three, Its anybody’s guess who will go next. My guess is Manuel.

    Buffalo will be taking one of these QB’s within the first 2 rounds. If Smith goes to a team before Buffalo is up at 8, then I see them taking Nassib or Barkley. If they decide to wait until the second round, with Smith Barkley and Nassib most likely gone, then I see them taking Manuel or Glennon.

    This Quarterbacking class is not nearly as bad as the name they’ve been labeled. 3 or 4 of these Quarterbacks will have successful careers in the NFL.

  19. write it down he will be off the board by pick 15.he and smith will be only two qbs to go in first round.barkley will be the 4th or 5th qb taken.

  20. I’ve had the privilege to watch EJ Manuel up close for the past couple of years. He is an excellent person/teammate and is very studious. However, he has trouble translating that to the football field. He misses easy throws and has trouble reading defenses. He gets flustered easily and has an inaccurate deep ball. Beware of getting sucked into a Jimbo Fisher QB. Jimbo made Christian Ponder and JaMarcus Russell into first round picks. Whoever drafts Manuel will get a good teammate, but a QB who fails to get the job done more often than not. He is a third rounder at best.

  21. Buddy Nix basically ripped Manuel apart at yesterdays draft luncheon, so if he is planning on drafting him, that’s one hell of smokescreen.

  22. “With Vick, Foles, and Dennis Dixon on the roster”

    Like any of these guys (or any combination of them) is going to lead the Eagles to the Promised Land? QB is a position that the Eagles need to address, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them draft a QB in the early rounds (1st or 2nd round).

  23. I ll feel really good if it doesn’t happen. Yeah, pick this guy who lots of experts don’t like at all and pass on Star L, or Fischer or the kid from Oregon? Maybe but not likely Cool Hand Luke. How about the D Tackle from Florida State. We went and got a new set of corners, a good d. Tackle from San Fran to fit with last years No.one. If its me, I’m drafting Star L and becoming a powerful D Line again. That will greatly help the corners and shut down the run. Lets not wind up with another Fireman, or Jerome McDougle, or Shaun Andrews or Brandon Grahm (maybe schools still out on him) It is well known that our drafting is among the worst. Maybe that’s why Andy’s is in KC

  24. He’s a 4th round pick at best. Anyone drafting him hire is wasting their draft choices.

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