Eric Weddle: I feel like we’re the best team in the league


If we were to solicit power rankings of all 32 teams from PFT Planet, it is hard to imagine that too many people would rank the Chargers at the top of the league.

It’s hard to imagine they’d rank in playoff position or in the top half of the league, either. The Chargers ended last season without a ton of talent on the roster, their defense has been pretty much gutted and there are plenty of holes on both sides of the ball.

If Chargers safety Eric Weddle got one of those ballots, however, the Chargers would get at least one vote for the top spot. He’s been inspired by the arrival of coach Mike McCoy and that’s left him feeling like the Chargers are the team to beat as opposed to just being a team that gets beat.

“Now, shoot, I feel like we’re the best team in the league. And a lot of that is because of coach McCoy and the way he presents himself — the way he portrays what he wants. A lot of what you are as a team is attitude, and you can control that. I’m just excited,” Weddle said, via Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s a new year, a new belief. Until the season ends, I think we’re going to be the best.”

The Chargers aren’t the best team in the league, but it would be silly to brush off the positive effect that the change from Norv Turner and A.J. Smith to McCoy and Tom Telesco can have on the team. The Chargers did not have an attitude like they were a team to be reckoned with in past years. They looked like a team waiting for something to go wrong, a mindset that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy almost all of the time in football.

If McCoy can get Weddle, the team’s most talented player, to believe that the future is bright again in San Diego, he should be able to get most of the roster on board as well. It won’t get them back to the top of the AFC West, but it is an important change in view for San Diego all the same.

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  1. Obviously no one in their right mind would say the Chargers are the best team in the league…

    …but this is why the NFL rules all sports. Every team has the energy + intensity in the beginning of the season that their squad can win the Superbowl.

    No disrespect to Charlotte Bobcat fans — but I doubt when the NBA season began, they were pre-ordering their NBA Finals tickets.

  2. Well I agree that the right mindset and attitude can go a long way as lots of teams highly struggle with that which creates a massive opportunity to develop a gap of separation. I still see too many holes not yet filled with players to benefit from this inspiration and new coaching regime. Good luck to the Chargers.

  3. Remember, Eric, that you’ll have to defeat the Bills to go all the way. Kevin Kolb is in Buffalo to win the Super Bowl. Watch out.

  4. The Chargers were 3 plays away from being 10-6 last year but close doesn’t count. Turner only inspired me to vomit. The roster has talent but if the O-line isn’t fixed then Rivers will be running for his life again in 2013. Fix the O-line and this team has a legit shot at 10-6. I love the Telesco/McCoy pairing.

  5. Just so everyone knows, he said it with a big grin on his face. With that said, I don’t ever remember these guys brimming with so confidence under Norv Turner. It was always “Well, ya know, MAYBE, if we work hard, or things break our way, or angels are in the outfield…” I love the energy Coach McCoy brings. I can’t wait to see how this translates onto the field. The team got complacent under Norv. If you watch any of them being interviewed, they generally talk about how they always knew what was coming and that it was the same stuff every day. Now, they seem to be on their toes. Hopefully that means they won’t sleepwalk through the first three months of the season!

  6. You’re the best!
    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
    You’re the Best!
    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
    You’re the Best!
    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

  7. At the beginning of last season, there were few who gave the Hawks, much chance of making the playoffs. After we stomped the Niners in week 16, the talk across the media was how we were the team no one wanted to face in the playoffs. Perceptions change quickly when performance demands it.

    If the Chargers can put a positive attitude into practice (literally and figuratively) who’s to say with any certainty how far the Bolts can go? I like underdogs. They can be more fun to watch. Probably why this’ll be my 28th season wearing Seahawks colors.

  8. I had to click on this article to see if Eric Weddle had changed teams and I just hadn’t heard about it. Nope, still in SD. #delusional

  9. Everyone mocking him doesn’t know much about football. Sure it’s unlikely, but every year there’s a surprise team, and it’s not like the Chargers are playing in the NFC. The entire AFC is either weak or soley relying on one man (Manning, Brady, Ben).

    Yes it’s unlikely, but I don’t think it’s mock worthy. Draft some linemen, keep throwing it to Alexander and give Mathews some glue for his gloves and 10 wins is reasonable.

  10. Posts like this on PFT are not only pointless but they’re also guaranteed to bring out all the trolls.
    San Diego is obviously nowhere close to the best team in the league but what do you expect the guy to say? “It’s looking like it’s going to be another tough year and were probably going to miss the playoffs again”?
    It’s called having confidence and a good attitude. Anytime a player is quoted as saying something like this everyone here jumps down their throats and talks a bunch of trash. What would you rather hear them say?

  11. Nothing wrong with a little confidence but at this point they aren’t even the best team in the state

  12. He’s the best player on that team..that being said, untill the Chargers get a real RB and stop Rivers gun slinging interception play they have a long way to go. The “Experts” always pick them to be Superbowl contenders.. Not one AFC championship with Rivers yet. Big underachievers.

  13. Anything’s possible I guess. The league changes so much year to year they could very well be one of the best teams. But probably not.

  14. Well, last year Joe Flacco said he was the best quarterback, and a year later he is Super Bowl MVP with the second best playoff performance in NFL history. So, maybe Eric is onto something. Though the difference is that Flacco’s year ended with him making the pass to go to the Super Bowl, but then he was let down by his receiver and kicker. Still, watch out!

  15. Well… thats a nice warm-fuzzy feeling ya got there Eric…

    I feel in the mood for chicken strips from Jack In the Box.

  16. 3/4 of the AFCW teams are coached by a coach that took an 8-8 Bronco team make the playoffs. And people wonder why the AFCW is mired in mediocrity?

  17. If you don’t have this attitude as a professional athlete, you are doing it wrong. This is exactly what every player should feel, buying into the coach’s system, believing in the coach/gm. You are paid to play and essentially follow the rules, not speculate on how you would do it differently or say “we are not the best team”. If a player ever said that they should be cut or fined internally by the team. It would be such a garbage/cancerous attitude for a player to have.

  18. Ranking the top 10 right now:
    1) Denver
    2) San Francisco
    3) Seattle
    4) New England
    5) Houston
    6) Green Bay
    7) Baltimore
    8) New York (G)
    9) Indianapolis
    10) Kansas City (I see a much better team under Reid)

  19. The Chargers were a few plays from being a 10 win team last year and that was with a bottom 5 offensive line.

    They aren’t close to the best team in the NFL, but a wild-card berth and potential win isn’t out of the question for this team if they continue the track they are on so far in the offseason.

  20. Well, they’re not the best team in the league, but Weddle isn’t completely crazy either. Last year the Chargers led the Broncos by 24 before contriving to lose that game, led the Ravens late into the 4th quarter before blowing the game on a 4th-and-29, and blew out the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Chargers matched up just fine against some of the best teams in the AFC, and the fact that the final results weren’t always there might well be due to poor coaching and nothing more.

  21. Dude is fired up about the beginning of the new regime, what is he supposed to say. But leave it to people to make a big deal out of nothing.

  22. JoeToronto says Chargers delusional, and JoeToronto is a Raiders fan. Take off the tin foil hat and take your meds, JoeToronto. You are not in a space ship, you are in a cardboard box in your bedroom/unfinished basement.

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