Idzik remains non-committal on Revis


Cornerback Darrelle Revis remains the best player on the Jets roster.  Jets G.M. John Idzik nevertheless remains non-committal about keeping Revis around.

Asked whether Revis will be on the team in 2013, Idzik said Wednesday (via Rich Cimini of  “I can’t tell you.  I don’t like to look too far ahead, I really don’t.”

Per Cimini, the Jets remain very interested in trading Revis.  It seems like only a matter of time before a trade sends Revis to Tampa.

Then only question at this point is whether a deal can be struck for a trade — and then whether the Buccaneers’ doctors determine that the player’s new ACL will allow him to justify the draft picks and the investment of cash in a new deal for Darrelle.

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  1. So much for having a GM that can plan years out into the future. This guy can’t possibly imagine what he will even eat for breakfast in the morning. Ask him when he gets up and then he might know what he’s in the mood for.

  2. In Idzik’s defense I don’t think he has much power on the Revis decision. It appears the owner Woody Johnson does not like Revis and wants him gone. It certainly is not up to Rex as Rex would do whatever it takes to keep Revis which is how and why the Jets are in the mess they are in now with Revis. Because of the bad contract Rex made Tannenbaum give Revis in 2010.

  3. You don’t become one of 32 GM’s on a whim and not know what you are doing. There is a plan in place and people are just plain old keeping their mouth shut.

    Given the build up, the lack of interest from other teams, and the general dance around the subject…. I think that a multiple team transaction is going to occur. San Fran was an early interest that has continued to look at the secondary position but not make a decision. They also have the picks to make this very interesting.

  4. I don’t think Revis will be amazed by the Glazers pj enough to not leave Tampa without signing if we were to wait for him next year. There will be more bidders and it’ll cost more than it would now especially if he went and did something like win comeback player of the year. Roll the dice Glazers worked well last time!

  5. Good Grief! Revis will be paid a total of 4M dollars so far and the Jets are keeping an open mind to trade him…This is so senseless, why continue to pay this man and then be open to trading him…the Jets are asking him to participate in voluntary workouts and these actions by the Jets tells me that they will not trade him…how can anyone take them seriously, the jets are so out of whack and delusional that it has become a side show for PFT..The Jets offense has been absolutely pitiful last season, but Rex Ryan wants to draft a defensive end..The offense was just too awful to watch..The Jets need to relieve Rex Ryan of his head coaching duties and make him only the Defensive Coordinator and hire a real head coach.

  6. Yup, that’s what you look for in a GM of a multimillion dollar business. Someone that doesn’t look too far into the future. Just wing it I say. Heck, maybe Rex shouldn’t even look at the schedule. Just get on a plane each week and play whoever is at the stadium. I bet he knows exactly what day his direct deposit paycheck is supposed to post though. Way to pick ’em Woody.

  7. Why does it seem like as soon as Idzik became a Jet, he absolutely had to (butt)fumble this whole situation like a moron?

    Cause your a moron and believe any spin that the media puts on the way a team’s handling a situation, positive or negative

  8. If Revis is that good, why isn’t there more than 1 team interested in him?

    The longer this goes on the Bucs look more ridiculous bidding against themselves.

    Dominick should call Idzik and make a final offer of 1 second next year and give him 24 hours to decide.

  9. Idzik reminds me of Henry Winkler as the Bluth family attorney in Arrested Development.

  10. “Are we there yet”…”are we there yet”…”are we there yet?” Say the grandkids.

    ” Not yet.” Says grandma.

    “When will we be there?” The kids whine.

    “When we get there children.” Says Idzik.

  11. buccfaninhawkeyecountry says: Apr 17, 2013 11:20 PM

    “Man just pass Dominik. Give up nothing. Sign him next season or get him for cheaper at the trade deadline.”

    It’s not his choice. The Glazers want him so he has to get him or he gets fired.

  12. “I don’t like to look too far ahead, I really don’t.”

    Can’t you just see Belichick or Coughlin saying that?

  13. Know what? The first question is, can he play at the level that made him so valuable. All true football fans know that it very often takes a long period of time to get back to true form after an injury. So you tell me, how do you arrive at a price for him?

  14. Asked whether Revis will be on the team in 2013, Idzik said Wednesday (via Rich Cimini of “Who is Revis? I’m just drawing a blank here. I’ll tell you what, let me do a little research and I’ll get back to you.”

  15. So when Belichik mumbles some incoherent drivel to the media he’s hailed as a genius, but a Jets GM who finally has figured out to keep his mouth shut to the media is an idiot.

  16. Revis is hardly his biggest problem. What do you do with a $8 million QB that plays like a third stringer in the CFL? What do you do with your true 3rd string QB that actually won a playoff game yet nobody else wants on their team? And lastly, what do you do with your fat clown head coach that can’t keep his mouth shut?

    Once Idzik figures those 3 questions out, he can move on to dealing with Revis.

  17. Another joke Revis non-story. The media has tried to create a Revis narrative because Idzik won’t show his hand. They’ve done everything they can to run him out of town.

    They’d have crucified Idzik no matter what he said. This is because most of these guys have never had a real job. They don’t understand the sensitive nature of a negotiation. Idzik has all the leverage in the world, as long as he doesn’t totally alienate Revis.

  18. During the Manchester United IPO, the Glazers said they would use the money to pay off all the dept, but when it ended they pocketed half the money. They also made taxpayers pay for their stadium and want them to pay for the upgrades. These evil people also have one of the smallest team payrolls and fire 80% of their staff every year. Go Bucs!

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